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07:11 PM on 07/14/2013
Change it Harry, majority rules!!
Don't do what ya did last time Harry.
The country going down fast and Dems just stand their and watch the cyclone swirl.
Do your job!!!
07:10 PM on 07/14/2013
OMG! Separated at Birth.
All the world's a stage...
06:43 PM on 07/14/2013
Mitch McConnell is one of the primary reasons this is the worst congress in American history. He has, over a period of time, become one of the worst senators in American history. He used to be a halfway decent guy. No more. Vote him out of office, Kentucky!
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06:32 PM on 07/14/2013
Once again it seems we are bogged down in congressional bickering about procedural house (i.e. senate) keeping rules which are distracting from the tasks at hand. Both parties need to reach for common ground and use statesmanship to settle differences...not circle the wagons!

It is no wonder congress approval rate by the public is declining.

Time to do a little house (i.e. congressional) cleaning ourselves voters....ya think???
08:49 PM on 07/14/2013
Make sure that you and everyone you know is registered to vote....and do so.
If you register with a party affiliation, you should realize that the primary is actually more important than the November elections.
truly moderate
Independent, Center-Right
09:24 PM on 07/14/2013
Ohhh, your post just makes too much sense!

Additionally, the Senate is considerably more functional than the House. The Senate is down right cordial between Dems and Repubs (plenty of bi-partisian working comittees) by comparrison to the House. However, it seems as though that "might" be changing and it seems the two responsible are non other than Mitch and Reid! Those two used to get along better, but I have this feel too much agreement in the Senate is causing reaction from the polar ends.

On conservative talk radio, the GOP Senate has been literally disowned. The bottom line is that these senators need to put their state first rather than playing the favors game!
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03:24 PM on 07/15/2013
One agrees with your observation...those leaders in the Senate, who should be seeking common ground, need be wise enough to pull the polar ends closer to the middle rather than the extreme pulling it apart. However, one believes McConnell has been and is more for confrontation than compromise, but then it takes two to play the game.

Apparently a reflection on the leaders (and the favors game). Special interests and $$$$ of course are always at hopes the voters are wise enough to see this and respond for the good of the whole rather than be manipulated by the single-minded perpetrators of division.

Thanks for your response.
06:24 PM on 07/14/2013
The only so-called democracy in the world that requires a 60% - 40% vote to approve anything. Every other democracy requires a simple majority. No wonder this country can never, never, never accomplish anything; except war of course!
truly moderate
Independent, Center-Right
09:30 PM on 07/14/2013
The US is not a democracy. The United States is a constitutional Republic with a "democratic" electionary process. The reason for this is to ensure fair represenation for all 50 states and to avoid the pitfalls of a true democracy (example, tyranny of the majority, mob rule, ect).

The Senate is set up in a way (2 senators from each state) that basically means 3/5ths of the US they represent agrees with the legislation. I think this is quite fair actually.

May I ask, are you a US citizen??? I do realize some countries consider our represenative system to be "outdated" and while that might be true, its allowed a constitutionally consistent rule for over 200 years.

Also, I wouldn't call war an accomplishment. Too often, it seems the results of war aren't much better than how the country was at the start of the war (in the case of Vietnam, worse!)
Old Codger
06:19 PM on 07/14/2013
The filibuster was invented by lobbyist for the benefit of lobbyist . It is by , for , and of the lobbyist . It involves an enormous amount of money flowing in to the coffers of Congressional members . A Senate change to a democratic system will be a big surprise .
06:15 PM on 07/14/2013
Reed is trying to bully the Senate. McConnell is right to resist Reed.
I believe in one less god than you do
07:58 PM on 07/14/2013
The Heritage Foundation.
The originators of Obamacare, until Obama cared.
08:51 PM on 07/14/2013
Well sure.....after all, how else is he going to make Obama a one term president?

YOU LOST! Get over it.
Power concedes nothing without Demand.
06:04 PM on 07/14/2013
Harry, just change the rules covering nominations to a simple majority. Everything the repubs have been doing since Obama took office has been against the traditions of the Senate, so just do it. Let the government fill these open positions and get on with the people's business.
The repubs want to keep the government from working at all, to tear down our country because that's what their owners want. Stop acting like they're anything different.
North Light
Liberte Egalite Fraternite
06:02 PM on 07/14/2013
Yawwwn....i guess this will be going on till the next election.
05:54 PM on 07/14/2013
Harry! Just Do It already and quit your yacking.

Since you have broached the whole issue, the Republicans will impose it on Democrats the next time they control the Senate.

Do it now and do it for ALL appointments both Administrative and Judicial. Fill the open positions the Republicans have been delaying. Allow Obama to appoint a few more members of the Supreme Court before his 2nd term ends.

Remember that conservative justices can become more liberal while on the bench but it rarely goes the other way.
truly moderate
Independent, Center-Right
09:35 PM on 07/14/2013
You have an interesting post. Its fairly biased, but at least you admit your intentions and provide supportive reasoning.

As far as judges go, I do agree that judges generally become a little more liberal over time (if they start that way) and if a center-right leaning judge is appointed by Obama, I doubt he/she is going to be following tea party lines, lol.
Even he gets Amnesia about what he said.
05:45 PM on 07/14/2013
Reid use to fight against it but he will take as long as hes in charge, he once said it would destroy the senate.
Zach Jones
05:31 PM on 07/14/2013
Nothing like seeing the two party leaders trade barbs like teenage girls.
This is your government at work folks.
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Socrates Schultz
We otter think about it.
05:16 PM on 07/14/2013
If the Dems change it and the Republicans win the majority in 2014 the Dems response will be instructive.
05:16 PM on 07/14/2013
obama's worst eneny: Harry Reid
05:01 PM on 07/14/2013
Well.. mitch does only what is good for mitch... most republicans do the same...