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07:51 AM on 08/09/2013
The most disgusting part concerning their lack of productivity is their false arrogance in thinking that their intended course for OUR Nation is based on rational or sane principles when it is not? Their intended course is so far from the Natural and rational principles of Human Rights it's like they have never read OUR Constitution? They are telling us that Human Beings are created for this world to serve Money? When the obviously rational reverse of their thought patterns is the actual truth according to Our Constitution and natural principles? As without it's creation by Human Beings money would not exist? As Money does not come from the Earth naturally as do Human Beings? It was when Michelle Bachman falsely tried proposing this reversal during the Presidential primaries that caused me to personally speak up? It was obvious to me that they were trying to substitute the Humanly principled Rights of OUR Constitution with the principles of Capitalistic Economics which is not empirically provable or rational? As Capitalism is principled on the instincts of Animals which if we were allowed to guide us would destroy OUR Earth and make Human existence extinct? As there are not enough Natural resources for every organic existant to have as much or as many of them as they want? And if this were not true there would be no talk of Human overpopulation. Thus rationally limiting Reason should be OUR Guide and not the unlimited irrational want of Animal Instinct or Capitalism!
07:32 AM on 08/09/2013
The public seems not to understand the courage, foresight and fortitude required by john Boehner and Eric Cantor in bringing up continually their legislation to abolish national health care reform. The fact that these activities cost money to the public does not matter to the fine people running the Republican agenda in the US House of Representatives. Money in oppostion to the items they do not like is not an issue. That a majority of the public is not in agreement with John, Eric and the Republican party will never change the way these enlightened and intelligent people will do their business.
07:27 AM on 08/09/2013
07:24 AM on 08/09/2013
They don't deserve to be paid!
07:14 AM on 08/09/2013
When we as working Americans say enough already. There all getting Rich doing a so called public servant job. They are not a ouch smarter than any other college grad. Throw Obama in the mix he is a fake, a person who has never worked a hard day in his life. He knows less about running anything tha. The average America. Heck if you know which cites are on the golf coast you more than him. It's all about the welfare low dumb asses.
07:12 AM on 08/09/2013
they don't deserve a paycheck either but they do deserve a course in ethics.
10:21 AM on 08/09/2013
I'm afraid that the only ethics that those clowns are going to have is to serve their corporate benefactors.
06:59 AM on 08/09/2013
They are a bunch of clowns!! NO A BUNCH OF CLOWNS WOULD WORK TOGETHER.
05:37 AM on 08/09/2013
They only work 3 days a week! Have an outrageous salary and retirement/pension plan even if they serve one term...A fantastic health care plan...(not Obamacare) Plus they receive thousands of dollars from Wall Street bankers and Corporations for their elections/re-elections the addition perks given to them by Corporations for box seats at sporting events, concerts, vacations, golf excursion, etc.

Wonder how many Americans who are upset with their Congressman/woman ever write, email or call their representive in D.C. to tell them their upset about their supporting or not supporting a bill or to ask for support for a bill/legislation? Some do listen...not many.
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"it ain't over till it's over"
03:58 AM on 08/09/2013
When are the voters going to realize this one fact. Congressmen and women have already been voted into office, They don't have to listen to us anymore!
05:48 AM on 08/09/2013
Need term limits to serve in Congress! Two 3 year terms is fair and they are out! Not 4 year terms and 2 year terms! Congress will never change unless get rid of Citizens United allowing Corporations (who are NOT people) to pour millions of dollars to the campaigns to these "Do Nothing" members of Congress so they represent the 1% "Corporatocracy" instead of the 99%! money=bribery=corruption!
02:59 AM on 08/09/2013
They barely deserve their pay, let alone vacation.
02:32 AM on 08/09/2013
They can't spend as much if they aren't there.
Antisthenes Diogenes
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02:12 AM on 08/09/2013
Congress does not deserve to be paid.
07:15 AM on 08/09/2013
There army of staffers there spending for them.
01:43 AM on 08/09/2013
It doesnt really matter what we think. 90% of us wanted some form of gun control legislation, and we got nothing. Congress will continue to do what is in the best interests of the Congress
and its members. What's best for America is completely secondary. Our representative government isnt so representative.
02:33 AM on 08/09/2013
NO, 90% did not want more gun control. It was something like 4%.
03:00 AM on 08/09/2013
Where in Hades did you get THAT number???
02:28 PM on 08/09/2013
It helps to get your facts straight or at least in the ballpark. 4%? Where have you been?
01:08 AM on 08/09/2013
Sorry....I'm late....make that 83% !!!!
01:13 AM on 08/09/2013
Good for you, for late! :-)
Intelligent Debates Please
12:54 AM on 08/09/2013
It is quite obvious that Congress takes their own recess whenever they damn well please and they rob us anyway.
03:01 AM on 08/09/2013
Don't forget the raises they give themselves.

Do they get a per-diem too? I know legislators in some states do, regardless of whether they actually do work or not.
10:26 AM on 08/09/2013
Yes, and they laugh all the way to the bank.