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12:40 AM on 07/15/2013
I couldn't imagine turning away a family because the wheelchair wheels were dirty. Shoes get dirty. Does one turn away a family if a child has dirty shoes?
12:53 AM on 07/15/2013
So why not take a wet cloth and wipe down the wheels? She has enough to contend with being in a wheelchair. She shouldn't be humiliated on top of it.
06:34 AM on 07/15/2013
Or, why not use a protective covering on the carpet, something like a heavy plastic runner to prevent wear and tear, whether it be from foot-traffic or wheels?
12:54 AM on 07/15/2013
Good point. Do they make people remove their shoes?
12:19 AM on 07/15/2013
Make sure that the museum gets a copy of this web page mailed to them.
12:18 AM on 07/15/2013
nasty people never fails to amaze me
12:15 AM on 07/15/2013
The museum representative handled the situation badly. That said, I have a family member who uses a wheelchair and it is unbelievable how dirty the wheels get. We are vigilant in cleaning the wheels but let me tell you it is not an easy task. You have to get on your hands and knees and wipe all four of them down, and then move them so you get all the places where the dirt lurks. We do this every day cleaning off wet mud, tar, and caked on dirt. Not an easy chore to do on an everyday basis.
03:04 AM on 07/15/2013
Sombody should invent some kind of machine that can do it, without the person having to get out of the chair to use it.
03:49 AM on 07/15/2013
Yes, that would be wonderful if somebody could invent something like that. Our "person" is lucky because he has us to do the cleaning for him, but some disabled people live alone and they would be hard pressed to clean it by themselves.
12:08 AM on 07/15/2013
what a Richard Head
01:07 AM on 07/15/2013
Yeah, what a Richard Head.

I'll have to remember that one.

Thanks for the laugh. You now have 8 fans!!!
12:07 AM on 07/15/2013
Is the Ships of the Sea Museum publically funded? If so their funding should be cut off for such outrageous behavior. If the Museum doesn't require people without handicaps to remove their shoes, to protect their precious carpets, why do they require special wheel chairs for the handicapped? What is so extra delicate about the museums carpet that regular wheel chairs would dirty it. Carpets are meant to be walked and "wheeled" on. They are, after all, just flooring. If they are delicate fabrics they should be hung on the walls as tapestry.
12:04 AM on 07/15/2013
This is wrong on so many levels.
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Just My Thoughts 2011
Life's but a walking shadow
11:53 PM on 07/14/2013
I would have cleaned off her wheels, and forged ahead!
Fran Jaime
01:47 PM on 07/15/2013
I would have gone outside made sure my shoes were nice and muddy and tracked them all over the museum.
Porter Sa
11:46 PM on 07/14/2013
I'm going to visit this museum and wear the muddiest boots I have lol.
11:47 AM on 07/15/2013 your attitude! Go for it!
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11:45 PM on 07/14/2013
Stupid woman at the desk. Classy Dad.
Porter Sa
11:43 PM on 07/14/2013
If I was am employee I would go against company policy I'm order to keep morals intact. ADA states that wherever a walking person can go, so can someone with a wheelchair. This is tasteless. I hope the employee is fired for lacking such common sense.
Gone from Huff Post
11:50 PM on 07/14/2013
So you life your life based on retribution. Try education, that would work and no one is hurt again. Punishment is no answer
09:08 AM on 07/15/2013's like this.....

If this employee was SO lacking in "common sense" in THIS situation..... How
MANY OTHER various situations has this employee acted using a lack of
"common sense" that did NOT get reported TO management ???

You either have "common sense" and use it ........or you DON'T.
02:59 AM on 07/15/2013
if that's true why is it than that conference center theaters can put those in wheelchairs in the very back row claiming for fire safety reasons but their family member can use the complexes wheelchair and sit in front. Oh we have also been put on the balcony and terrace levels in the last row because of husband's wheelchair. Sorry but if there is a fire I want to get out and not worry about someone needing to rescue my husband because we're on an upper level of the theater. We live in Salt Lake City and we have stopped going to shows at the conference center for this reason - lousy seating for those in wheelchairs. We are able to go to concerts in the tabernacle and get great seats every time and it's smaller.
You can keep your faith. I'll go for knowledge.
11:41 PM on 07/14/2013
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires places open to the public to have wheelchair access or to provide whatever accomodation possible. This should never have happened.
11:31 PM on 07/14/2013
Shouldn't the museum have it in their policy that walking visitors must remove their shoes, and put on museum issued footwear? Why only "dirty" wheelchair wheels? There are far more people walking onto their precious carpet than there are wheelchairs rolling in. Stupid.
Brian Workman
11:28 PM on 07/14/2013
Sounds like a Far Left Liberal Politically Correct Agenda Decision made here!!
Brian Workman
11:22 PM on 07/14/2013
Make a clean wheel chair available for the disabled use when ever needed!! If not, then let her use her own!!!!