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12:21 PM on 01/06/2010
It reminds me of the banks and the post offices. While the boys at the top are getting the 6+ figure salaries, they are cutting from budgets REAL WORKERS in order to get their budgets the appearance they work. How does it work when you have no one to get the money. Pass all the bills you want, but if you don't have workers to do your bidding...THEN WHAT? The banks tell careful and don't restrict us too much or you might be biting the hand that feeds you, but what the American public fails to understand is it is US that creates the butter for their bread...NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. I go into banks now and I watch the teller lines get bigger and bigger, as they have less and less workers to do their business. I see it in the post office too. I would rather pay a postal worker their pay ...AND TAKE IT FROM CONGRESS, but it doesn't work that way. I keep wondering how much longer, before it really blows up in their/our faces. Does anyone know? I would imagine fairly soon.
12:19 PM on 01/06/2010
The thing to remember when dealing with the " IRS" is most of the time it's a privet contractor doing business on behave of the IRS not federal employes

you won't no it and they won't tell you!
12:24 PM on 01/06/2010
Who cares if it's private or public...that really is a moot point isn't it? The problem is THE GOVERNMENT can't do their job, if they can't get the money, and they can't get the money if no one is fielding their calls (whether these people are government employees or contractors). Stay focused please.
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10:02 PM on 01/06/2010
Personal responsiblity - read the booklet, get the online information, or hire someone who can read for you. There are even free online software programs to help tax preparation--welcome to the 21st century.
12:24 PM on 01/06/2010
Not true.
12:03 PM on 01/06/2010
You don't supposed $950 billion plus and counting spent in Iraq and Afghanistan has anything to do with this?
The Horror. . .The Horror. . .
02:55 PM on 01/06/2010
That money comes from China. We haven't started paying that back yet.
12:03 PM on 01/06/2010
Yea, too busy going after small fish, while millionaires and billionaires evade taxes in Swiss bank.
What a joke!
04:33 PM on 01/06/2010
Warren - Crist 2016
12:00 PM on 01/06/2010
Just as well...many times their answers are wrong. I called last year and the employee was not even using the most updated form. When I asked her to ask a supervisor or colleague, I was put on an interminable hold and hung up. You also get different answers depending on who answers the phone. Not a good resource.
11:58 AM on 01/06/2010
And cutting taxes for America's richest members of the investor class, to the tune of $1.3 trillion, by a Republican Congress and signed into law by George Dubya Bush has nothing to do with this?
Carpe Diem!
11:54 AM on 01/06/2010
Fair enough, we should not pay our taxes at all this year! It would take all of us to get this through.
Demand that the rich pay their fair share like they did before Reagan and our taxes be reduced as our income is considering they are raising fees and dues and local taxes. Congress even had the nerve to give themselves a pay raise in these dire times. Just unbelievable. How do they think we are paying for more increases with less money, money so little already, not having kept up for the last 20 years. What about the 52,000 tax cheats at UBS alone and they are only pursuing a paltry 5000 and still have not addressed all the other tax havens? Why hand it to the rich and take it from those who have to decide whether to buy a gallon of gas to go to work or buy a loaf of bread to eat? What about all those living on the side of the road or in tent cities. Then they have the nerve to squeeze the foreclosed homeowner with taxes on money they have not held in their hand, earned or spent? If that does not make you angry I don't know what. Throw out both parties, vote 3rd party only, please! Let us send a powerful message, start with a clean slate. After all, it was not us who got us into this abyss?
11:48 AM on 01/06/2010
hmph I owed back taxes and tried to call in and get it all together..I was on hold for literally 45 mins before I got a person. He was super nuce but that wait was just the worst.
11:41 AM on 01/06/2010
Same folks likely to be answering your health-care complaints soon! Or rather NOT answering...
11:49 AM on 01/06/2010
Health insurance, not health care...
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01:33 PM on 01/06/2010
One preceeds the other.