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03:49 PM on 10/04/2013
For the first time in its existence the USA faces a rival that will one day eclipse it in both power and wealth. 

The odd thing is that US politicians seem to be doing everything in their power to hasten the day when world leadership passes over the Pacific ...
Midnight Toker
Corporations are not people
07:27 PM on 10/04/2013
All spurred by US corporate interests placing more importance on securing global profits than our nations benefit.
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08:06 AM on 10/05/2013
Obamanomics is the catalyst that will hasten our demise
03:42 PM on 10/04/2013
Whatever came of Obama's $100,000,000 trip to Africa?
02:52 PM on 10/04/2013
Great, since Obama's posy usually includes 500 overly paid government workers and probably 200 vehicles, not even counting the cost of Air force One and support aircraft.
Obama not going on that trip probably saved American taxpayers 100 MILLION DOLLARS.
Maybe he could use that money to open up American historical sights and museums in Washington, DC for a couple of months
Big, Bold, Brassy
05:20 PM on 10/04/2013
He should relocate to Motel6 and start playing put-put golf!
06:08 PM on 10/04/2013
The vulgar imperial presidency.....
Repetition does not change a lie into the truth
02:48 PM on 10/04/2013
The most telling thing about this article is that the Chinese think that America is losing it's luster, losing it's status.

While the Republicans play games with our economy they world is watching. We look like children who can not come in from recess.

Remember in 2014 and beyond until they can reign in the faction that is bent on destroying our way of life to prove some political point.

04:56 PM on 10/04/2013
Stop the lefty music. Before the crisis here, Obama traipsed around the world, attempting to gain alliances for his dumb red line 'bomb the Syria sand dunes' action. He got a cold shoulder, the foreign powers recognizing his flip flop weaknesses. Obama had NO impediments in his tour to gain foreign power confidence-he failed. Your suggesting the federal shutdown diminishes his and our world posture, is baloney. Obama has disintegrated our posture on a regular basis over the last five years.
Repetition does not change a lie into the truth
05:56 PM on 10/04/2013
I see it a very different way.  The chemical weapons are going to be destroyed.  We wasted none of our national treasure in getting the job done. It is not just about Obama.  Our military is the best in the world and he has shown the resolve to use it. China is laughing at us regarding the shutdown.  The UK said the world economy could be in danger because of the shutdown.  BBC reported that the leaders of one of the most powerful nations on earth willingly created a crisis.  Russia stated the elephants are robbing the US government.  Germany, France, Italy, South Korea.... every nation pays attention. Turn off hate media and do just a little research.
Repetition does not change a lie into the truth
08:10 PM on 10/04/2013
Another war would have been the right path???
06:09 PM on 10/04/2013
Of course the Chinese would never have allowed an inexperienced politician access to the presidency in the first place.
Repetition does not change a lie into the truth
08:13 PM on 10/04/2013
So you actually think that a single party socialist republic can pick a better leader than our experiment that we call America???
01:52 PM on 10/04/2013
Republicans were screaming that Obama was going to Asia instead of staying home and dealing with the government shutdown orchestrated by Republicans and now that he has cancelled the trip and is staying home to deal with it, they are screaming that he is putting America at a disatvantage. Give me a break.
04:57 PM on 10/04/2013
His merely being in the Oval Office puts us at a disadvantage.
..I love paraprosdokians...&;-)
01:44 PM on 10/04/2013
....well we can thank the House Grim Weeper and his cronies for least O's focus is at "home".....the repercussions? fill in the blanks.....
01:30 PM on 10/04/2013
President Obama cancelled his trip because he didn't want to miss the show.. Watching your opposing Party collapse in on itself only comes around once in a lifetime... Stay strong Mr. President..
01:30 PM on 10/04/2013
Had the President gone ahead with the trip, the GOP would have had a great time demonizing his abandonment of the nation at such a crucial time. Nonetheless, he will be denounced for abdicating his foreign policy initiatives – See Bill Kristol’s performance next Sunday on the TV talk circuit.
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01:29 PM on 10/04/2013
And now the GOP's shutdown is causing America to lose influence abroad.
Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV)
01:52 PM on 10/04/2013
Either party could end this...they are equally responsible.
02:40 PM on 10/04/2013
No they aren't. Boehner and Cruz are afraid to let the House vote on this, because they (and I imagine you) know it clean CR would pass. President Obama, and the Democrats, are completely right about this. Cruz and the whacked out teaparty are completely wrong. No discussion.
01:24 PM on 10/04/2013
Here comes another loan from the Chinese communist.
03:34 PM on 10/04/2013
Here comes another loan from the Chinese communists
right into the bank of the American socialists.
To fundamentally transform the USA with the help of the
democratic party.
05:01 PM on 10/04/2013
Right you are. You should answer my post more often. I am normally dodging sticks and stones for my thoughts
Liban CZ
Straight as an arrow.
04:38 PM on 10/04/2013
you got that right.
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05:09 PM on 10/04/2013
name calling is something they resort to when the facts prevent an intelligent response
Robert Card
01:19 PM on 10/04/2013
"It's just another sign that America is losing it's luster, losing it's status" so Obama's foreign policy is working as planned.
01:15 PM on 10/04/2013
What we have all known for a long time...... Things are better when Obama isn't involved.
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01:10 PM on 10/04/2013
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01:09 PM on 10/04/2013
"It's just another sign that America is kind of losing its luster, losing its status."

thanks super zero
01:07 PM on 10/04/2013
obama --- take a loooooooog trip!!! PLEASE!
02:57 PM on 10/04/2013
Whats a log trip? Can we see the video of the dying elephant again?
12:24 PM on 10/06/2013
You got the message, 'lib'!