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02:06 PM on 11/30/2009
The Bigger the Bet the Badder. Now stop it kiddies. How Big must your little train set be? Can't we get some younger people in here? Say from the University of Horse Sense, Elko Nevada? Maybe y'all oughta consult one of the liddle ladies at the Mustang Ranch about "capacity". Better make those menus in Chinese urban cowboys. Buena suerte. Sam
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05:09 PM on 11/30/2009
They already have them in Chinese . . . . and Arabic, and Japanese, and Spanish.

These are business people. Nobody is going to put anything on this board that they don't already know.
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More cheese please!
02:04 PM on 11/30/2009
I grew up in Las Vegas, lived there for 35 years. The town is foolish to keep spending with a shaky future ahead. Every new casino project just divides the gambling revenue, it doesn't create new business. They are just cannibalizing their own business by cutting more slices from the same pie. The city is far too large to be in the middle of the desert with no water. No water. one more time, no water. Lake Mead is drying up and will be gone within a decade. The city has over 15% unemployment, record foreclosures and is now the violent crime capital of the country, it didn't used to be that way. Vegas used to have the lowest unemployment for decades. The mob ran the town much better than these corporations, and everyone, from dealers to dishwashers made a decent living when they did. A lot of the growth was paid for by keeping wages low when the corporations took over the casinos and throwing people from the middle class back to being poor. Gambling is the only real industry there, Vegas is a one trick pony that has been whipped to death. The future of Vegas is bleak and is is reckless for the city government to be spending like this. Las Vegas is going to be a very ugly place to be in the coming years as it retracts. No Water = no people.
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01:10 PM on 12/01/2009
With advances in robot technology, most of those people won't be needed in a couple decades anyway.
02:04 PM on 11/30/2009
I wonder if they have aircondtioning
Shalom, compa!
05:09 PM on 11/30/2009
For that, you get fanned.
01:39 PM on 11/30/2009
For the first time in it's history, Las Vegas is truly at overcapacity, and with other large resorts like the Fontainebleau and the Cosmopolitan scheduled to open scheduled to open soon and the tourism economy still declining it will get worse. The delayed Echelon Hotel that is currently on-hold will rival the CityCenter when it is built in a few years if it is built.
04:12 PM on 11/30/2009
The Fontainbleau will not be opening any time soon. As of last week it was still sitting exposed to the elements, no work going on, and scheduled to be auctioned off in January.

Someone named Icahn bid 150 million or so for it earlier this month, but it'll still need about 1.5 billion to complete.

The Cosmopolitan is scheduled to open in Sept 2010, two years late and currently suffering its own share of problems.
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05:51 PM on 11/30/2009
Echelon will never move forward. Boyd gaming was lucky enough to be in a position to pull the plug before that one got too far down the road in construction. I can guarantee MGM wishes they had been so lucky themselves. City Center will contribute to bringing down a few other major casinos before it goes under too. That's the problem with projects that take years and years to design and build. Sometimes things change that are beyond your control but as a developed you can't just turn back. In the case, the economy doomed this place before it ever opened.
01:28 PM on 11/30/2009
City Center. That's funny. Las Vegas is not a city, it's a giant theme park. There is no there there.
01:43 PM on 11/30/2009
That's funny because every morning I wake up in a beautiful neighborhood in LV..take my kids to a wonderful school and talk to other wonderful people who make this city home.
02:27 PM on 11/30/2009
An agglomeration of gated McMansions and strip malls does not a city make, much less a neighborhood. But, good for you if you like it. To each his own.
If if was a fifth. We'd all be drunk!
08:06 PM on 11/30/2009
I have lived all over this United States. I prefer vegas to ALOT of them. We live very well out here. If I miss Cali,then a 3 hour ride and I am there. So unless you live here and don't understand then enjoy where you live and leave Vegas alone.Oh by the way those OTHER cities were, L.A,Virginia,D.C, Atlanta,Florida,Texas and Ilinois.QuaLITY OF LIFE IS ALOT BETTER THAN YOU THINK OUT HERE.
04:26 PM on 11/30/2009
Clearly, you've never lived in Las Vegas. There is downtown, and then there is the rest of the city. When I lived there, I could see the top of the Hilton from my bedroom window. That's the nice thing about living in Vegas: Oh, downtown's there when you need it...some entertainer is coming through, you can watch any sporting event you'd like, etc....and then you go home when you're done to your own house, your own bed, your own pool, and all the tourists get to stay downtown. The locals know that there's more to Vegas than downtown.

I'm in San Diego now and I'd hate to leave the beach but if I were to live inland, I'd move back to Vegas in a heartbeat.

"Gated McMansion"? Hah! Where on earth do you think the people who work in those casinos live?
Shalom, compa!
05:13 PM on 11/30/2009

Just kidding. Vegas is a wonderful city that hardly nobody sees unless they've lived there. It was very well planned, so it has a good layout and a good infrastructure. I don't miss the summers, but the cool crisp winter mornings were nice for a jog (on the wide flat streets).
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10:29 PM on 11/30/2009
My niece is an educator living in Vegas and loves it. There is life in that city outside of the strip.
01:15 PM on 11/30/2009
America's Dubai.
01:51 PM on 11/30/2009
Actually, it's Dubai's Dubai. They would a big chunk of it.
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12:59 PM on 11/30/2009
You can pay a really nice room at a much lower cost and you don't have to walk your ass from the parking structure to the hotel, e.g. Planet Hollywood and MGM. Get a cheaper room somewhere else, just walk around at Aria, take some photos and that's it.
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12:58 PM on 11/30/2009
That much-repeated aphorism that civilizations build their most extreme monuments at the very moment of collapse comes to mind.
06:17 PM on 11/30/2009
nice one!
12:53 PM on 11/30/2009
A truly important story here, but when is Huffpo going to look into the climate hoax?
Shalom, compa!
05:15 PM on 11/30/2009
When someone can show us where the big story is. So far, the only thing I've seen is a bunch of sheep who don't understand science.

I guess that's to be expected from people who believe the jury is still out on evolution.
Gerrman Freethinker
12:44 PM on 11/30/2009
With over 20% of the children recieving food stamps, douible digit unemployment, govement deficits in trillions of dollars, involved in two occupations of Middle Eastern Countries this latest example of wealth in the excess rivals the luxery palaces of the French King Louis the XVI.
Shalom, compa!
05:16 PM on 11/30/2009
Except this is a business that is open to the public, not some fat guys fancy house.

Not a good analogy.
12:35 PM on 11/30/2009
Off Topic ---

Sorry about that, but there is nowhere else to post this question:

Every once in a while I check my profile here on PuffHo, and low and behold, each time I see 2 or 3 and sometimes more people listed as those I am a fan of! People *I* did not add to my list!

Right where it says: "Members FabulousAt52 is a Fan of " the number changes every few days without me adding anyone to the list. I delete them as soon as I notice them, and then a few days or a week later... more new names appear there for no reason. What is up with that? Anyone else see this happening on their profile??
12:43 PM on 11/30/2009
It could be that you are actually hitting the 'I'm a fan of' button when you mean to click 'reply.' They're in proximity to each other. This seems to be happening because your cursor is dragging across and hitting that part of the comments page.
12:58 PM on 11/30/2009
Yes, You could be right, I thought of that too, at first...
but this has been happening for quite a while and I've been extra careful when clicking on "reply".
The "I'm a fan of..." button is at the top of a poster's "window" and the reply button is at the bottom.

What's even a bigger mystery is when I check new peoples' profiles, they are not even commenting on the same stories I have commented on.... so that also eliminates the "oops!" factor when replying. I'm tellin' ya, it's bugging me...
12:28 PM on 11/30/2009
5900 hotel rooms is around the total number of rooms in most mid-sized cities.

Vegas has been adding about this number of high-end luxury rooms every year for a long time. Sooner or later they will reach a saturation point even with an economic recovery.
Shalom, compa!
05:18 PM on 11/30/2009
But the crappier rooms continue to get demolished. No more Stardust and their whiny air-conditioners, no more Golden Horseshoe. Soon we'll get to where they can finally tear down the monstrosity that is the MGM Grand and replace it with something nice!
12:26 PM on 11/30/2009
if there is any place in america that will survive
these tough economic times it's Las Vegas
as long as there is a Las Vegas people will

Las Vegas's biggest future problems seems
to be over looked each time they build one of
these giant hotel/resorts and that is where will
the water come from to support all the people
living and visiting there over the next 20 years???

the lack of water may kill Las Vegas before the
12:14 PM on 11/30/2009
City Center is a bold move that will not pay off for a very long time.

Vegas needed a high end core residential area all along. The concept of having the best restaurants and entertainment within walking distance of residences and businesses thereby creating a real urban space on the Strip was genius. The timing of it sucks.

But now that it is built and getting ready to open, time will tell if it really was a great idea. Didn't Bugsy get assassinated because the original Flamingo was a flop? By the 90's it was the most profitable hotel in the world.

Eventually those hotel rooms and condos will fill. The offices and shops will fill. It might take twenty years...but it was a great idea. There are plenty of people looking for the lifestyle. As soon as they recover from their current financial misery, it will be one of the places on their short list.
02:12 PM on 11/30/2009
O.K. But you maintain it for the next twenty tears. We'll pay you a "human" wage.
Shalom, compa!
05:20 PM on 11/30/2009
When you borrow $200K from the bank, the bank owns you.

When you borrow $8.5B, you own the bank.

They'll do just fine. Nobody is going to lose a dime on this. It's the other hotels that should be worried.
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12:03 PM on 11/30/2009
CityCenter: Every bit a white elephant as the Las Vegas monorail, the elephane price tag notwithstanding.

I can spend my money better elsewhere.
01:14 PM on 11/30/2009
the Las Vegas monorail a white elephant? is this true? i though it was a public transport success story.
06:21 PM on 11/30/2009
Hardly, when pieces fall off of it and it's running in the red from day 1. It's often called the "juice train" around here. Google those terms, you'll see what I mean.
12:20 AM on 12/01/2009
Probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but using the darn thing means walking through huge casinos to the back sides of hotels to get on it, and then back through hotels and casinos to get back on the strip. Very time consuming.

I know several people that came back from Vegas and didn't even know there was a monorail.

Plus which, as the strip has grown, the Monorail has not. It only covers one side of the strip, and not the entire length of it.