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Rachel Raub
Enjoying Being Old
02:52 PM on 09/08/2013
What the Olympics means to Japan? It means that a ton of money that should be spent on saving their beautiful island from Fukushima will be spent on sports. Tragic. Next year in Chernobyl.
02:48 PM on 09/08/2013
How can we help Japan prepare for the Olympics? Please petition the U.S. White House to take a greater interest in assisting with the cleanup of Fukushima. You can sign the petition here:

Here is a summary of the petition: We the people of the earth demand immediate and decisive action to halt the flow of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean and a long term solution to the containment of all radioactive materials emitting from the site.

Time is of the essence since there is a deadline of September 22nd to gather 100,000 signatures.
01:59 PM on 09/08/2013
What winning the 2020 Olympics means for Japan? - The same thing it meant for any other nation to win any world event like Olympics or word cups: The nation that "hosts" the event has to pay massive sums to build stadiums and facilities. They will take the money out of the tax payer's pocket. And then corporations like Coca Cola, Dunkin Donuts, and more will make sure not ONE CENT in profits will be left in Japan if they can rake it in and turn it over to their parasites - i.e. share holders.

In South Africa there was a MILE radius around every single stadium where on the day of a match all stores and vendors were forbidden to trade or sell their wares so that the corporate parasites could make all spectators buy their junk for 10 bucks a pop.

And it is the same with every other event.

So what it means for Japan to win the Olympics is that tax payers in Japan will be forced to pay for everything while the parasites will take all the profit out of the nation.

Parasites call it "free market".
01:00 PM on 09/08/2013
What about the radiation?
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Highway Junkie, Million+ Miles, with Comments!
05:31 PM on 09/08/2013
Maybe by then, it would have spread around so much in the world, it will be everywhere, so no real point to worry! :-p
10:43 PM on 09/09/2013
That was MY first thought...I sure wouldnt want to go way.