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There is no sin but ignorance.
01:01 PM on 07/31/2013
The Catholic Church also needs a sea change in its attitudes toward women.
12:48 PM on 07/31/2013
well i will say one thing........authors and academics are confusing.
last year, some socalled academics denied Jesus of Nazareth even existed.
so i suppose this is something.
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11:47 AM on 07/31/2013
The New Testament story of Jesus is a work of literary pirates. His words most often quoted by Christians are borrowed from the texts of the world's far more ancient religions.

St. Augustine, ca 410 AD

That which is called the Christian religion existed among the ancients, and never did not exist, from the planting of the human race until Christ came in the flesh, at which time the true religion, which already existed, came to be called Christianity.

Church historian Eusebius (c. 260-340), the most important, though highly biased, early historian of Christian­ity says this:

"The religion published by Jesus Christ to all nations is neither new nor strange," Eusebius writes. "For though, without contro­versy we are of late, and the name of Christians is indeed new; yet our manner of life and the principles of our religion have not been lately devised by us, but were instituted and observed . . . from the beginning of the world, by good men, accepted by God; from those natural notions which are implanted in men's minds."
10:58 AM on 07/31/2013
The mullah is only rehashing stale old scholarly-sounding gobbledegook about Christianity's founder who never was.
11:49 AM on 07/31/2013
I'd double check the "never was." I think that Josephus, at least, provided some contemporary documentation. "Never did," e.g. walk on water, loaves and fishes, may be to the point, however.
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07:45 PM on 07/31/2013
Exactly. Um, the "Christ" never was, except in the imagination of Paul, but Jesus certainly was -- and in the most poetic way -- still IS.

Also:  Christ? What Gandhi said.

10:30 AM on 07/31/2013
His parents showed remarkable intelligence.
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09:24 AM on 07/31/2013
I see the story of Jesus as a story about a mortal man who became too popular. His teachings and rare insight challenging established power structures, so they killed him.

Consider how the Beatles music, popularity & message of peace spread world wide.
How John Lennon became a huge thorn in the side of the Nixon administration for trying to stop the war in Vietnam. They tried to destroy him any way possible.

Jesus never claimed he was anything but a man of God.... A Son Of God, and never once claimed to be other worldly or THE Son of God.

All the claims of virgin birth, and miracles and divinity were a fantasy creation instigated by
Paul and Rome.

I can see the canons telling Paul, Yeah we can sell this big time!

So the Church itself manipulated the fables adding all the hocus pocus to elevate Jesus to divinity.

He was essentally a Hippy :-)

Jesus natural born brother was supposed to take over his flock if anything happened to him.
There was a power struggle and Rome went with Paul.
10:45 AM on 07/31/2013
Also the Jews Jesus came to teach revolted against Rome and got themselves destroyed and scattered...including the remnant of Christians in Jerusalem under James...and Rome repaced rule by the sword with rule by the word...all in god's will of course...ergo for
barrada nicto
Optimism is necessary.
11:33 PM on 07/31/2013
" All the claims of virgin birth, and miracles and divinity were a fantasy creation instigated by
Paul and Rome. "

Those were all borrowed from earlier religions.
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09:07 AM on 07/31/2013
Jesus of Legend was a Subversive, Peacenik, Socialist.
My micro-bio is empty.
09:28 AM on 07/31/2013
Right, and definitely not a Zealot.
Robert Cat
Low probability events occur
12:15 AM on 08/01/2013
A surfer dude.
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05:05 AM on 08/01/2013
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08:14 AM on 07/31/2013
I find that he must know very little about Jesus if he can make the remark on reddit about drinking from the same well. Not too interested in his book.
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Buddhist. Recovering catholic. Enfant Terrible
09:32 AM on 07/31/2013
Do you comprehend the meaning of 'people of the book'? The types of adherents to faiths that the Qur'an mentions as people of the book are the Jews, Sabians, Magians and Christians. There is a commonality if you look for the similarities and not just the differences.
09:53 AM on 07/31/2013
When Muhammad presented his writings to the Jews and Christians, they were summarily rejected.  It was because his revelation is no Revelation at all.  It is not the same God as the One True God and although he stole much of the history and tradition, he got much of it wrong and literally took the local Moon god and raised him to a higher platform.  Allah is no God.
11:53 AM on 07/31/2013
Ever hear the joke about the tour of heaven? Well, you have to be quiet in the Catholic room because they think they're the only ones there.
01:34 PM on 07/31/2013
I am sure there will be some Catholic's in heaven.  Probably some Protestant's too.  No one will be in heaven w/out the atoning blood of Jesus and His righteousness though, and that is no joke.
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08:10 AM on 07/31/2013
I hesitate to post because I haven't read the book. I hope to read the book soon, but would like to offer a definition:
"Sicarii (Latin plural of Sicarius "dagger-men" or later contract-killer, Hebrew סיקריקים) ,... Jewish Zealots, who attempted to expel the Romans and their partisans from Judea using concealed daggers (sicae)."

We never hear Jesus advocating the sword. In fact he advocated "putting away the sword", turning the other cheek, loving and doing good to enemies. This is the opposite message preached by the Zealots.
09:44 AM on 07/31/2013
Maybe. I'm not buying into the "Zealot" characterization either, though the sources are so bad no one really knows for sure. To me, Jesus seemed like a critic of the Pharisees and the commercialization of the temple. As it happens, having gone nuts on the money changers in the temple would have been sufficient for a crucifixion. He wouldn't need to be a political Zealot/revolutionary.
10:41 AM on 07/31/2013
The gospels described Jesus as both a peacenik and a warmaker...he also taught both love and can look it and then take your pick...all in god's will of course...ergo for
07:13 AM on 07/31/2013
PS: Most Americans won't get the bar joke because most Americans don't order wine when in a bar. In a restaurant perhaps, but not a bar. So much for Americanization of foreigners and underscores why as a matter of national security why being native born is constitutionally mandated for our highest offices to preserve this nation from foreign influence. Also demonstrates the standards for naturalization need to be reassessed and updated immediately.
11:55 AM on 07/31/2013
Whoa, there's a leap in logic if I've ever heard one. Back to the cave, Cro.
12:03 PM on 07/31/2013
We're talking about one nut here who  emblematically represents what the founding fathers were concerned with regarding this nation's national security, foreign influence.
07:04 AM on 07/31/2013
If Aslan does not believe Jesus is the Christ, then, according to John, he is an anti-Christ.

That said, Lauren Green's question is asked again in a different manner, why would an anti-Christ write about Jesus but to mock those of the Christians faith who believe Jesus is the Christ and Messiah and not a zealot having no affiliation with "zealotry" that was one of four sects at the time of Jesus.

Its difficult to discern where this man is coming from because he doesn't speak plainly about his feelings regarding Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, but it is clear that wouldn't be prancing around in Iran saying what is says about Christianity.
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the party faithful are suckers
08:56 AM on 07/31/2013
by your logic all atheist and believers in other religions are anti-christs
11:19 AM on 07/31/2013
05:44 AM on 07/31/2013
the first time I heard a joke on Jesus Christ n Mohammed was decades ago when a male catholic ex-colleague said: "one day, Jesus met with Mohammed. then he said: Med, do you have any cigarette for me?" for secular people, it really sounds quite a fun. but for fundamentalist christians, it may imply a disrespect, even a humiliation, to God (as God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit). so it depends on which view you are.
Doug Sandlin
06:54 PM on 07/31/2013
What was the punchline?
Robert Cat
Low probability events occur
12:16 AM on 08/01/2013
I don't get that. At. All.