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04:47 PM on 12/01/2009
All of you that mention Huckabee did the right thing, I want you to call Gov. Dukakis and apologize to him if you voted for the person who bestowed upon us Junior.
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Common Sense is Not So Common Anymore
04:52 PM on 12/01/2009
Pay attention to the FACTS.

Clemmons was convicted of burglary and theft in Arkansas.

He broke prison rules? Geez... there's something new. A prisoner breaks rules.

In Washington he was charged and convicted of EIGHT felonies, yet was still on the streets. Not at all Huckabee's fault, nor could he ever know Clemmons would digress in this fashion.

Yet y0u are out to paint Clemmons as the equivalent of Dukakis' Willie Horton??


There is absolutely no way to equate these two situations. Get a grip.
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05:32 PM on 12/01/2009
Keep repeat that, but Huck is still toast. He's been Hortoned.
11:24 PM on 12/01/2009
Some people call me Mooreece...but Huck is the gangster of love
01:09 AM on 12/02/2009
Huckabee did not do the right thing and will have to live with this for the rest of his life.

And neither did Arkansas:
04:22 PM on 12/01/2009
I agree that the prison system does stink. Instead of acting and being treated like animals in a cage, Inmates should be forced to become educated, learn a trade, or in some cases, be properly treated for mental disease. Instead, in most cases now, they are only learning to become hardened criminals and stuffed full of religion and other crap that has little value. Additionally, I do not think there should be a specific term of incarceration. If they are able to prove that they have complied with the learning requirements, or have been sufficiently treated for their mental problems, then they should be conditionally released and given an opportunity to prove they have been rehabilitated. In some cases, however, they should never be released.
04:17 PM on 12/01/2009
I am relieved to read so many who understand the hideousness of this latest episode of mass killings and then the hunting down of a reportedly insane man who was a SUSPECT and from the reports of his last moments was unable to defend himself or perhaps understand what had happened.
Why do we have no way of identifying mental illness and getting people the treatment they need? The reports from his family sound as if he was in deep trouble and all our system could do was charge him again with a crime.
I also weep for the families of the cops-they didn't deserve to die like dogs getting ready for their morning shift.
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04:06 PM on 12/01/2009
Any nation that places the rights of its citizens above all other considerations will at times see tragic mistakes made in when attempting to apply fairness or equity to people in difficulty. Humans are flawed creatures and we err all the time. Sometimes we lock up the innocent, sometimes we release the guilty. As an American, I would rather live in a country that at least made the effort to try humanitarian solutions to some situations, than in a country that had a "one solution fits all circumstances" attitude.

As a retired peace officer myself, I deeply regret the senseless deaths of these four fine officers. There were doubtless errors made that allowed the perpetrator to walk the streets armed and in a psychotically murderous state. These errors need to be investigated and corrected. But we should never stop trying to do what we can to rehabilitate those that can be saved, just as we should do everything possible to protect society from those who can not, or will not, be deterred from a life of crime.
03:52 PM on 12/01/2009
Prsisoners say a lot of things. Almost all claim to be innocent and a very high number "find Jesus" while in prison.

That's not to say that innocent people aren't put in prison or that some do not genuinely become religious. However, just because someone says they've got religion doesn't make it true.

And the Republican party is the party that's tough on crime? More and more, they are hand puppets for radical right wing organizations. Including the NRA.

Bunch of dam* nuts!

Not to mention lying hypocrites.
03:31 PM on 12/01/2009
All commutations are fiscal, there is no room in prison for real criminals.

Legalize all drugs, free these political prisoners and keep any perpetrator of violence in jail forever.
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04:59 PM on 12/01/2009
Again, I agree!
03:27 PM on 12/01/2009
I am kind of surprised that this man had 95 years to serve yet in Arkansas for robbery? Aggravated robbery, whatever that means? No assaults, no rapes, no manslaughter - almost 100 years for robbery???? And he was 17 years old. I think I may have commuted his sentence had I been Huckabee. At that point, it seems he had not shown a tendency towards violence. A life sentence for robbery does seem pretty extreme. Perhaps he learned about rape and murder in prison?

I am sorry Seattle judicial system released him after he had raped a child and acquired eight felonies in such a short time. I see them more to blame than Huck.

If mental illness is going to be ignored and not treated, as has been the way in this country for as long as I can remember (it's too expensive to treat, insurance companies might not make their bonuses if they give treatment) these crimes will only escalate. Mr. Clemmons is one more example of why we need affordable health insurance for all of us right now. The ones denied will be the assailants of the future.
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04:58 PM on 12/01/2009
Great post! I absolutely agree!
I live outside of a teabubble
09:58 PM on 12/01/2009
But Huckabee should have considered the chance that Clemmons could have been paroled if his sentence was commutated to 47 years.

I know that if this was my home state of PA and someone's sentence was commutated to 47 years, he or she would be required to do 85% of their time before being considered for parole. If Arkansas had an 85% rule for convictions for violent crimes, then Clemmons would have not been released on parole.
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01:51 PM on 12/01/2009
Yet again religion poisoning public policy.
12:13 PM on 12/01/2009
I understand that Huckabee was the first to let this man back out into society, but it seems as though noone is saying anything about the ball being dropped elsewhere. I mean, the man had been arrested, in Washington, on three different occasions and released.
01:12 AM on 12/02/2009
Maybe this will help explain:
Seeing the forest for the trees
12:09 PM on 12/01/2009
I too am amused at the hypocrisy of republicans who would be blaming Huck for this if he were a Democrat.
But- why are we not looking at gun control laws? Why was a convicted felon given permission to have a gun? Or what I should be asking is- why isn't this one of the restrictions to owning a gun?
I think people can change- I do not believe we benefit as a society by throwing people away.What I don't get is this resistance to having a license to own a gun. Yes, criminals would have their own network, but now it is criminals are the network and profit the most.
Gun makers regularly sell knowingly to criminal groups-it has been documented many times.Their rights to make a profit are more important than the lives of police officers everywhere.
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Common Sense is Not So Common Anymore
06:46 PM on 12/01/2009
Given permission?

Please educate yourself.
10:12 AM on 12/01/2009
I'm a liberal, and believe in 2nd chances, most of the time. I also believe in human nature and my deep belief is that some behaviors can not ever change. Rape is one, and I don't mean Statutory rape where one kid is under and one just over the legal age of consent . I'm not sure about murder, but I feel very strongly that rapists can not be rehabilitated. I don't believe that they will have ever paid their debt to society, and should be released back onto the street.
11:44 AM on 12/01/2009
antmousie................Your statement showed me something. You do not know the Power in the Blood and Cross of Jesus Christ,,, Example: son of sam= is a example, he has freedom
to do all the counseling, sharing the love of Christ,leading people to Jesus,he probably
has won more people to Christ then some evangelists
02:22 PM on 12/01/2009
Go thump your bible someplace else...
10:37 PM on 12/01/2009
I agree that rape and other sex-control illnesses like pedophilia and incest are not curable. Washington State should have kept this man behind bars for the sex crimes he committed in that state.
01:20 AM on 12/02/2009
Perhaps this will explain why they could not:
09:26 AM on 12/01/2009
If it were not for Mike Hucka*bee those children would have their Daddies and Mommy this Christmas.

We had this career criminal in our custody with another 95 years due.... and Mike set him free with a stroke of his pen.

Way to go Mikey.

Sleep well.
12:37 AM on 12/02/2009
Huckabee did not "set him free" and if you want to start labeling 16 years olds as "career criminals" then I think you have a very cold heart.

All Huckabee did was reduce his sentence to 47 years and make him eligible for parole which is not the same thing as "setting him free with a stroke of his pen". Furthermore I would struggle to find anyone who would think that somebody should spend over 100 years in prison for burglary. The failure to act on this man's subsequent crimes is not Huckabee's. Any attempt to lay the blame for this tragedy at his feet seems distasteful at best and sick at worst.

I wouldn't vote for Huckabee in a million years but that doesn't mean that I don't respect his courage and forthrightness in this and other situations.
01:28 AM on 12/02/2009
Respect away. Huckabee has to live with this for the rest of his life.

Fact remains: Had Arkansas not released him, this never would have happened.
09:25 AM on 12/01/2009
My prayers and heart goes out to the families of the fallen officers.
01:21 AM on 12/02/2009

First and foremost ... that sentiment has gotten lost in the rancor of these posts.
09:24 AM on 12/01/2009
"Hey I know!! Let's make him president!!!" - Joe the Plumber
08:58 AM on 12/01/2009
09:31 AM on 12/01/2009
I agree with you. I think it is not fair to make sweeping judgements against a group based on one man's actions. But you have to admit that Evangelicals are taking some sharp critisism, and for good reason. Perhaps Evangelicals need to wake up to the fact that their punitive, negative, "fire and brimstone" interpretation of the Bible is driving more people AWAY from God than it is bringing them to God.
09:34 AM on 12/01/2009
Or what?...... We will burn in hell forever?