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09:41 PM on 01/08/2010
Within the field of evolutionary psychology there is a body of work on mate selection. According to this work, while there are relatively minor differences over time and from culture to culture, and while there will always be statistical out-liers, humans are hard-wired to find attractive those of the opposite sex who exhibit reproductive fitness. Like it or not, most humans will not and cannot find a morbidly obese person attractive. Most very certainly, I don't.
we are so post kumbaya...
11:13 AM on 01/09/2010
i like how you mix a little academic reference with the sludge from your vac==ous soul...
nice try but very very transparent... esp. given your body of work to put it in context...
09:00 PM on 01/08/2010
She'd stab yoga if it was a person, this girl is funny. She'll go far.
your ad here.....inquire within.
10:52 PM on 01/08/2010
I am still chuckling at that one myself. :)
Winter is Cunning.
08:55 PM on 01/08/2010
Go Gabby Go!
This young lady's got a great attitude and as long as she keeps health in mind there's no reason why she can't be unstoppable. Mo'Nique, Queen Latifah, Della Reese...there's nothing like a proud black woman with a physical presence.
is not Chicago
10:20 PM on 01/08/2010
Queen Latifah is an example of a larger, beautiful woman who has invested alot of energy in slimming down and being fit. Though she's never going to be a size 2, she rocks her bod, and she is obviously very firm and fit.

It's true that all different shapes and sizes of women can be beautiful, but it is not right to celebrate a young woman who is morbidly obese, just because she says she "loves herself." This is definitely the wrong message to send to young girls, every bit as wrong as rail thin models, shown doing lines of coke in one magazine and celebrated for their size 2 figure in another.
08:38 PM on 01/08/2010
after reading about how arrogant actresses like halle berry use their status to get out of drunk driving convictions, and bypass airport security, i must say... its so refreshing to hear this girl

why cant more of our celebrities be like her
Soror quaerens lucem
10:59 PM on 01/08/2010
well she's young and she's a newbie.
08:02 PM on 01/08/2010
im glad she is positive about herself and has a good self image. but at the end of the day, having a good self image and being 100 pounds (give or take a few) overweight isnt going to amount to much. our bodies are not meant to be so overweight, it just isnt healthy. this unnatural food supply and content is the cause to our obesity and we shouldnt try to make it "cool" or "acceptable." being super skinny isnt normal either, just saying...
is not Chicago
10:23 PM on 01/08/2010
Not enough is said about our unnatural food supply. Because this actress is so young, her weight is undoubtedly the result of simply not knowing that many juices, salad dressings, "healthy" granola snacks actually contain artificial sweetners that precipitate weight gain well in excess of their own calorie count, because of the way they spike the appetite.
Take your stinking paws off of my money!
11:17 PM on 01/08/2010
Ha, don't forget cheeseburgers and donuts.
11:57 AM on 01/09/2010
agreed and fanned! :)
07:35 PM on 01/08/2010
She has charisma, and she's already been embraced by her audience. She shouldn't be afraid of trying new things. Eventually, after having reached the understanding that she is charismatic and embraced by the public, she can move on to the next stage. What does she look like when she's closer to her optimal weight? Why not find out?
07:29 PM on 01/08/2010
I thought she was going to "take a stab" at yoga, which would be a fine idea.
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12:07 AM on 01/09/2010
ok I had to laugh at that one... (I love yoga):o}
07:29 PM on 01/08/2010
Beauty and weight may or may not run in tandem, but that’s beside the point. I’d hate to see her @ 40 supporting herself on a walker or even worse, losing limbs or sight because of diabetes. Wobbling down the sidewalk or red carpet with sweat pouring off her or wearing various colors of sheets will get old. I understand how she needs to be proud of who she is and not allow others to dictate beauty, but with her weight @ her age, she’s moving in the wrong direction and pulling against herself. Get a trainer and learn what exercise works while she can afford it. She's a Star Jones in the making.
Keeping My Gratitude Higher Than My Expectations..
07:06 PM on 01/08/2010
After watching The Tudors, who portrayed Anne of Cleeves as a size 2, no personality, model-beautiful woman in a role that required a heavy-set, plain woman with the smarts to undermine the biggest tyrant in history, I can understand the call for a bigger variety in the pool of acting talent.
In order to lose the type of weight that Gabourey needs to, an authentic type of self-awareness needs to take place. It seems that she is on the road to that.
It must be nearly impossible for women in this age to have any type of healthy body image & until you do, the weight will not come off permanently. To have a healthy diet & exercise habity, you need to know yourself & adjust your habits over time. You cannot go on a "diet" to lose 15-20lb a month & expect to maintain or be healthy, it must be done gradually & with self-love, not self-loathing.
is not Chicago
09:49 PM on 01/08/2010
Yes, it's true. And while she might be very active and healthy at 180 lbs, it's sad the hollywood and articles such as this only seem to perpetuate extremes. First, there are scores of models and actresses all beautiful and young and most who don't fit that model can't get a job, then, as a reaction, a young woman who is hundreds of lbs over weight declares she loves herself and hates yoga, and everyone applauds her "great" attitude and body image.

Too bad a woman can't come foreward and say, "I take care of myself, don't eat processed foods, sugar, excessive red meat and bad cholesterol, I exercise 4-5 times a week, yet, I'm still 20-30 lbs overweight because I'm getting older and that's life." Why do you have to be super skinny or super obese to get in an article?
10:38 PM on 01/08/2010
I agree. But I still like her. She happens to have a quality that you don't often get from the stick thin models who are neurotic about their image even though their bodies are pretty close to perfect. This girl seems a little more honest actually, and that's always refreshing.
06:39 AM on 01/09/2010
You cannot possibly think that this young woman weighs on 180 lbs. She weighs well over 300 lbs, perhaps closer to 400.
07:02 PM on 01/08/2010
No bio needed. My cuteness speaks for itself.
07:28 PM on 01/08/2010
Good for you. To each their own.
08:05 PM on 01/08/2010
Black is beautiful..Having a heart attack at 26 isnt.
08:24 PM on 01/08/2010
There are plenty of people that are fit and healthy along with being thin have a heart attack. Just because she is big that doesn't mean she is not healthy.
06:41 PM on 01/08/2010
She is kidding herself if she thinks she is healthy at that weight. Really, being famous is not a reason to celebrate her weight. I think she is sweet but there will not be that many parts for someone of her size. It's her 15 minutes so, I hope she enjoys it. At some point a director will not be able to cast her due to her weight. Didn't she ever watch Oprah over the years?

No one expect her to be skinny but she does need to drop some pounds. She is too young to be that big and still be healthy. Weight gets harder to loose as you grow older. She really is a good actress so loosing weight will help her get more parts. Or getting one of those stomach rings.

No one will judge her for wanting to be a little lighter and healthier as well. I bet if she had a work-up they'd find some imbalance causing her to be that big. It just cannot be food--something is out of sort.
06:57 PM on 01/08/2010
That happened to Ricki Lake after Hairspray. there were not many roles for a heavy set young woman. (I think she was in her early 20's if I'm not mistaken.) I hope Gabourey has more luck. From her interviews she seems like a sweet girl.

We can get into the whole health debate, but just face it, some people will always heavy and they deserve to be respected as human beings and not made to feel as if they have less value than a serial killer. I'm proud of her for loving herself and being happy and not listening to doubters.
Always waiting for the light to dawn
07:28 PM on 01/08/2010
It's not that there are no roles for heavier women, it's that the directors choose not to cast heavier women in those roles, even when the script would probably benefit from someone not rail-thin or beautiful. I remember years ago watching a soap opera in which they kept referring to one of the actresses (characters) as beautiful. Beautiful she was not, but when you heard it often enough you forgot that. I do not think the audience would be turned off if heavier women who are good actresses were cast in the lead, because the acting is really the focus . . . except for those who go to the movies to see a sexy woman.
08:37 PM on 01/08/2010
Fanning you for your intelligence and sensitivity!
06:20 PM on 01/08/2010
Why Yoga??--why not stab--Vogue, Glamour--Elle, etc.
Yoga's got no prejudice, But our culture is sickening.
Soror quaerens lucem
11:22 PM on 01/08/2010
well it's a very human remark.
I love yoga and have been doing it for years...but it can hurt in a good's also something that requires steady work- if you do that you see the progress in the poses. there are still a handful I won't take on.
06:15 PM on 01/08/2010
One can hope that by the time she is nearing forty, that she will have found an eating/exercise program that is working for her so that she can ease on down the road to 50 or 60 and beyond, alive and not on any hypertension medications or insulin. Those two health issues affect so many of us black folk. A healthy sane weight to keep her body at optimal working condition is what everyone should have. Everyone is not going to be wearing a size 6 or need to for that matter.
I wish this young lady good fortune and the self determination to take great care of the home in which her spirit and soul resides.
is not Chicago
09:53 PM on 01/08/2010
She would be gorgeous and much healthier as a size 10-14, and the same can be said of many women out there. There is no way that someone hundreds of lbs overweight is healthy and active.

Just because a woman isn't ever going to be a size 2, she still shouldn't kill herself with cheeseburgers, all the while professing how happy she is.
06:05 PM on 01/08/2010
I wish I had her conifindence...
Hopefully because of her, young girls and women will realize that just because your not 100% satisified with your body at the moment doesn't mean you have to hate yourself for it. If not, when you lose weight you're still going to hate yourself.
05:52 PM on 01/08/2010
I love Gabourey and am glad she loves her self and has healthy esteem.

But, she really dislikes yoga that much?? As someone who wants to lose weight myself, yoga is on the easier end of the spectrum (I'm currently doing "Insanity" and it's a killa! The most hardcore physical exercise I've ever done. Look it up. Even the people working out w/ the instructor in the DVD stop halfway during each rep to catch their breath/recover).

Well, I hope she finds something that works for her. But even with her weight, she's experiencing much success in Hollywood at the time being. She's going to be on a new show w/ Laura Linney. Anyone remember that line from Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) on 30 Rock when he's talking to Liz (Tina Fey) about how actors in showbiz have to look a certain way, and he tells Liz that if she wants to be on TV she'll have to either lose 30lbs or gain 60lbs?? I think that's kinda true. And hilarious (in the context of 30 Rock).