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02:27 AM on 08/31/2013
When you step back and look at it, it's hilarious that people feel so militant about their phone of choice!

They all do pretty much the same thing . . . but bragging rights are very important . . .
Ole Puddin Head
Never Argue with an Idiot, they drag you to their
02:25 AM on 08/31/2013
I still like my 4s. But since i live in a basement, most people cant hear me on the phone. Im hoping the 5s will fix that. I tried the Samsung GS4 but it was loaded with crapware and wasnt as efficient as the iphone. I refunded it and will look forward to this time next month when the 5s should be for sale.
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02:24 AM on 08/31/2013
It's a phone, that's all. Reading the comments you would think people believe it to be a living breathing life form.
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Grateful for every day.
09:39 AM on 08/31/2013
It is for some people.

I think some phone users treat their "arm extensions" better than they do their relatives.
I'm the boss. Need the info...
09:56 AM on 08/31/2013
24. The new 15.
Employees deserve a fair share
02:02 AM on 08/31/2013
What does "Your old phone must also be currently activated and within a cell phone contract." have to do with the condition of the phone - just more money grubbing scheme by big telecoms and A[[le - in the rest of the world you buy and sell your phones at real market price, without restrictions and save money. The conning of American continues.
01:54 AM on 08/31/2013
Trading my Iphone in for a Samsung Galaxy. Comparing my Iphone to a friends Samsung was like comparing black and white TV to color.
01:44 AM on 08/31/2013
Sounds like you might be better off just selling your old one on ebay.
12:38 AM on 08/31/2013
Still using a land line at home and a pay phone in public.
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Eileen Lovely
Intelligence and civility are dead sexy.
12:53 AM on 08/31/2013
Hard to find a pay phone anymore! If only we could still find them.
10:06 AM on 08/31/2013
I hear ya!
Own a PC shop and i still dont carry a stupid cell phone.

I miss my pager!!!!
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12:12 AM on 08/31/2013
The iphone is the icon if the ignorant consumes consume culture. If you have an iphone 4 and want to get a better phone, then you are not fit to live on this planet.
01:43 AM on 08/31/2013
That's a bit much, friend.
07:47 AM on 08/31/2013
I don't believe I would address him as my friend.
11:42 PM on 08/30/2013
Yet another iPhone. I'm overcome with indifference. OK so its a bit better, but really wiil it make a big difference to most people ? My iPhone 3GS still works great and I feel no urge to upgrade just because it isnt the latest
Feed the good wolf, not the bad.
07:32 PM on 09/02/2013
Good for you.

Do you freak out when a new car model car comes out EVERY YEAR?
Mans best friend
11:27 PM on 08/30/2013
I just got the 5 Ill wait for the one after this unless its so ground breaking and or has a bigger screen for my bear paw hands!
11:10 PM on 08/30/2013 ended about 4 years ago.
11:05 PM on 08/30/2013
So..... when can the United States government get its hands on all the taxes that Apple has been dodging with Enron accounting? Congressional hearings were held and the problem was seen but how about the solution? Perhaps we should expect more from our Congress.
Next time I am voting 3rd party...
10:01 PM on 08/30/2013
I must have my Gold iPhone 5S. And if anyone gets in my way they will be sorry.
Mr. U.S. Consumer

P.S.. I will protect it in a case that doesn't even show it's color
09:31 PM on 08/30/2013
These refurbished phones will be sold as new.
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Eileen Lovely
Intelligence and civility are dead sexy.
09:37 PM on 08/30/2013
Not what has been reported in the press. Supposedly there is a huge market for used phones in the third world and that is how Apple will attract new people to their line.
10:08 AM on 08/31/2013
In other countries peole pay the same for a used phone as we do for a new one.
100 times more modest than you'll ever be.
11:01 PM on 08/30/2013
Or you know... sold as refurbished right on Apple's website, like they've been doing for years.
10:10 AM on 08/31/2013
YOU ment selling junk ,crap,overrated phones right?
I dont see a cell phone being worth more than $50.
Deaf Great Danes hear with their heart.
09:06 PM on 08/30/2013
So, trade in your used iPhone for a pittance, get your data mined by Apple, then pay several hundred dollars more for an identical iPhone. Score- Apple: 1, Consumer: 0.
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Eileen Lovely
Intelligence and civility are dead sexy.
09:45 PM on 08/30/2013
31% faster processor
improved camera
2 flashes in different colors, instead of 1
longer battery
iOS 7
fingerprint scanner for security and you don't have to type in a PIN anymore

But not enough to upgrade if you're just one model behind, in my opinion.
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12:16 AM on 08/31/2013
They will always becoming out with a slightly better one. Thats the consumer scam at work. The technology is SOOOOOO far past then what they are putting in retail products.
Building 7 is the smoking gun...
01:51 AM on 08/31/2013
Fingerprint scanner for the NSA database, you mean.
my micro-bio is full...
10:57 PM on 08/30/2013
Thats not really how it works evil. I got my iphone 5 today for $149.00...they gave me $125 trade in for my iPhone 4. The catch is you have to renew ur 2 yr contract and they tax you on the full value of the phone apx $700 the math, its not such a bad deal to upgreade ur phone...
10:13 AM on 08/31/2013
Do you really need a phone that costs about the same as a used car?

NO you dont.

Its not a need ,its a frikken luxury!