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11:44 PM on 12/01/2009
If these men were stealing money from the church instead of stealing children's innocents the Cardinal would not have said "and our decision was to continue until we came to further conclusions because of other indications." The would never have been allowed next to a collection plate again.
11:10 PM on 12/01/2009
Cardinal, just as you claim one abortion is an abomination, one priest who abuses one child is an abomination. Do your reparation and penance for all the innocents that were exploited and abused by your priests and deny them from distributing the Eucharist to faithful people before you excoriate others.
Mark Twaine
11:43 PM on 12/01/2009
Bishops are an abomination for protecting priests who abuse children!
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12:10 AM on 12/02/2009
Suddenly i understand why Catholic priests are so against abortion- it cuts into thier ddating pool.
11:07 PM on 12/01/2009
Dear God:
When are you going to rid your followers of these predators and begin to keep your children safe instead of allowing them to be molested, abused and traumatized for life by these perverts.
I'm beginning to think you must not exist if you allow such atrocities to occur by people who act in your name. What do you think, god? Is this the image that you want to convey to us mindless sheep. Please post your reply as soon as you finish listening to my sister asking you to please find her missing earrings for her.
12:19 AM on 12/02/2009
1. I loved your post
2. Did lightening strike anywhere near you?

Dear "john":

If we can't make you fear us, we have NO power. Religion, Politics - it is ALL about the base constituency and how to keep them in check - no restless natives need apply.

Love ALL ways,
The Church
12:25 AM on 12/02/2009
what make you think they acting in God's name? They just claim to be. Just like the Salahis claimed to be invited to the State Dinner.
Hypocrisy is prevalent in BOTH parties!
10:44 PM on 12/01/2009
These abuse documents were released and we can't get the war abuse photos released.

10:57 PM on 12/01/2009
Who's number one? The government.
Hug a vet!!!
12:40 AM on 12/02/2009
At least at human rights abuses.
Single payer universal health insurance agent
10:38 PM on 12/01/2009
Money talks and the churches of America have a lot of money. Sell the vatican feed the poor.
11:00 PM on 12/01/2009
I love this bit of nonsense. Read up, friend:

“The Church Is Filthy Rich”
Not really, though it’s certainly not poor. Anyone who has ever stood in St. Peter’s Square in Rome and watched a prince of the church (the colloquial name for a Catholic cardinal) emerge from a black Mercedes sporting Vatican license plates could understandably find pleas of tough times hard to swallow.

Yet the wealth of the Catholic Church is usually exaggerated. The Vatican, for example, is rumored to be swimming in loot, but its annual budget is less than $400 million. For comparison, consider that Harvard University’s is more than $3 billion. The Vatican’s portfolio of stocks, bonds, and real estate comes to roughly $1 billion. For a slightly whimsical frame of reference, Forbes estimates that Oprah Winfrey, all by herself, is worth $2.5 billion. The great artistic treasures of the Vatican, such as Michelangelo’s Pietà, are literally priceless; they’re listed on Vatican books at a value of 1 euro each because they can never be sold or borrowed against.

Robin Hood FAIL. Sell Harvard, feed the poor.
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12:02 AM on 12/02/2009
Everyone knows the Catholic church is morally bankrupt , now claiming monetary bankruptcy seems a little suspect....
12:17 AM on 12/02/2009
"They can never be sold or borrowed against"??

That's claptrap. The contents of the Vatican museum could be unloaded tomorrow. And the real estate owned by the Catholic Church is dizzying.

Poverty and chastity? Nothing could be farther from these things than the Church.
10:37 PM on 12/01/2009
c'me on cardinal, you can set the bar even lower. C'me on, we know you can.
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10:34 PM on 12/01/2009
An irrelevant statement from a bishop of an irrelevant religion.
10:32 PM on 12/01/2009
Just take all the Vatican gold and pass it around.
10:31 PM on 12/01/2009
I'm a recovering Catholic, I'll never really be cured but I take it one day at a time.

Fortunately I was never 'physically' abused, but they sure did mess with my head.
10:40 PM on 12/01/2009
Yep. Never touched, but the creepy priest who continually showed up at my place of work while I was in high school eventually made it to prison for touching others.

He was really the only one, but many of the others (even the screamingly-flamboyant gay ones) sure messed with my head. And I'm gay.

Such a messy place with messy men-boys running it. Ugh.

It's too bad. They could have been doing a lot of good.
11:04 PM on 12/01/2009
Yeah, I've been there myself. That's why I'm never going back, either. When my sister had her first baby, fifteen years ago, Mom wanted the baby baptized Catholic. My sister and I didn't agree on much back then, but we joined forces against the baptism idea and it was never done. My sister and I both wanted the RCC kept out of the child's life.
I connect the most dissimilar things
10:20 PM on 12/01/2009
Hmm. Wouldn't it just be easier for everyone to abandon religion entirely? Think of the good that it would do! No more homophobia or misogyny! It would certainly cut down on hypocrisy: politicians mired in scandals wouldn't be able to say "Jesus" as a last resort.
10:55 PM on 12/01/2009
And how about no more wars.
10:58 PM on 12/01/2009
Yeah, politicians could just blame it on the boogie and move on.
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Progressive but not a Democrat.
10:15 PM on 12/01/2009
"I had confidence that what needed to be done was done." - He wasn't being thorough. He didn't want to be thorough because he's afraid of what he might find out. He cared more about the priests than the kids.
I want my country forward
10:13 PM on 12/01/2009
Revoke. Revoke. Revoke. Revoke.

And charge back taxes.

Because no legitimate religion does this kind of thing. For decades.
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03:02 PM on 12/02/2009
Is any religion legitmate? It is legitimate mythology. Why is Christianity a "religion" and not Astrology? Because more people claim to believe in it? Most do not actually, they just pretend and select which parts of the myth that they will follow. Then they use that to assuage their guilt or to prop up their agenda. Most importantly it helps them belong to something and get along with the rest of the flock. Bahhh baah
I want my country forward
04:35 PM on 12/02/2009
I'm not hosting a theology seminar here. We have a tax code in this country that defines religion for purposes of tax exemption.

It's arguable whether any institution should be recognized under that standard, but the Catholic church has certainly voided their exemption status by their continued illegal political interventions and their rape of children.
10:02 PM on 12/01/2009
Is this what Jesus would do?

How can anyone still be catholic?
10:11 PM on 12/01/2009
Well, the Church is all of us, not just the pedophiles.

1 Corinthians 12:21
I want my country forward
10:15 PM on 12/01/2009
Yeah, and Charles Manson used to say he was in everybody's children, too.

If the Church is in me, I'm going start sending them a rent bill. I don't like squatters.
10:19 PM on 12/01/2009
The church is about control by a certain group of people - no women included and no congregation is ever included in making decisions.
09:55 PM on 12/01/2009
I read a very clever comment published on HP and dealing with the catholic pedophilia scandal in Ireland and i'd like to share it: "Abstinence makes the hierarchy go fondle." I think that says it all.
Cake or death.
10:42 PM on 12/01/2009
That is clever. Thanks for re-posting it.
10:57 PM on 12/01/2009
You know what. They knew what they were getting into when they signed up. I don't accept this lame excuse, do you?
H@ll is other people.
09:51 PM on 12/01/2009
Ironically its the institutional nature and record keeping of the Catholic Church that allowed for the discovery and exposure of the sex scandal in the first place. In any other church or organization that interacts with children a pedophile is quietly let go and that takes care of that. Evidence shows that child sexual abuse is not unique to Catholics, but is a widespread phenomena that occurs in all faiths and secular organizations at about the same rate. In fact the focus on Catholics has certainly provided cover for pedophiles in other organizations as it allows for the "that only happens among that group" false sense of security. The abuse of children among all institutions needs to be made public and the perpetrators prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.

That being said we must never forget that by far the most likely perpetrator of abuse is not a teacher, a scout leader, or a's a relative of the child.