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04:41 PM on 08/25/2013
This is still disgusting from when I read it yesterday.
04:41 PM on 08/25/2013
Never depend on a college for sexual assault cases. Call the real cops and insist that they do not refer it back to the school. If he's in jail, there's no need to expel him. Universities are interested in their bottom line.
05:54 PM on 08/30/2013
You are presuming that it rose to the level of a crime. Given the broad definition of sexual assualt and the limited information provided, we do not know that.
FED UP with the violence. Where's the LOVE?
04:40 PM on 08/25/2013
These schools want the pervert's family's MONEY. DONORS have the power at these expensive schools! If you are a pervert - GO TO YALE. They WANT YOU and you are welcomed there as LONG AS YOU CAN PAY CASH and have big daddy and mommy to give a HUGE donation to pay for their EXHORBANT professor and dean salaries!
Zarathustra Sings the Blues
04:36 PM on 08/25/2013
IF he was not allowed to take his Spring finals, it actually amounts to a retroactive one semester punishment, and is worse than suspending him for later semesters because it negates the work he did for the whole semester-- a just and fair punishment for what likely was a non-physical verbal assault of "sexual intimidation"/"sexual misconduct in the form of intimidation"/"sexual harassment."
If he was allowed to take his fnals then he did possibly get away with only a one or two day suspension (we do not know what, if anything, the professors did to his grades for missing the last few days).

He obviously broke school rules, but likely did not commit a crime, because if it were actually a crime under rule of law, then she as the victim would have had charges filed against him at some point-- she clearly wants him punished more for his actions. The school cannot comment on the situation, but nothing is keeping her from telling her account of what happened, so perhaps she will.
We're all Bozos on this bus.
04:09 PM on 08/25/2013
One day huh? He must be a legacy of rich donor. I wonder how many days he would have gotten for attempted murder?
Are You sitting comfortably?
04:08 PM on 08/25/2013
Wow! They are really getting tough at Yale.
03:47 PM on 08/25/2013
I thought schools always gave some kind of credit for effort.
08:17 PM on 08/25/2013
Dammit, that was funny but I feel bad laughing,
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03:45 PM on 08/25/2013
So basically at Yale, physical assault and attempted rape, get you a one day suspension from classes, but in Texas, if you steel a side of beef, you get life in prison with no hope of parole.....The Amerikan Legal System---------A joke.
05:11 PM on 08/25/2013
This has nothing to do with the "Amerikan Legal System" she chose to file a complaint with the school, not law enforcement. This is school policy. Read the article before you made dumb comments like this one
05:56 PM on 08/30/2013
where does it say physical assault??? As with many on this thread, you are generalizing beyond the actual case.
03:37 PM on 08/25/2013
This whole series of comments is a joke. The female student should have gone to the police. A crime is a crime whether committed on or off campus. When at age 17 I was accosted on school grounds, I called the police. Not the principal!
Karen Hotchkiss
got common sense?
03:48 PM on 08/25/2013
they probably called campus police...way to blame the victim
03:04 PM on 09/19/2013
I'd like to emphasize -- call the real police. Not the campus guys owned by the college administration. Also, victims need to be brave and not wait for time and evidence to pass by. Doing that makes us real victims, with less control of the situation than we already have.
Midnight Toker
Corporations are not people
03:31 PM on 08/25/2013
Aristocrats or their offspring and entitlement go hand in hand.
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03:27 PM on 08/25/2013
Looks like the more things change, the more they stay the same.

That's 1950s groupthink, i.e. convict the victim of failure to escape the criminal, rather than convicting the criminal for committing the crime.

Shame of Yale for continuing its archaic attitude toward women and rape.

Parents, send your daughters somewhere else where they can get a fine education and be safe at the same time.
A good Liberal
03:13 PM on 08/25/2013
1- DAY Suspension, A PRE-K gets MORE Punishment for wearing the wrong TEE Shirt.
I know you are, but what am I ?
03:09 PM on 08/25/2013
Without knowing all the facts it's impossible to reach any conclusion There are no specific facts given in the article and she apparently didn't contact the Police and report it as a crime.
But the tea is sending me to the left
03:05 PM on 08/25/2013
Since they have already published her name, they should probably publish the name of the sexual assaulter. Or she should release it. I mean, give him a chance to explain himself publicly
09:48 PM on 08/25/2013
I think she should name him as a defendant to a lawsuit. That might get some attention if Yale is joined as a co-defendant.
03:02 PM on 08/25/2013
One day?