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Freefall Speed
06:02 PM on 12/01/2009
I regret nothing! Poor Argentinian girls must do what they have to do, to attract rich American politicians! My butt is so firm, St. Peter is bouncing quarters off of it as we speak! Ay, Dios mio!
Shalom, compa!
05:29 PM on 12/01/2009
Why is it that if I take out someone's gallbladder unnecessarily and they die during the procedure, it's malpractice?

Yet, if I do some completely unnecessary cosmetic procedure in a facility that doesn't even have advanced life support capabilities, it's just an accepted risk of the procedure.

Cosmetic surgeons will reap their karma eventually, or at least I hope they will.
04:25 PM on 12/02/2009
Because one is Dr's carelessness and the other is patient's stupidity. Also, different countries had different rules/laws.
Shalom, compa!
11:05 AM on 12/03/2009
Who said anything about carelessness? I can perform the procedure perfectly to the letter and there is still a risk that you will die, perhaps from the anesthesia, perhaps from the stress of the operation. If, however, in the ensuing investigation it comes to light that you did not in fact meet all the criteria for the surgery, I am guilty of malpractice.

Perhaps I should phrase it another way to fit your analogy. If someone walks into my office and asks to have their gallbladder removed, but I can clearly see that they don't need it, how is that any different than performing elective plastic surgery?

All surgery is potentially fatal no matter how flawlessly it is performed. So why are elective cosmetic procedures even legal in the first place?
05:25 PM on 12/01/2009
Poor woman and her family. World society demands beauty and youth. If nothing else this is a job related death because without a certain shape she is not employable.
11:36 AM on 12/03/2009
The world can make all sorts of 'demands' some rational some not. It remains the individual's responsiblity to discriminate which ones to accept and which ones to reject, and not simply run with the herd.
aww the flowers of spring are the best
05:15 PM on 12/01/2009
Its so funny that women now want to have a little in the trunk in yesteryear they ridiculed those with nice backs in favor of flat square behinds ....ha!...sorry for her loss just commenting in general on this.
04:55 PM on 12/01/2009
Major bummer.
04:45 PM on 12/01/2009
I think it's sick for anyone to say they don't feel sorry that a person died simply because they died while undergoing a cosmetic procedure. She was the victim of an incompetent doctor, and that's sad. It's also sad that someone so beautiful felt she wasn't good enough as-is. I'm sure many of us can relate to that, so get off your high horses.
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Independent voter, Independent thinker!
07:24 PM on 12/01/2009
I agree 100%!!!
04:25 PM on 12/01/2009
Former Miss Argentina dies 'for firmer ass' HAD IT ALL EXCEPT
common sense.
Selling products by using women's bodies should be A CRIME in unenlightened
Western culture of HUCKSTERISM for profits.
04:46 PM on 12/01/2009
Where does it say she was selling products??
08:02 PM on 12/01/2009
Darker is referring to the doctor selling his products, or rather his services.
Dem belly full but we hungry
05:13 PM on 12/01/2009
Not sure what you mean by "Western Culture." South America is generally not included in standard definitions of the "West" (US and Western Europe), and cosmetic surgery is HUGE on that continent. Nose jobs are also all the rage in Iran. Western nations don't have the market cornered on vanity by any means.
firefly echo
sister outsider
04:24 PM on 12/01/2009
What ever happened to respect for the dead? So the woman did something taboo to further her career. She should die from that? Unworthy of sympathy? Really?

I need to stop reading news article comments. They make me really sad.
04:17 PM on 12/01/2009
Who knew...Forrest Gump's war wound could have been potentially worse than LT. Dan's?
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04:11 PM on 12/01/2009
I just can't feel sad for her. I can't feel sad for people who belligerently bring pain upon themselves.
04:23 PM on 12/01/2009
I can feel sad for her, but no more than for other, less fortunate people who have also suffered in the world. Also, I don't think 'belligerant' was the word you were looking for.
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04:50 PM on 12/01/2009
Could it be that she reached rock bottom?
03:53 PM on 12/01/2009
Vanity got her in the end. (pun intended)
Carl Caroli
I just don't understand people
03:53 PM on 12/01/2009
Isn't vanity one of the 7 deadly sins?
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I am nerd, hear me geek
04:23 PM on 12/01/2009
Nope, sorry not on the list: anger, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.
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04:30 PM on 12/01/2009
Ah, right. The Republican party platform.
04:31 PM on 12/01/2009
You could file it under pride.
Always waiting for the light to dawn
05:49 PM on 12/01/2009
I wonder where the opposites meet -- vanity and low self-esteem. If one is vain, then one projects a "this is me, I'm great, take it or leave it" I would think. (That modeling agency lady comes to mind, the one who said Tara Banks is fat). Low self-esteem would be saying, "I'm not really good yet because I have one imperfection; when that's fixed, maybe I'll be good enough."
03:53 PM on 12/01/2009
She was so pretty and should of stopped there. Never should we play with what we were given because even if you go to the best surgeons complications that lead to death could happen. So sorry for her family.
03:39 PM on 12/01/2009
Her life seemed to revolve beauty and appearance. Maybe not much different than live by the sword, die by the sword.
03:28 PM on 12/01/2009
I'm gonna seem very cold about this butt I don't feel sorry for her.