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11:09 AM on 09/27/2013
"""If you cover because it makes YOU feel better, then by all means keep covering up. I support you. But if you cover to make OTHER PEOPLE feel better, well then sister, come sit by me and we'll nurse in public together."""
See? Now THIS is the attitude that turns people against breastfeeding in public.

If life was all about ME, I would be dancing on tables, but that wouldn't be socially acceptable and would make others feel uncomfortable. Get it?
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01:56 PM on 09/27/2013
It's about the baby -- who is more important than YOU. Breastfeeding IS socially acceptable all over the globe. If you dont like it, YOU avert YOUR eyes. Don't impose YOUR uncomfortableness on a BABY.
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04:33 PM on 09/27/2013
The baby can eat just fine with a cover. And some mother's do a great job of being discrete without a cover. There's no nutritional benefit to the baby if someone flops a breast out in public.
07:01 PM on 09/27/2013
"It's about the baby"

Its not even remotely about the baby. If it was about the baby you wouldn't be taking an infant out into the summer heat. If it was about the baby you'd plan for having a nice air conditioned place to quietly feed your child instead of doing it in public where the kid might overheat under a nursing cover. Its a mom feeling that her status as a mother gives her carte blanche to do whatever she chooses. More power to them, but some people are going to think that its inappropriate that you're exposing yourself in public...and they aren't wrong to think that way.
All you need is love
02:04 PM on 09/27/2013
It's all about the BABY. Not YOU.
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08:33 PM on 09/27/2013
Not according to most breastfeeding women.  It's about THEM.
11:06 AM on 09/27/2013
I grew up in the 70s and across the Mexican boarder women breastfeed in public. Just another normal act of a mother caring for her child. Once again we take a beautiful blessing from God and turn it into a sin in the eyes of man.
10:47 AM on 09/27/2013
LOVE IT! I nurse in public (real public) all the time. Judgmental opinions don't bother me in the least. I'm doing the best by my baby and nobody is going to change that. The more women that do it, the more socially acceptable it will become.
10:30 AM on 09/27/2013
I believe in a mother's right to feed her child how she chooses, but also am a staunch advocate for breastfeeding and encourage moms who are "on the fence"! America is one of the few countries in the world who have such a hang up with public breast feeding, and it perturbs me to no end! People need to realize that the breast's PRIMARY function is to feed young - period. Yes, it is viewed as a sexual organ, but that's only because we've created that monster...look at Victoria's Secret, Calvin Klein, and sells, and there seems to be no opposition from the masses, but breastfeed a child in public and everyone will stand up saying how disgusting it is! What a lack of priorities! I say nursing moms, breastfeed away - I will support you all until my dying day.
10:28 AM on 09/27/2013
I won't shame you for nursing in public if you don't shame me for bottle feeding. Stop the mommy wars, people, we're all just trying our best.
06:57 PM on 09/27/2013
Where did you read her shaming bottle feeders? I didn't read that at all. I don't think she even mentioned bottle feeders.
09:10 AM on 09/30/2013
The author is not, but plenty of comments on this article are if you read them.
10:27 PM on 09/27/2013
I agree 100%!
10:08 AM on 09/27/2013
I can't agree with this, though there are alot more offensive things people do in public (like the way they dress), but I just don't see how it's truly necessary. I have never seen anyone do it.
All you need is love
01:58 PM on 09/27/2013
If you were a breast feeding mother, you would understand.
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02:01 PM on 09/27/2013
Babies gotta eat. I say feed 'em whenever and wherever you need to.
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09:51 AM on 09/27/2013
Moral of this story.

1. Use common sense. Don't nurse a baby in 99 degree heat when it is 100% unnecessary, such as at Disney World where there are hundreds of places to nurse inside.

2. Never consider the feelings of others. If something you want makes someone uncomfortable, no matter what it is, do it anyway. Forget about them.The only thing that matters in life is what you want at any given moment.
11:47 AM on 09/27/2013
Moral of this story:
1. Don't nurse your baby when he's hungry. Make him wait until you find a place that cannot possibly, ever, be anywhere near anyone else.

2. Never do anything that could possibly offend anyone. In fact, lock yourself up at home for at least a year. Because if John and Mary are offended by the idea of breastfeeding, it doesn't matter if they can see anything - THEY DON'T WANT TO KNOW IT IS HAPPENING. Your baby? In the grand scheme of things doesn't matter. Don't worry about feeding him. He can wait. Mary and John are more important.
06:02 PM on 09/27/2013
"1. Don't nurse your baby when he's hungry. Make him wait until you
find a place that cannot possibly, ever, be anywhere near anyone else."

Yes, it makes so much sense to force your newborn to suffer and risk his/her heath by forcing him/her to endure 99 degree heat because waiting the 10 seconds it would take to go inside the nice, air-conditioned facility is too long to wait.

"2. Never do anything that could possibly offend anyone. In fact, lock yourself up at home for at least a year. . . "

Disagree. Only do what you want to do. The he** with everyone else. That's the spirit.
09:52 PM on 09/27/2013
Exactly! For that matter, just SEEING a baby might offend some people, I mean, after ALL, just think about HOW all those babies get made!
12:44 PM on 09/27/2013
Why should your discomfort come at the expense of my child? How about YOU get over it and leave. If an activity by another disturbs you and yet that activity is legal then you need to leave- not the person doing the legal activity. We all have different sensitivity levels- it's not my problem to try to figure out what bothers you. So I say again- if YOU have the problem then YOU either leave or look away.
09:49 AM on 09/27/2013
Why does the author judge other mothers who choose to be courteous in covering themselves up, when she herself states that she "dies a thousand deaths" by exposing herself in public? If you feel comfortable exposing yourself, more power to you. If others don't that's their prerogative. It doesn't make them an inferior parent to a mom who takes her baby out in 99 degree heat for hours on end.
06:55 PM on 09/27/2013
How does she judge them?
09:41 AM on 09/27/2013
There is no way that someone who is not a parent could understand this. I experienced it myself--my viewpoint reversed completely when I became a mom. Child-free people view breastfeeding as something vaguely sexual, hence the outrage. One needs to be a nursing mom oneself in order to understand that there is nothing even remotely sexual about it.
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Abby Lemonade
Mirabile Visu
10:38 PM on 09/27/2013
I take exception to your painting all "child-free" people with the same brush. Seeing someone breast-feeding their baby does not make me think of sex. It makes me wonder why, instead, that mother feels it's more important to go our to dinner at a noisy, smelly restaurant with a tiny baby, than pre-consider what is actually right for her BABY.
04:10 AM on 09/28/2013
Quite frankly, it isn't any of your business at all.
09:40 AM on 09/28/2013
What wrong with it? There is no harm to the baby. As long as the baby isn't fusing she isn't causing any problems to anyone else.
10:47 PM on 09/27/2013
Hey now, not all child-free people view breastfeeding as vaguely sexual. I don't have children (although I'm working on it) but I see breastfeeding as the best way to nourish a child. However, I do realize that some women cannot breastfeed or would rather bottle feed and to each their own. I may be childless but I'm totally on the side of mothers everywhere! :)
02:45 PM on 09/28/2013
No, I meant breastfeeding in public, not breastfeeding in itself. Sorry, my post was not worded very clearly.
09:38 AM on 09/27/2013
Too vile for TV, but A-OK for the public.
I'm good with it. A live view is always better than recorded.
All you need is love
02:08 PM on 09/27/2013
so you're one of those to stare?
04:19 PM on 09/27/2013
Oh yes! It's natural and beautiful. Isn't that what everybody keeps saying?
09:19 AM on 09/27/2013
You know why people feel uncomfortable about breast feeding in public? Because there is such a strong stigma regarding nudity.

What are the chances that this very mother will restrict or attempt to restrict her son from observing nudity as he grows up? How many would allow their child to watch a sex scene in a movie? How many would allow their child to watch/play a violent TV show/movie/video game?

Exactly. There is a huge stigma against nudity. Nakedness is taught to be bad at an early age while violence is accepted without question. I absolutely agree that women should feel free to nurse in public. But if you then turn around and promote the stigma that the human body is naughty and should be kept away from children then you can't be surprised that this continues to be an issue.

Turn on the TV, how many shows can you find which have a body count? But if someone shows a butt cheek (or even two butt cheeks!!! omg) then you need a parental discretion advisory notice. Heaven forbid something more lewd than a rump is shown, it'll have to be limited to cable.

We wouldn't want children growing up thinking that the human body and sex are natural, no. Serial killers, crime scenes, superheroes, explosions, blood and guts, etc . . . those are natural.
11:21 AM on 09/27/2013
I think it is funny when TV will show the entire breast and then blur out the nipple. Really?? We try to be a little discreet at our house but definitely have an open door policy. I agree with you and think that it is a hangup about sex but violence and brutality is okay. I agree with your comments and think you have really identified part of the problem. Our culture needs to get that women have breasts that are meant to feed babies.
09:16 AM on 09/27/2013
Breast feeding a baby is a bodily function, and should be kept private the way we keep other bodily functions private. And if you read the article, what kind of irresponsible parent drags a 4-month old baby around Disneyworld in 99 degree heat?
NRA, making a list and checking it twice!
10:28 AM on 09/27/2013
So, we shouldn't eat in public? Babies are not allowed to eat in public places? That's a bodily function. So is farting, which we have moderate success as a species doing in private. Going to the bathroom, OK, that is a bodily function, but nursing mothers will keep it private just as soon as there is a little building at Disney every three blocks to give them privacy while they commit this strange bodily function, of allowing their child to eat.
10:32 AM on 09/27/2013
EATING is not a private bodily function...if you believe that then maybe you should only eat behind closed doors where no one can see you too.
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07:45 PM on 10/01/2013
Exactly right. Eating is more a social activity, than a private one.
09:16 AM on 09/27/2013
This is beautiful. Well done, mama.
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09:14 AM on 09/27/2013
I really don't get all these non-nursers problem. Don't LOOK if you find breasts and babies nursing disturbing! You flip channels when you don't want to watch a TV program, yes? Exercise some self control and DON'T LOOK. No one should have to suffocate their child with a blanket while she's nursing him/her. And stop with the whole "whipping out a breast" analogy. I have seen it, too, but maybe only once or twice in my life. The vast majority of nursing mothers are pretty darn discreet. With nursing tops and bras designed specifically to cover all but the essentials, and the baby's head covering that part, there's nothing to see except in your own prurient imagination.
04:20 PM on 09/27/2013
I tend to think the women whipping it out are mainly doing so because this has become such an incredibly mundane activity for them and so incredibly removed from anything sexual. A demand-fed fully-breastfed baby can want milk 10-20 times a day or more, you sort of get used to just popping them on. When I had my children I bought one of those rocking chairs they recommend for nursing, having all those romantic ideas about sitting quietly in a nursery immersed in classical music while I peacefully fed my contented baby. I didn't realize I would be feeding whilst eating myself, reading the paper, talking on the phone, feeding intermittently because he keeps running off to do something, used as a teether, used as pain relief generally. It just becomes part of life, as do the breast pads, 'serviceable' maternity bras and that vague smell of cottage cheese you carry. Erotic? Sexual? Just - so much no.