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04:47 AM on 08/31/2013
I'm trying to reinvent my self but nobody wants anything to do with an old white guy.
08:46 AM on 08/31/2013
Have you tried an ole white girl?
Lawson Meadows
Plant in your kids, the seeds of greatness!
11:58 AM on 08/31/2013
Now that was funny!!! :p
09:38 AM on 08/31/2013
I'm in the boat, hope it doesn't sink.
10:36 PM on 08/29/2013
I put myself through college on scholarships from studying hard in high school and through student jobs. I had a ten year career as an automotive engineer. My husband and I waited to have kids. When we did have a child I stayed home and created an advertising business with money I'd saved to buy video editing equipment. After doing that for 18 years I used money I'd saved up and followed my dream of creating a containment system for carrying groceries that would replace plastic and reusable bags and make shopping easier for everyone and be better for the environment. (CRESBI crates). Will I ever be super successful like her with this? I don't know. But her entreprenaurial success is not a fluke as the writer below states. Hard work, discipline, saving your money, staying together instead of getting divorced when you'd rather eat alone than work it out, these are what make wages livable, housing affordable, parents being able to leave the work force, and health care available, not some government mandate. How much TV do you watch? How many bad relationships do you have that you could be better without? What do you spend your money on? What are you doing to improve yourself? Who can you model yourself after that is doing things right? Hard questions and hard work. But it does pay off.
09:23 PM on 08/29/2013
I really like Stella how she becomes a successful mother and entrepreneur. I believe that the capacity to create and organized something is the solutions for a successful life.
12:47 PM on 08/28/2013
This article is absurd. It's like one of the those magazine interviews where they ask a multi-millionaire celebrity "How on earth do you balance work and motherhood so smoothly?" This type of enterpreneurial success is a fluke, and it is not accessible to most people.What most of us need is a living wage, affordable housing, paid parental leave, and access to quality health care, housing, and education. Telling women to start their own successful businesses to achieve these things is like telling us to buy a lottery ticket. I'm happy for this author's success. But her advice is useless to most of us.
03:19 PM on 08/28/2013
I thought the same thing. Yeah, I'd love to quite my job and pursue making a jewelry business but whose going to pay my bills in the meantime?! I applaud her success but its not readily acheivable. And majority of working moms do not have the opportunity to play with their kids while the private chef makes them dinner.
10:41 AM on 08/29/2013
As a Stella & Dot stylist, I feel like I should clarify the way our business works. This company gives women the opportunity to start their own business with very little upfront investment, and the flexibility to be able to work on your own terms. Most of us do not do it full-time, but it's a wonderful way to make extra money to help pay the bills and have some "fun money". I literally tell people that I get paid to play dress-up. I work when I want to, and if my "real" job has me super busy, I can put it on hold. I LOVE what I do, and I am thankful that Jessica Herrin had the passion and drive to start this company, so that women like me could be a part of it.
Nil homini certum est
06:46 AM on 08/31/2013
This is clearly beyond your grasp Andrea, yeah, you couldn't do it, and pennywhite is just jealous.
05:30 PM on 08/28/2013
It's not useless to those people who strive for more than a life in a box. If she and all the other successful entrepreneurs in the world listened to people like you, nobody would be successful. So keep preaching that negativity, and watch everyone around you succeed while you tell yourself that success is impossible.
09:39 PM on 08/28/2013
I consider myself at least as successful as the woman in the article, for reasons you would not understand. And how do you know she doesn't live "life in a box"? It sure looks like a box to me - the same box that's been sold to the American Public for 30 years while our jobs have been outsourced and our homes have been foreclosed upon. There is no smaller box than the box of materialism. And it's materialism more than anything else that has destroyed our sense of community and killed the American Dream. So go ahead and make your Vision Board and do your affirmations. Just remember: right after "The Secret" became a national bestseller, our economy TANKED. So good luck with your "every man for himself" prosperity consciousness.
Both salubrious and lugubrious concurrently.
09:09 AM on 08/30/2013
This is 'Amway for costume jewelry'. The business model requires a steady turnover of 'entrepreneurs' to exploit then discard.