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Pres. Sarcasm Society. Like we need your approval.
11:34 PM on 12/16/2009
Do it.

Dean is right.
Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs - Feb. 24th
11:31 PM on 12/16/2009
I trust Dr. Dean. I also trust Ralph Nader and Dennis Kucinich.
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12:45 AM on 12/17/2009
Don't forget Bernie Sanders!
08:20 AM on 12/18/2009
Alan Grayson is my pick for POTUS
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Taa - dah!
11:01 PM on 12/16/2009
Kill the bill, Dr. Dean is right.
Bob Helweil
08:40 PM on 12/16/2009
Confusing--Limbaugh claims that he is the one killing the bill. Sens. Harkins and Rockefeller (liberal enough?) support the bill. Dean ("progressive"?) and the non-compromising left challenge Limbaugh and want the credit for doing harm to the administration. Let's hope that we get something after they work it out with the House bill.
thepheonix that better Dems?
07:23 PM on 12/16/2009
I don't see why your all mad. Your going to get health care, but through the big, bad, creedy corporate entity called the government. Oops! I'm sorry the "Insurance company". Just think of those huge bonuses they will get from your money. They will get their bonuses or you will go to the pokey. But just think about how Obama, Rahm and thier buddies will be their best friends in the future. They will make millions out of it. That's the chicago way! But, in a way. Your all starting to get religion. All of the things I have been telling you about meant nothing to you. But now that the insurance company owns you, they mean something now.
07:59 PM on 12/16/2009

This is not healtcare reform it is a handout to Big Pharma.
We are mad because it changes nothing and Charges us for it.
Totally worthless.
09:59 PM on 12/16/2009
" . . . now that the insurance company owns you . . ."?? When have they not? They've been running things for a long time, evidently they're going to continue.
07:15 PM on 12/16/2009
Yep. I'd rather see this bill get tossed and start over.
thepheonix that better Dems?
07:12 PM on 12/16/2009
I am against the HC bill. But. I can learn to live with it, knowing that the liberals got caught in the trap they laid. When Obama signs the bill. And he WILL. You will be paying big money to your friendly insurance company. Congratulations!
10:01 PM on 12/16/2009
But it's republicans who love corporations, so I imagine your ilk will be cheering pretty loud, don't you think? You'll get what you wanted, bigger bonuses for insurance execs.
Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs - Feb. 24th
11:31 PM on 12/16/2009
It is the anti-reformers who made this bill what it is. The progressives were outnumbered from Day One. Congratulations yourself!
07:04 PM on 12/16/2009
how is this healthcare reform? Because we will all be required to buy it? At higher and higher prices?

they have got to be kidding. And wasn't it Obama who criticized HClinton for her insistence on a mandate? The one that came with REAL REFORM???

i am thoroughly disgusted.
Pres. Sarcasm Society. Like we need your approval.
11:36 PM on 12/16/2009
We won't pay and they can't make us.
06:59 PM on 12/16/2009
I agree with Sanders and urge him to grab Feingold, Rockefeller, Weiner and middle of the roaders like old King Kohl from WI. GRAB'Em BY THE EARS TO DEFEAT THIS BILL. It proves that all of the so called negotiations and especially those by the Obama Admin. were designed to support the private health insurance industry while giving the US health care consumer, elimination of the most abusive insurance practices such as denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions, cutting the insured who get sick, and charging higher premiums based on age. This watered down Senate legislation with no single payer, no public option, no increased role for Medicare comes with MANDATES TO PURCHASE PRIVATE INSURANCE OR FACE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. This is the worst legislation possible. If a DEM and you vote for this -- your constituents will riot over the mandate -- egged on by the GOP and will be right to toss you out of office for voting for this. If a PROGRESSIVE DEM and you vote for this, it's even worse for your re-election. You opposition will brand you a hypocrite for caving to special interests, for abandoning universal health, for betraying your principles to the point that you are untrustworthy. And the GOP who won't vote for it, will be more sanctimonious on how ineffective "the government" is at running anything. If it passes, they can point to the massive intrusion of the federal government in your individual life. DEM'S VOTE "FOR" THIS AT THEIR PERIL.
06:58 PM on 12/16/2009
I also think Dean's statements last night were horrific. What a great team player he is. I guess that term doesn't even exist these days. My take is the Republicans spew that Government wants everything BUT the Republicans want nothing but the status quo, meaning let the fraud and corruption for the well off continue to destroy our country. The middle class is already destroyed.
Objects may be closer than they appear
07:00 PM on 12/16/2009
06:51 PM on 12/16/2009
As a lifelong Dem it pains me to admit that the perception of Dems as "wusses" is exacerbated when they cannot even control their own caucus. Forget the final vote on the health care legislation Dems can't even get their members to allow a vote. Can you imagine Republicans filibustering Republican legislation? I think not.
06:41 PM on 12/16/2009

single payer! YES we need government take-over of healthcare! I hate insurance companies! Aetna is stealing government money through my dying husband. They are slime! They want him to file for early social security so they can have that money rather than pay him what he deserves from them after he's paid their lousy premiums all these years.
06:37 PM on 12/16/2009
So now the light goes on!

The White House intent all along was to insure the uninsured using taxpayer money
and the idea is that everyone MUST buy a bloated for profit insurance policy in order to help pay for it by supposedly keeping costs down.

So now taxpayers must pay and policyholders must subsidize it further.

This is a very destructive plan designed by someone who knows nothing about insurance and quite honestly its beneath the Presidents intellect. Who is advising him? Bozo the clown?

Amazing. I am a staunch believer in singler-payer.

All this bill does is use taxpayer money to pay for bloated insurance premiums for the uninsured. It does nothing at all to reduce costs for most Americans.

The insurers will raise rates as high as they can get away with anyway? They should. They are a for-profit enterprise.

Im astonished at the narrow thought process when a macro solution and a GOOD solution that would LOWER costs for everyone was in their grasp.

They need to kill this bill and start fresh.
Tom Payned
Fox News= Soundbites of ignorance
09:45 PM on 12/16/2009
Whose advising him Bozo the Clown? Now leave Bozo out of it, Bozo cares for all children.

The clown advising Obama, is RamNO the clown. NO to single pay, NO to universal health care, NO to public option, NO to buying into the same plans government workers have, NO to medicare buyer in, NO to big pharma. NO to the welfare of the people who elected Obama.

I'll be saying NO to Obama in 2012 after working hard to get him & a Dem majority elected, and donating money I can ill afford.
10:00 PM on 12/16/2009
Same here. Obama has turned out to be a Re pub in Democrat's clothing.
11:00 PM on 12/16/2009
Hey, don't insult Bozo. He was great, loving and wise. The world is a better place for him (Larry Harmon) having been it it. Can't say the same for Obama, Reid, Leiberman and the blue dog dems.
06:12 PM on 12/16/2009
You want to get health care WITH A PUBLIC OPTION passed in 2009? No Senators or Representatives go home for Christmas or New Year's until they sit there and pass a health care reform bill that's signed into law by President Obama. If we can't get a public option, then they don't get Christmas.
06:33 PM on 12/16/2009
come back to reality for a second....most americans dont want this bill WITHOUT a public option, why do you think you can get it through with one?
Objects may be closer than they appear
07:01 PM on 12/16/2009
Come again?
All Hail Marx and Lennon !
07:06 PM on 12/16/2009
The reason a majority is against this bill is because it has been watered down. It has no single payer, which lost a lot of support. It plays into the hands of the insurers. We all know it and all but you don't like it .
I prefer hard facts to the dearest of my delusions
06:05 PM on 12/16/2009
I'm with Howard Dean on this one. Kill the bill! If they pass it it will be at least 20 years before they address it again. If it passes this is what will happen:
-the bill won't go into effect for 4 or 5 years
-after it does, it will take another 5 or ten years to realize what a disaster it was

If you kill the bill now, congress will have to address it again in the next couple of years (because of it's drag on the US economy). They can then pass a good bill and implement it sooner, then we will have true health care reform, and sooner then if this bill is passed.

I mean, come on... in this bill if you have a preexisting condition you will be required by law to purchase your insurance at 3-times the rate of someone without a preexisting condition and no public option or alternative. You will have to give your money to them, and one-third of it goes right into the hands of the fat-cats for profit.

This bill was written for the insurance companies and presented to us by our congress.
07:03 PM on 12/16/2009
Your right. Obama promised us at least what the rest of Congress has -- the right to purchase
private health insurance. And that's exactly what is on the plate -- but it will spoil as say
as the economy continues to collapse. The US is losing it on the global playing field. Our legacy -- the inheritance of our continents natural assets was convert to $ over the last 200 years and now
that inheritance is being tapped out -- by everyone else on the globe. Especially the global financial institutions that the US citizenry bailed out, to ostensibly safe themselves. Well, its the wild de-regulated west as the GOP dreamed it could be. With the GOP's making all the profit, while
we take all the loss. Would you send your kid to Afghanistan?