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09:23 PM on 12/02/2009
I see the media is desperately trying to make this about Ms. Rogers, rather than the secret service.
09:29 PM on 12/02/2009
i'm with you sorta' but why not testify?
09:37 PM on 12/02/2009
you wouldn't want to testify if you have something to hide.
Dulce bellum inexpertis
09:37 PM on 12/02/2009
I agree ... There is a simple inescapable fact their names aren't on the list the the should not have allowed into the white house. End of story. The failure was wholly on the part of Secret Service Uninformed Division Officers.
10:15 PM on 12/02/2009
Alex98, these people only understand conspiracy theories......
09:19 PM on 12/02/2009
Fine... Fire her immediately!
Tech Consultant
09:19 PM on 12/02/2009
Nor should she have to.
09:45 PM on 12/02/2009
Why NOT? If she were competent, she could clear everything up very quickly in the hearing. She should WANT to testify. Clearly, her spine is no more reliable than her work ethic.
10:17 PM on 12/02/2009
The secret service let somebody in that was not on the list......that is clearly what happen but of course the simpletons just can't understand that.
I'm sorry that I made you cry
05:55 AM on 12/03/2009
Denise was there on the night. Secret Service did not ask her to confirm or deny the Salahis.
09:19 PM on 12/02/2009
she couldn't change her manicure appointment
10:18 PM on 12/02/2009
Maybe she couldn't........ BUT the bigger problem is that the secret service let somebody in the dinner that was NOT on the list.
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09:19 PM on 12/02/2009
I don't understand how the press can let the White House and Secret Service get away with their stalling tactic of saying they're still "investigating" what happened and who was involved when they've known for about a week now exactly what happened and exactly who dropped the ball.
09:24 PM on 12/02/2009
who cares? it's not like they misplaced WMDs or billions of $$$$ in Iraq
09:19 PM on 12/02/2009
Bush and Rove would pull the same kinda of tricks. Here we go AGAIN!
09:18 PM on 12/02/2009
she is incompetent

why was she given this job Mr. Obama?

she is not up to the task. Why was she chosen?
09:34 PM on 12/02/2009
Believe me ,she is more competent than Perino!
09:40 PM on 12/02/2009
if we have to use the Bush admin as the bar, we are in a sorry, sorry situation