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In trying times, don't quit trying.
05:01 PM on 07/28/2013
Anyone remember Cabbage Patch Kids?

People can be really stupid sometimes.

Invest in things ... not fads.
Be the parent your children can be proud of
05:19 PM on 07/28/2013
Invest in your family; support, love; attention, forgiveness.
05:54 PM on 07/28/2013
you want stupid, what about pet rocks.
In trying times, don't quit trying.
06:04 PM on 07/28/2013
hehe but they're so cute! ... hopefully there's no one dumb enough to think they'll appreciate.
04:05 PM on 07/28/2013
It's apparent that the BB were a distraction from living with that annoying woman
Dieter Zerressen
I may be agnostic, I'm not sure.
03:50 PM on 07/28/2013
Besides the greed, why would anyone EVER think that an item that can be manufactured in China for about 5 cents could EVER become a collectible? Stupid people and their money are soon parted. Either a preacher gets it, they invest it in gold, or they "collect" something as inane as Beanie Babies, Cabbage Patch Dolls or Thomas Kincaid prints. For the latest "hot" fad just watch the sponsors on Fox News.
07:51 PM on 07/28/2013
Roslin gold. LOL
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03:03 AM on 07/29/2013
I think this is whats it. People look as these fads (some of them sold for a good bit of money) and think that the craze will last longer than a year or two.

You could have made decent extra money on these if you were looking for a very short term gain. My uncle bought a new truck with those things, but he was flipping them as quick as he could, as he knew they would never hold value over the long run.
Dieter Zerressen
I may be agnostic, I'm not sure.
10:54 AM on 07/29/2013
Like any Ponzi scheme there is always money to be made, not saying there wasn't, but someone, a lot of people, are going to be left holding the bag. Unlike true collectibles which have a world wide, ever increasing value (with occasional dips but no "crash" ) and no possibility of being reproduced. A Thomas Kincaid original might retain some value even though the artist's reputation as fallen in the mud but prints? Please. Running another 1,000 prints of an original takes no effort and doesn't even have to have the artist's approval - someone in China can whip those out in no time. But an original Renoir or Degal? Not so much.
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From Nashville, Tennistan.
03:35 PM on 07/28/2013
Apparently it's easy for people to outsmart themselves if they ain't too swift to begin with.
02:39 PM on 07/28/2013
We were a dealer back in the day. Kept a separate cash register strictly for the selling of the little critters. By the end of the craze I purchased a BMW Still have the car as my one and only beanie, "peace bear" stands guard at the helm. I think my "investment" was a far better choice then collecting Ty Warners popular fad!
01:53 PM on 07/28/2013
If you kids are anything like you they will need allot more than college.
01:44 PM on 07/28/2013
Several of those toys in the slide show are still going strong... not sure about the "fad" label. Beanie babies WERE insane 15 years ago but I actually made about $1,000 in a semester of law school re-selling those things online. There was one called "quackers" that could go for thousands back then... now, a couple hundred on eBay which is still crazy. HYSTERICAL.
12:20 PM on 07/28/2013
They make cute toys for kids, so I'm sure he can sell some of them on ebay and try to recoup some of the money. The rest he should donate to a children's hospital.
11:47 AM on 07/28/2013
You knew this was contrived from day one. I couldn't believe everyone fell for this scam - especially when they started selling "limited" editions where what was on the inside is what made them special. No one was going to cut it open and check which was the most laughable part.
10:36 AM on 07/28/2013
Poster boy for the phrase "A fool and his money".
03:33 AM on 07/28/2013
I sold my purple platypus beanie for $150 bucks in 1997. So now I have the entire collection of the mini-beanies, still in the packages in the back of a closet. That's so sad.....
10:42 AM on 07/28/2013
The article is about YOU. You are one of the many who STILL think some day, somehow those things will appreciate in value. You continue to hold on to them. You lament your loss yet inexplicably you hold on to them because you still think they'll rebound. Anything that is marketed as "collectible" will never be collectible.
11:45 AM on 07/28/2013
@natal plum:I can see why you would think that from my comments. But that is so far from the truth. The mini-beanies were sold by McDonald's, and they had a promotion here in IL once were you could by all of them at once. I had a dear friend that stood in line and bought one set for me and one for herself. I'm still not sure why she got a set for me. Like I said, the ONE original beanie I had I sold. My dear friend is now gone. I will forever have those mini-beanies, still in the bag and in the back of my closet. I have never even looked to see if they were worth anything. All these years later, I probably never will. I didn't write all that before because I never intended for this to be a sad story. It's in Weired News, no sadness allowed. Also for the record, the only thing I "collect" are books. I find the lost of $100,000 on collectibles as ridiculous as you do.
knott wrench
02:52 AM on 07/28/2013
Pet Rock anyone?

Back in the late 1970's this was a fad along with the Rubic's Cube.
10:39 AM on 07/28/2013
Not quite the same. Pet Rock was a silly gimmick toy. It wasn't marketed nor intended to be a "collectible" to induce people to buy and hoard hundreds of them. Same with Rubic's cube. One was enough.
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Danger Zone
07:22 PM on 07/28/2013
I love the cube and I was born in the 80's!
Facts & logic give the "right" headaches.
02:06 AM on 07/28/2013
But my pet rock collection is still worth a fortune, right? ;)
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01:33 AM on 07/28/2013
(Sigh) I always wanted a Bop it and Tamagotchi. All the boys in my elementary were obsess with Pokémon and Yugioh cards
10:41 PM on 07/27/2013
Collecting pet rocks would have been cheaper. Oops, someone already said this, heh.