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Like it or don't like it,, Learn to love it.
09:26 PM on 09/15/2013
hey it was a boring game before the half,,,,,,,,,,, i wanted panthers to win... but oh well.... such is life
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southern drawl
news, views politics and sports
09:18 PM on 09/15/2013
Hey!! Lightning has struck the outhouse!
08:56 PM on 09/15/2013
Don't forget that EJ's dad was in the stands and celebrating his birthday, he hasn't missed one of his games since EJ started at 6 years old! How awesome is that? Great effort to get the win. Bills for life!
08:41 PM on 09/15/2013
When was the last time the Bills had something to cheer about 10-15 years ago?
07:05 AM on 09/16/2013
We Bills, heck anything Buffalo, fans have had little to go one for a looong time now. I just hope we haven't made our W quota for the year...
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ACA rollout as bad as the Iraq war rollout?
08:33 PM on 09/15/2013
grew up in buffalo went to AFL games since 1960 with my dad. been in Tallahassee for 40 years the early 90s were wonderful for both FSU and 20 years later it seems this connection is more complete than ever for me! and on top of that our red shirt freshman at FSU is remarkable! jameis Winston
07:57 PM on 09/15/2013
Boost Buffalo, it's good for you! Go Bills!
06:47 AM on 09/16/2013
Now your showing your age with that slogan ;-) Great game... EJ may just be the real deal.
josh slatter
Si vis pacem, para bellum
07:56 PM on 09/15/2013
The bills won, and the chiefs are 2-0...... its official folks the end is near.
08:30 PM on 09/15/2013
...or maybe it's 1993.
03:53 AM on 09/16/2013
And the Raiders won. I'll be in my bomb shelter. Let me know when it's safe to come out.
07:48 PM on 09/15/2013
We are all in a state of stunned disbelief. That kind of good stuff hasn't happened to the Bills in so long. Woohoo!
07:26 PM on 09/15/2013
The Bills make me want to shout!
07:17 PM on 09/15/2013
The Bills... won?!
06:36 PM on 09/15/2013
FSU produces epic QBs these days
06:30 PM on 09/15/2013
lets go buffalo!!!!!!
06:03 PM on 09/15/2013
We, FSU Seminoles, couldn't be more proud of our EJ.....congrats to him and the Bills!
06:03 PM on 09/15/2013
Great game! There were some close games for sure today.