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03:13 AM on 07/30/2013
I know there are different types & degrees of this condition. In elementary school I knew a girl who had a milder form of it. With hers, she had itchy dry skin most of the time, but went through 'flare ups' at times when it'd get thicker and start taking on the fish scale look. During flare ups she was in a lot of pain. I always felt bad for her because of it, as she had a hard time using her hands properly due to it affecting her ability to close her hands tightly, and in that regard it was a disability as well.

HP - This should be in a medical or science section, not Weird News. HP - please consider changing the headline to something less offensive & moving the article to a more appropriate news section, where it might do more good. You're usually pretty good, so I hope that this can be moved to keep it more in line with your usual standards.
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02:13 AM on 07/30/2013
The editor who allowed this to be published under Weird News is as worthy of respect as the guy in the bestiality case in the Crime section.
02:10 AM on 07/30/2013
Creepy but fascinating at the same time. Feel bad the the poor kid, but still very interesting.
Honesty is the best policy
01:47 AM on 07/30/2013
I feel sorry for the poor kid.....I cannot even imagine the discomfort he's feeling.....This looks so irritating.....
I think, therefore I am not right wing
12:57 AM on 07/30/2013
And people believe there is a god???
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02:10 AM on 07/30/2013
03:12 AM on 07/30/2013
Excellent question! I would rather ask: And people call this evolution?!if there is no god one should not complain when you see this. It just is. It's not bad, it's not good. It's Natural Selection.
It could be carried by an Arican swallow
12:53 AM on 07/30/2013
Shame on you Huff for putting this in your Weird News section.
This child is suffering a SERIOUS disese and you post him up to be the target of ridicule and snarky comments (such as the kind I often make in this sections of Huff) in your "weird" section.
Shame on you Huff.
Shame ....
shame ....

I wish I had the power to delete this story the same way you delete many of my thought provoking comments.
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Where did Adam and Eve's grandkids come from?
08:16 AM on 07/30/2013
This is downright disgusting.
12:48 AM on 07/30/2013
About thirty years when I was with a group of Civil Rights and EEO specialists on a tour of the National Handicap Institute on Long.Island,. New York, the director of the center told us about how when he had to deal with a woman with a severe skin disease which caused to have an unpleasant appearance and odor, he understood for the first time how people viewed him as a person confined to a wheelchair. His basic points were about the feeling of vulnerability and fear that something so horrible could happen to us and that individuals with handicaps are an unpleasant reality check. What stands out is that we could deal with the handicapped adults we encountered, but the room with the child-size wheelchairs and prosthetic devices crushed us. This child captures those emotions and brings great discomfort. Thank God that the feeling of empathy emerges as the dominant emotion.
12:27 AM on 07/30/2013
Why is this under weird when it should be under "Health"? This is a real malady and belittling the plight of others by putting a physical problem under the "Weird" Section shows how sympathetic to this childs problem. Sad.
10:42 PM on 07/29/2013
Don't you have any empathy H/P adding insult to injury calling this child "fish boy" very insensitive?
It could be carried by an Arican swallow
12:54 AM on 07/30/2013
The person responsible for posting this story deserves the "hysterical passenger from the Airplane Movie" treatment.
09:39 PM on 07/29/2013
Don't count on science. A member of my family broke out with itchy bumps ... four docs later it is still an unknown entity. Lots of Rx changes..and yes methotrexate. Research needs to be done for skin problems. We need to press the government into more research. God bless the boy and heal him with a remission. We should all say a collective prayer for him. Perhaps when God hears all those prayers at once he will be overwhelmed and a remission will be possible.
09:09 PM on 07/29/2013
Poor child. As a former severe psoriasis sufferer, my heart breaks for him. I wonder if biologics would help him?
libby chic geek
09:07 PM on 07/29/2013
poor, poor baby.
Don't let the smooth taste fool you.
08:55 PM on 07/29/2013
That's so sad, poor thing. I hope some new treatment is developed to alleviate his pain.
We're Going The Wrong Way !
08:51 PM on 07/29/2013
Sure puts our tiny little problems into perspective.
Elaine Kurpiel
my micro-bro is boring
08:50 PM on 07/29/2013
Brenda is a wonderful woman and all the children are so beautiful. I wish I could hug every one of them and take care of them to help them laugh and be themselves. I agree with Brenda as Fish doesn't seem to be severely mentally handicapped. I think he would benefit from the socializing he is now getting and the attention all the children need and deserve. If I had a lot of money, I would definitely help everyone I could. Since I don't have any money I will send all my love and hugs and wishes for happiness. This whole documentary has made me cry.