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08:51 PM on 08/07/2013
if the mummy is Imhotep we all in trouble.
08:56 PM on 08/07/2013
I'd like to see my ex wrapped up like that....
12:06 AM on 08/08/2013
And I bet you are so much fun at parties :)
Anita Munson
we are all different and each their own
08:37 PM on 08/07/2013
wow..someone lost their mummy..if it indeed is from Egypt then it should be returned..since no one in the family knew it was there, perhaps grandpa shouldn't have had it in the first place
08:36 PM on 08/07/2013
The linen is FAR too pristine to be's a replica.
08:31 PM on 08/07/2013
Looks a little fake...the elbows and the shoulders look funky. Can't wait to find out if its authentic.
"Vacantly occupied"
08:11 PM on 08/07/2013
Hmmmm, kill someone, wrap them up in paper- mache , stick them in a box with a bunch of hieroglyphs and just put them in the attic....
08:05 PM on 08/07/2013
Germany should also return the bust of Nefertiti to Egypt.
Jesse Meyers
Morality is moral, only when it is voluntary.
07:59 PM on 08/07/2013
What Egyptian authorities? The one's in power this week or the ones that'll be in power next week or the week after that.
07:38 PM on 08/07/2013
I just glad it wasn't his grandmummy.
riding on a pony in a one horse town
07:36 PM on 08/07/2013
Kid is going to ace the " what I did for the summer " book report when school let's in.
07:27 PM on 08/07/2013
Maybe it's Ramses and Nefertitis firstborn son, and if so, YOU atheists and humanists can now find out that the Holy Bible is true about how the child died.

YOU all may want to go to Costco tomorrow and stock up on Kleenex, because, YOU'RE going to need them with all the tears YOU will shed when it is announced the Holy Bible is true,


first things first: Let's find out who the mummy is.
the TP: brewing extremism since 2010
09:51 PM on 08/07/2013
lol you people are hilarious. Maybe its santa claus. Maybe its the easter bunny. I know! Its the great pumpkin charlie brown!
NRA, making a list and checking it twice!
10:52 PM on 08/07/2013
Nobody disputes that some of the holy bible does not have a historical link, BUT the whole second book was written by people who never knew Christ. That is a far more relevant issue.
07:22 PM on 08/07/2013
AHA! We've finally found Jimmy Hoffa!
07:20 PM on 08/07/2013
If the Mummy gets up and starts coming after him, then it's the real deal.
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07:20 PM on 08/07/2013
Just curious ... is Egypt the only country in North Africa that had mummies or used mummification? If there are other countries that use mummification, how are they going to tell which country it came from?
08:04 PM on 08/07/2013
I'm guessing.... hyrogliphics?
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09:17 PM on 08/08/2013
Ah ... that could be it.
Vote Democratic!
08:10 PM on 08/07/2013
from the article: "Then we opened the other cases and found an earthenware Egyptian death mask and a Canopic Jar."
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09:18 PM on 08/08/2013
Oops ... I missed that. Apparently I still staring at the picture while reading the article. :)
07:19 PM on 08/07/2013
It doen't matter if it is real or fake...why would you want a person or something that looks like a person wrapped up your attack? Creepy I say
07:54 PM on 08/07/2013
well... not in the ATTIC, of course. I'd have it propped up behind the couch, or perhaps in the hall closet, (where guests shouldn't be snooping in the first place).
08:48 PM on 08/07/2013
Sweet! I love a twisted sense of humor!
Adventuress, Peace-Seeker,
07:12 PM on 08/07/2013
The almost pristine condition of box and contents may indicate a stage prop.