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Here's my it or not!
01:29 PM on 07/17/2013
Too bad she's also been fired from her day job at Faux News.

Should she happen to defeat Mike Enzi in the Republican primary, this Senate seat will suddenly catapult from a low priority seat to a top priority seat on the Democratic Party's Senate strategic plan for 2014,
01:26 PM on 07/17/2013
This is actually great news.
Enzi getting primaried by Dick Cheney’s daughter should result in some pretty outrageous silliness being troweled out to the poor saps in Wyoming leaving a chance for a lucid American to steal the election from the increasingly silly GOP even though Wyoming is Wyoming and they hardly ever vote American.
Who knows, maybe this primary may finally answer the nagging question all Wyoming folks have been asking since we allowed them into our country; “Why do people always laugh at us?”
05:28 PM on 07/17/2013
LOL well here in Wyoming, we are different. Sometimes in a bad way. But i, being a Wyoming Democrat, hope that this will split the party even more and give us Dems a chance in 2014.
Dont loose hope on all of us Wyomingites, some of us has sense,.
11:40 AM on 07/18/2013
Does my heart good.Good luck...
The Pragmatic One
01:17 PM on 07/17/2013
I don't know Liz Cheney. I am not from Wyoming and have no idea what her politics are.

But I do know one thing....

One Cheney in my lifetime is already one Cheney too many.
05:50 PM on 07/17/2013
She's a devoted neo-con and neo-cons aren't tea-partiers.
The Pragmatic One
08:13 PM on 07/17/2013
Doesn't matter.

I am blindly opposed to ANYONE with the name Bush or Cheney.

And don't try to confuse me with logic.
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01:16 PM on 07/17/2013
Is it the female spider who eat their young?
This is a RW/GOP who will destroy their teammate to get their way....
Same old, same old....
12:49 PM on 07/17/2013
Here we go again, another member of the Elitist Hereditary social club, feeling entitled to a high political office based on Daddy's name. Same servings different packaging!
Fan of Clanthus
12:48 PM on 07/17/2013
There is no level on which this makes any sense. She's challenging a guy whose only faults are that he's an incumbent and a guy. Please, if you're going to cannabalize, then run against someone you have a serious idealogical difference with. Just 'out with the old' is silly. Inexperience and 'celebrity' are not qualifications for public office.
"American" is my religion. I have faith in it.
04:08 PM on 07/17/2013
You have to remember that to her "compromise" is a dirty word.
Fan of Clanthus
05:05 PM on 07/17/2013
And common sense an abstract absurdity.
05:54 PM on 07/17/2013
The Cheney name is a dirty word.
12:42 PM on 07/17/2013
The people of Wyoming need to challenge her right to run as being born in her father's home country, HELL, she is not a U.S. citizen.
12:39 PM on 07/17/2013
Come one and come all for probably the Best Future Cat Fight in the country....if Cheney gets in, I would love to see her and Elizabeth Warren go at it verbally.
12:36 PM on 07/17/2013
This country needs leaders. But not a Cheney.
"Wilkes and Liberty"
12:30 PM on 07/17/2013
I was astonished when I found out that she obtained a degree from the University of Chicago Law School.

I then determined that she was a student there while Obama was a Professor there.

Haven't determined whether she was in any of his classes, but I'm curious.
Proud Veteran
02:42 PM on 07/17/2013
It's not likely. Besides, she's only an attorney in portfolio only. She has to pass the bar in order to practice, and to the best of my knowledge, she hasn't taken, much less passed, anybody's bar. She's an outspoken and often misguided person who would have absolutely nothing whatsoever to offer the state of Wyoming.
12:24 PM on 07/17/2013
Read the article , hard to figure out what state she is really from. Kind of like Mitt Romney.
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01:21 PM on 07/17/2013
She'll be whoever you want her to be, just like Mitt. trying to cater to everyone, while appealing to no one.
03:21 PM on 07/17/2013
"cater to everyone, while appealing to no one."  That says it all
02:07 PM on 07/17/2013
Just like dad too. He had to change states once his "search" for vice president ended and he selected himself.
Follow the Money
11:56 AM on 07/17/2013
Well, she literally shot Enzi in the but, or would you all call that a sucker punch?

She said last year that Enzi was a great Senator, and if he would run again, she would not.

Sooooooo, he had a great approval rating, and believing he was running un-challenged, did not raise money.

Enzi and Wyoming.....YOU HAVE AGAIN BEEN CHENEYED!......and from Virginia to boot.
Follow the Money
11:49 AM on 07/17/2013
She must think she has a base. Who is it? or is her bubble really that small?
The Good Old Boys have said they are against her, (poor Dick)
and the libertarians have weighed in against her
Who is her base Wyoming?
"Wilkes and Liberty"
12:33 PM on 07/17/2013
I guess we'll find out in due course.

Perhaps Faux News devotees???
Democrat in the South
Empathy, the most important word
11:47 AM on 07/17/2013
Wasn't Liz sitting on the board of Lockheed Martin at the same time her daddy was the VP (2000'a) when HE/daddy was funneling money into his faved Haliburton with no bid contracts while owning stocks at that time (and also, sitting on the HALIBURTON BOARD?)

Liz was in a position to funnel money from daddy VP to Lockheed Martin where she was a board member...

What a efing racket!!!

The Cheneys see a gold mine in our taxpayer funded Government and would never waste a minute of feeding at the Government teat!

Is Liz desperate to get herself in a position where she can siphon off Government pork while telling her constituents that they must give up THEIR Government benefits/entitlements?

She is nothing but a money grubbing greedy corporate tool.

Enough of my money already goes to supporting her sorry family and I am not interested in giving them another penny of my hard earned tax dollars.
Elias Maxwell
11:42 AM on 07/17/2013
The people in Virginia are pleased the people of Wyoming would consider elected a third Senator for them . . .
12:39 PM on 07/17/2013
Democrat in the South says,

"She is nothing but a money grubbing greedy corporate tool."

Henceforth known as a "Cheney"
fed up in kansas
Sassy mouth liberal in Kansas. It happens.
01:17 PM on 07/17/2013
I hope "Cheney" gets the same place in history/dictionary as "Santorum."
Elias Maxwell
04:08 PM on 07/17/2013
I would say that.   A very good definition, indeed!