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The right is always wrong
07:19 PM on 07/29/2013
Our government screen these comments before they are published.

Problem was they let her talk at all. Apparently she never heard the old saying silence is GOLDEN!!
I'm not making this up
07:01 PM on 07/29/2013
Yeah, Sarah, the media would eat you alive for throwing too much weight on the non-issues of Ayers and Wright.
Adios HuffPo're asking 2much NFO!
06:55 PM on 07/29/2013
Ayers and Wright.. Wright and Ayers..

What impact has any of that ...any of it had on the Obama Admin?

Not one gnat hair... nada.

What was your point Sarah? That was rhetorical.

If conservatives were smart, they'd be liberals
06:39 PM on 07/29/2013
You want to have a meaningful conversation Sarah? Lets talk about why a governor who quit midterm should lecture everybody on government. Lets talk about how the tea party is destroying Washington. Lets talk about income inequality as sponsored by your party. Lets talk about why the GOP blames you for McCains defeat in 2008 and why they didn't want you to do a single thing for them in 2013. Lets talk about what is your husband doing for a job. Lets talk about politicians like you being paid to criticize things they know absolutely nothing about. Lets talk about that, and then bring up Auers. How about that?
07:15 PM on 07/29/2013
Here's some income inequality for you: Pew Research Study released TODAY:

Top 7% of income earners had income go up 28% from 2009-2011.

Bottom 93% of income earners had income go down 7% those same years.

I know President Grievance has not yet taken the Oath of Office. But he WAS giving speeches during this time.

Let's talk about what Michele was doing for a job in Chicago. Amazing how a part-time job could pay her $317,000 a year but NO ONE replaced her in the job when she became First lady.

No corruption there, Romano.
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07:36 PM on 07/29/2013
You have no idea what you're talking about.

You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.
If conservatives were smart, they'd be liberals
08:05 PM on 07/29/2013
Really? You want to talk income inequality??? Seriously?? You conveniently take the dates between 2009 and 2011 and REMOVE the previous years? You have NO SHAME, because you know very well that during the Bush years it increased by 120%. And so what if Michelle had her job being held for her? Why would that by a sign of "corruption"? Now, working for Halliburton before returning to politics, creating an artificial war to give Halliburton billions in contracts and THEN after politics, becoming its CEO, THAT is not corruption? 
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06:34 PM on 07/29/2013
I honestly had to think a minute to remember the relevance of Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. oh, yeah.....they were portrayed as dangerous people who would tear our country apart. Jeeze, this hasn't happened yet.

She's digging up OLD, OLD bones to keep her name in the political spotlight. She's done. She will never be again be relevant in anyone's lives, except those of her family.
07:30 PM on 07/29/2013
don't bet on her family.
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They keep telling me my micro-bio is empty...
06:32 PM on 07/29/2013
My dear Sarah,

From this day forward, your name shall henceforth and forever be, "Wasilla the Hun".
06:29 PM on 07/29/2013
Too bad this Harridan wasn't just "Banned" never has someone with so little occupied so much media with so little to cover
Visit the carousel, in the Hippodrome, on the pier
06:26 PM on 07/29/2013
She may have imagined that she was banned,
but everyone knows the reality :

She shot off her mouth about those very topics...frequently.
They keep telling me my micro-bio is empty...
06:37 PM on 07/29/2013
To my knowledge...

Based upon her own strong ego constantly spewing glowing inaccuracies and blatantly wrong information, I find it hard to believe she has ever been QUIET long enough to LISTEN TO ANYONE ELSE who would TRY to censor her.

In order to learn new and accurate info, one must, FIRST, admit to ignorance.

That's obviously something Sarah has NEVER DONE.

The motto I find most fitting for her is: "Seldom right, but NEVER in doubt."
Don't wanna be a bum you better chew gum ...
06:21 PM on 07/29/2013
"I don't know a thing about public policy, history, geography, economics, representative governance, the Constitution, civil discourse, the federal/state/local legal systems, competent child rearing, newspapers, books, languages, various types of governments, religions of the world, language/syntax/vocabulary, or basic human decency, ........ but I was sure ready to say lots of hateful, snide, divisive, inflammatory, and irrevelant stuff about Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. And they banned me. What were they thinking?"
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06:21 PM on 07/29/2013
Sarah, just go to the library or something simple I think you can handle, GOOGLE. Read up on yourself about the election you were a part of. You may learn something about yourself
Not your daddy, YoDaddy
06:21 PM on 07/29/2013
Sarah who?
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06:18 PM on 07/29/2013
Oh Sarah, you were eaten alive by your own words and lack of knowledge on the simplest of things. So you can only blame yourself, you betcha!
Attny, Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley
06:04 PM on 07/29/2013
Glad the little lady took her marching orders seriously
They keep telling me my micro-bio is empty...
06:39 PM on 07/29/2013
She did?!?


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Long dogs rock.
07:00 PM on 07/29/2013
Yeah, right!!!
Attny, Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley
10:20 PM on 07/29/2013
Oh, I don't believe her, never did, never will.
Contributor at
06:03 PM on 07/29/2013
Sarah Palin wasn't "banned" to talk about Bill Ayers - on the contrary!

Sarah Palin and John McCain even discussed the Ayers-issue in TV-interviews together, even very late in the campaign, and John McCain was more than happy to talk about it!

Interview on Fox with Hannity (Palin and McCain together):

The McCain-campaign even created a TV-advert about it:

Speeches by Sarah from 2008 in which she slams Obama about his alleged "association" with Bill Ayers:
They keep telling me my micro-bio is empty...
06:41 PM on 07/29/2013
Great facts! (Uh, Sarah, if YOU'RE reading this, that's something you know NOTHING about!)

Thanks, Patrick! F/F