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Dwight Mitchell
11:50 AM on 08/06/2013
hopefully irony will play out and she really will get cancer and have to suffer through it
02:14 PM on 08/06/2013
As morally bankrupt as her actions were, I have seen too many people I love go through chemo, radiation and fight for something many of us take for granted to ever wish that suffering upon anyone. Even if you win the battle, your life is forever changed. Just like how when a normal person sees a spider and for the next hour you feel like spiders are crawling on you, if you had cancer every single mole, ache, cough or headache makes you think "Is the cancer back?"

My mother found out her cancer was terminal the month after I told her that she was going to finally be a grandma. Me: "Mom, you are going to be a grandma in 6 months!" Doctor less than a week later: "You have 90 days to live." After the cancer destroyed her brain and ripped every sense of who she was, to the point she called our unborn son "Adol.f," she was finally free from pain. In a fit of irony, our son shares his birthday with Ado.lf.

I don't mean to pontify, but please don't wish cancer on people. Even the heinous deserve better.
I make Typos to tick off correctors
11:50 AM on 08/06/2013
They should shave her head and make her take a few doses of Chemo so she can undewrstand what it is really like.
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retied navy vet, one of the 47%
11:38 AM on 08/06/2013
Anyone notice, more people are doing this as as a scam!
11:37 AM on 08/06/2013
You know, only someone with a mental illness would do a thing like this. Someone so starved for attention that this seemed like a viable solution. It was a terrible thing to do, and even worse to have taken donations from people who believed her. But instead of baying for her blood and hoping she contracts cancer, maybe a little compassion for someone so severely damaged is in order. Doesn't wishing cancer on another human being make us less than perfect ourselves? And before someone tells me to wait until someone I love has cancer, that ship has sailed. A few times.
01:07 PM on 08/06/2013
I don't think her motivation was anything but $$$$. And that makes her criminal, not necessarily mentally ill.
02:39 PM on 08/06/2013
There is something wrong with people who do things like that. I think her punishment is appropriate - even though she may be suffering from depression or even be bi-polar. It is also possible she is just a garden variety socio-path who will continue to create trouble, no matter what. Treatment isn't effective for sociopaths. But our wishing cancer on her, or being hateful, is really not helpful, for her or for us. It is always better to be compassionate, even while expecting justice.
11:13 AM on 08/06/2013
Jails are so overcrowded and cost taxpayers so much... I'd like to see her have to put in a substantial amount of time (way more than three months) doing mandatory service work to help cancer patients. Spending some time with young and old people who are dealing with cancer for real might make her realize just how despicable her actions were.
10:52 AM on 08/06/2013
I wonder if she's heard of Karma....because that's where she'll find some real cancer.
10:34 AM on 08/06/2013
That's only a thousand bucks for every month she's going to be incarcerated. Minimum wage
With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine.
10:32 AM on 08/06/2013
3 whole months .
10:25 AM on 08/06/2013
She's only 24. She's going to be in real trouble should she ever really be diagnosed with cancer. She should spend her three months in jail reading The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
10:18 AM on 08/06/2013
This is a disgusting way to make money. Her friend's own father was dying from cancer yet they took the time to raise money for this horrible person. I truly hope his treatment has been successful and that their lives can soon return to normal. As for this monster, I'm glad she's serving jail time, I hope she realizes how awful her crime is and pays for it dearly.
09:34 AM on 08/06/2013
Good sentence. As far as her community service is concerned, she should be made to work with real cancer patients.
09:49 AM on 08/06/2013
You missed it, She does, here it is: ""Grode was sentenced to 90 days in jail, 36 months of supervised probation, and ordered to pay back those she scammed. She must also work community service for cancer patients once she's released.""

I hope she get an eye full of the pain cancer causes, my mother is a breast cancer survivor, and my brother in law is a tongue and throat cancer survivor. A good friend of mine survived colon cancer. I have no compassion for these sorry pieces of trash that scam the public like this lady did. I wish she would have got 6 months in jail.
11:05 AM on 08/06/2013
Thanks for the reply and the correction. I guess I am not as good a multi tasker as I thought.
09:18 AM on 08/06/2013
This is so despicable, maybe they should give her the cancer she claimed to have had.
09:53 AM on 08/06/2013
While that would be nice, having family members who are cancer survivors, I know the pain and suffering they went through, I would not wish that on my worst enemy. Do I think this piece of trash needs punished, you bet. Do I wish cancer on her, no, I could not do that. God teaches us to forgive.
12:51 PM on 08/06/2013
You know, As much as I would agree with the world needing more compassion, this is not one of them because she fed on the compassions of others for financial gain.
This in my opinion is off the charts as the most selfish, rude and unthinkable an act as a human can do. Even God must be scratching his head on this one.
I learn something new every day.
02:28 PM on 08/06/2013
When she actually sees it she can spend the rest of her life on her knees praying it's not contagious and that she doesn't catch it.
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Fascinated by red polish on women
08:55 AM on 08/06/2013
Should have given her a year. A few months is a tap on the wrist.
Beer Brewer & Dog Lover
08:51 AM on 08/06/2013
Thank you Kody for bringing our town to embarrassing. I'm glad you will have to serve some time and pay back what you took. Hopefully that money can go to someone who really needs it.
08:28 AM on 08/06/2013
Looking hwo little time she got it is apparent we need harsher laws for these type of folks.