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07:36 PM on 01/12/2010
Mr. Black, I couldn't have written these words better myself.
'To those who have said, "Wait," I say, Gay and Lesbian people should not be forced to wait years to be treated equally under the law. By straining to avoid our federal Constitutional arguments, we only reinforce the false notion that our arguments lack merit. We reinforce the lies and myths and stereotypes that have been forced upon us for generations. We send a signal that we must not truly believe we are equal. The truth is, we are equal, and our love deserves equal recognition and protection under the law. Truth is on our side, and justice, but time is not.'
07:08 PM on 01/12/2010
What makes you think, Mr. Black, that this SCOTUS will rule in favor of SSM?
Air Force and Gay Gay Gay
08:33 PM on 01/12/2010
He is not saying SCOTUS will rule in favor. He is saying to wait is to capitulate to tyrants and bigots. If they want to rule against SSM, then so be it. The fight will continue regardless. This is not chess we are talking about.
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08:59 PM on 01/12/2010
Well put.
09:12 PM on 01/12/2010
"This is not chess we are talking about."

No, it's politics.

I suppose that if all he's talking about is demonstrating to others, especially young gays and lesbians, that the community is willing to fight, then he has a point. But, if he wants to win, he has to consider politics. And believe me, SCOTUS is a political entity.

When Perry v. Schwarzenneger hits SCOTUS, if it rules against Perry, that will reinforce a precedent (Baker v. Nelson) that will set the LGBT cause back 30 years. At least, IMO.
07:03 PM on 01/12/2010
thank Dustin Lance and Huffington Post. all i hear in the news this week is Harry Reid, what to about about Harry. there are only a few news resources discussing this Perry vs. Schwarzenegger trial. so bravo to you folks because we the gay community of CA are following this
07:01 PM on 01/12/2010
you know, i sympathize and empathize, but there are lots of us who are waiting for action for our causes. take a number and stand in line like the rest of us.
07:41 PM on 01/12/2010
09:06 PM on 01/12/2010
Also agree.

Black civil rights weren't a priority in the '30's or '40's because we were, umm....fighting a depression and a war.

We are fighting a depression and two wars. People are being detained in Guantanimo and tortured at CIA facilities all over the world, their civil rights much more compromised than the LGBT population.

People are losing their jobs, their homes, and their lives right now. Those of us who are just struggling to survive and make the rent are really, really, really tired of the LGBT community complaining about gay marriage and DADT.
08:53 PM on 01/12/2010
you obviously did not read the article -- no more waiting -- keep your sympathy and empathy -- i am not buying it!