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a little peace and quiet please.
11:57 PM on 12/14/2009
If the Pharmaceutical companies cared about people, they might spend some time looking for drugs that would save lives. Instead they have all put their coins toward curing erectile dysfunction. Every
drug company has one and they spend massive amounts on their advertising. They can't make that kind of money on cancer cures......everyone wouldn't flock to their doctors to get those drugs.
"There is a price to pay for speaking the truth. T
11:37 PM on 12/14/2009

.I am lily white..yet got a cancer primarly attacking Black women..triple negative...(no hormones involved).. If I'd read "The China Study (?), say..16...I think I would not have gotten family history...and I buy the 1 in 8..some due to detection and autopsy..but...environment....crap in milk, animal protein..all of it..sure...if ALL women lived to 85...many would still get cancer..but at 80!! not at 54 like prior oncolgist's hospital..lots of "komen" lit in the waiting room...with pink ribbons..g.d. it anyway...I am going to change oncologists..and let them know why!...again..thanks Jane...for the bad news..
Wooooooooooooood . . .
11:33 PM on 12/14/2009
Well said. Regardless of how I feel about Joe Lieberman, his wife's conduct is equally offensive, perhaps more so.
10:40 PM on 12/14/2009
All progressive Democrats should now begin to wage war upon Joe Lieberman, the state of Conn, and everything that Joe Lieberman stands for. Stripping his chairmanship should only be the beginning. We should boycott all things Lieberman and all things Conn. He is waging a personal vendetta against the progressives and we should reciprocate! Then, if this Scoop Jackson of a President doesn't get the message, we should vote elsewhere come 2012.
11:13 PM on 12/14/2009
It is a personal vendetta against progressives?? Maybe the Medicare compromise is a really bad idea, and Lieberman is the only one who has the guts to say it. Everyone else in the senate will pass any piece of crap bill just to get it thourugh, no matter how bad it is.
01:39 AM on 12/15/2009
Lieberman promoted the 55+ buy in for Medicare from the Gore-Lieberman campaign in 2000 all the way through Sept., 2009 until the Democrats agreed to put it into the bill in place of the public option. In some arenas, that's called being for it before he was against it.

Joe Lieberman isn't some hero saving us all from crappy legislation. He's being a good steward for his insurance company supporters. He'll hold us hostage until the entire health care bill is trashed in favor of one that gives the insurance companies all the population, lets them charge exorbitant rates that they can raise as often and as much as they want, lets them deny all claims and keep all the money for themselves.
12:01 AM on 12/15/2009
Yes, and his children and grandchildren. Let's get them all fired or banned from schools. Then we can get this list of celebrities to make another movie about those horrible 50s blacklists. We're progressives! There must be no dissent!
10:03 PM on 12/14/2009
Most of the research on diseases comes from universities all over the world. That research is funded from many sources including Governments, foundations, and charitable contributions. Pharmaceutical companies are the only ones that demand perpetual royalties and huge profits for their donations to this research. Most of what pharmaceutical companies call new discoveries are actually drugs that have already been developed and tested that they found a new use for. Viagra was a heart medication under a different name that (university) researchers found another use for. A pharmaceutical company already owned the rights to the heat medication and has been making billions on it since. People use to buy a huge bottle of aspirin for a dollar. When they found out it can help with heart attacks (university research again and most likely government sponsored) they started charging 5 dollars for 20 80ml tablets. Don't give me any B.S. about how pharmaceutical companies are developing cures for the betterment of mankind. They are leaches on society.
Chuck Bluestein
Always searching for latest health breakthrough
11:47 PM on 12/14/2009
The drug companies are only in business to make money. Healthy people are bad for their business. They need people to be sick to make money. So it is OK to make something that will keep people alive longer to be sick, but it is bad for their business to make something that cures disease.
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Progressive but not a Democrat.
09:48 PM on 12/14/2009
What in the world are they keeping $250 million in assets for???
06:36 AM on 12/15/2009
My thought exactly.
09:39 PM on 12/14/2009
The general public has been duped for years by the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I can only hope that at least many of the celebrities who work with them have been duped too.

I deeply dislike the emphasis on breast cancer awareness, pink ribbons everywhere, pink packaging or products made in pink every year, the idea that running in circles will do anything to fight cancer. If even half that energy went toward actually discovering the causes of cancer and ways to prevent contracting the horrid disease in the first place, we would have answers already. Instead women are encouraged to buy more pink stuff, run a few more miles, conduct "search and destroy missions" on their breasts and worry themselves sick over a disease that actually runs a distant second to heart disease in the cause of death for women.
Anti War Socialist with a taste for freedom
10:29 PM on 12/14/2009
Celebrities don't need to be duped. they don't care what their money is used for as long as they get to be seen giving. If they really cared they would make an effort to find someone who is suffering cancer but can't afford the treatment and give their money to them, preferably anonymously
12:43 AM on 12/15/2009
Heart disease is the #1 killer of women and, I have read several times - I do not have sources - that lung cancer is the leading cancer killer of women, but perhaps not in the demographic group Ms. Hamsher cites. I have read "alternative" doctors and spokespeople for complementary medicine who've said that the breast cancer "movement" is an industry unto itself, with sustaining its own power and resources being its primary "success" and very little progress made against breast cancer, or any other cancer.

Supposedly one of the best things one can do against breast cancer - or many cancers - is getting plenty of Vitamin D3. Cheap, effective and with growing strong research for it. There's no profit for Big Pharma in it though. Big Pharma and the FDA may get their claws into it. yet though. They are working on, maybe have already, banning over the counter availability of a form of Vitamin B3, pyrodoxamine, that is an effective over the counter vitamin, but that one of the Big Pharma companies wants to patent and manufacture at great profit. So with FDA's blessing and aid, this once readily available and inexpensive product will be available only by prescription, at great profit to the company behind the FDA's ban.

So if Vitamin D3 is effective against breast cancer and that would make the Komen fundraising industry superfluous and if Vitamin D3 is cheap and available over the counter and that would annoy Big Pharma, what might happen
12:15 PM on 12/15/2009
That would be tragic if they took D3 off the shelves and made it a 'drug', but normally you could organize a protest to the FDA. Obama has appointed an ex big pharma exec to run the FDA just like Bush did. I am sickened by this appt.
As to the industrial breast cancer complex industry, i lost my mom to breast cancer 20 years ago and i have yet to see any substanial breakthroughs since that time. I do not donate to komen or wear pink ribbons, i prefer to fight to keep mammograms accessible to women in all income levels and covered by health insurance.
I don't agree that celebrites are somehow worth boycotting if they support this organization, they are trying to raise awareness and many of them have deeply personal connections to the disease and have suffered the loss of loved ones.
Making articles like this widely read and getting this information in the mainstream will have more of an effect in making them question which organizations they lend their name and their time.
09:15 PM on 12/14/2009
It's time to stop watching Ellen's tv show and let her know about it. I say boycott every movie and tv show that has anyone in it that continues this facade of women's support and health.

Am I the only one who is soooooo stinking tired of all this?
THINK! It pisses off conservatives.
10:51 PM on 12/14/2009
No you're not. It's so hard to stay positive in all this. I get more and more discouraged reading how the big companies get richer, the poor get poorer and the sick have less and less chance to get the help they should whether they're wealthy or poor.

So again, no you're not alone.
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Progressive but not a Democrat.
08:46 PM on 12/14/2009
Hmmm, whom to give my donation to now?
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09:45 PM on 12/14/2009
I've never donated to the Susan Komen foundation because they refuse donate any money towards prevention....the foundation is simply for 'research'. What about education and prevention? Find an organization that donates money to prevention and early detection.

Breast cancer is likely to kill an African American woman and mostly due to the fact they make up a large segment of the poverty-stricken. But the SGK Foundation won't spare a dime for that. No, they want you to buy their pink crap so Hadassa can make more money rep-ing the drug industry and Pepsi or whoever can make an extra buck.

Jane's fighting an uphill battle on this. I think it was Barbara Ehrenreich who coined the crap SGK peddles as "pink cancer porn" or maybe Molly Ivins. Both women were smart enough to understand organizations like SGK care more for their foundation's bottom line than they do really saving women from breast cancer.
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01:07 AM on 12/15/2009
It's the S. Komen for the Cure that gives money to research, prevention ( ain't no such thing), and detection/treatment. Hmmm. Well, if I ever decide to give some money to a Komen foundation, it'll be the one that says Cure.

As to why the foundation hires Lieberman's wife. All aggregators and other people who might influence a politician find profitable employment. And no one more so than a politician's wife and kids. My opinion is, when a candidate's spouse is in a business like this, the politician might as well buy advertisements saying, "I take payola".
08:39 PM on 12/14/2009
I promise to never contribute to Race for the Cure!
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09:46 PM on 12/14/2009
Find a charity that helps poor women get exams and teaches early detection, you'll save more lives.
08:37 PM on 12/14/2009
I don't agree with alot of what this woman writes. She Obama bashes too much for my taste. However, I agree 100% with her about this issue. Done-- signed and sent. Lieberman and his wife make me ill.
08:08 PM on 12/14/2009
If we had a DECENT health care system, PRIVATE money would not be necessary to fund research, (and it wouldn't be skewing the results of said research in the interest of pharmaceutical industry or any particular remedial methods; it would be DISINTERESTED 'PURE' research. Likewise, if we had a decent healthcare delivery system........our taxes would be paying for everyone to have good health care, and private fund raising would not be necessary.

The goal of any organization truly interested in health and healing is to work towards passing a law making our national government responsible for health care for ALL citizens of whatever age and for the medical research to keep our country at the forefront of medical care. In other words, the goal of any organization truly interested in health is to eliminate itself.

The Liebermans are against any genuine health care reform that benefits the American people including American women. That money donated to promote breast cancer research and treatment is going to Hadassah Lieberman is an insult to the donors and a travesty of their intentions.
10:22 PM on 12/14/2009
In case you didn't notice, we have a fantastic health care system.
Liberal progressive
10:51 PM on 12/14/2009
you've got to be kidding!
07:48 PM on 12/14/2009
Once upon a time, medical research at universities funded by the National Institute of Health (over 90% of the grants) came with the stipulation that all government sponsored discoveries were in the public domain and were thus ineligible for patent protection. But the universities were greedy, and in addition to all this government largesse, they wanted to eat their cake and have it too. So in 1980, the Bayh-Dole act allowed publicly funded research to be patented and sold to private industry. Until this time, collaborative use of concurrent discoveries in microbiology, genetics and biochemistry propelled medical investigation into the molecular biology age. But as the universities earned millions from their patent auctions, pharmaceutical companies and such reaped billions as they demanded onerous royalties from researchers. The price of basic research skyrocketed as competing universities got drawn into lawsuits with each other over who was really first to discover a disease-causing gene (i.e. BRC-1 & BRC-2) and thus patent it. Only in America is the discovery of a natural substance patentable. In the rest of the world, only innovations (technologies) are patentable, whereas discoveries (science) are left in the public domain.
07:21 PM on 12/14/2009
Very factual and to the point article. This just exposes back door corruption of Joe Lieberman.
07:11 PM on 12/14/2009
Good luck. They won't listen to peons like us, but perhaps they'll listen to the celebs they rely on to promote their cause.
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07:52 PM on 12/14/2009
Oh I doubt they will listen to anyone who would speak on behalf of someone who posted this racist article and pic...

I wonder how the celebs are gonna feel about this?