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09:06 PM on 08/28/2013
wow, finally some sense into this subject. I agree with most of your points...
E pluribus unum percent
08:39 PM on 08/28/2013
Yes, and we won't learn a thing from it either. Again.
08:34 PM on 08/28/2013
Excellent analysis! But there's a small 'catch' related to "the world would be better off and probably have many less deaths overall if all nations followed international law and stayed out of other nations' business as much as possible" Specifically, The US and other major countries are in the arms business. So, when you sell billions in weapons to a dictator who then uses them against his people (and you kind of knew he would if he had to), then you become involved.

I agree that nations should stay out of other nations' business (unless gross crimes against humanity are being perpetrated- as in Congo, Rwanda, etc.- in which case the UN should step up), but to stay out should mean to STAY OUT- including arms sales. And that just ain't gonna happen.

OB1 is power-drunk, as was his predecessor. He should await the UN inspection results. If they are view by the majority of the UN as highly conclusive against Assad, then the UN should step in- including charging Assad with war crimes (just as Reagan should have been charged for encouraging Saddam to use nerve gas against Iran).
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08:16 PM on 08/28/2013
All true. The upcoming imperialist romp in Syria will accomplish little except to kill more civilians and produce a big payday for the U.S. weapons makers who will replace the cruise missiles and other military resources to be expended in the attack. That big payday could be the real motive behind the Obama administration's sudden war fever, considering that weapons makers are among the Democrats' biggest campaign donors. Another strange and rather stupid U.S.-led attack -- on Libya -- merely created more turmoil there that greatly benefited Western oil companies and generated huge profits for the arms makers who supplied the weaponry. And so it goes. With all this in mind, Americans should demand that, after the upcoming attacks, Obama should hold a press conference and read aloud the names of all the newly dead civilians, especially the children, so that we Americans can fully grasp the reality of our proud achievement.
Force always attracts men of low morality.
07:49 PM on 08/28/2013
A thoughtful response to US interventionism.