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12:12 PM on 01/18/2010
I hope that the community can rally around these women and help protect them. Perhaps they can set up a system to check in on them. There are also security (camera) systems that aren't terribly expensive any more, they can buy a dog, etc., etc. With luck this bleep will be caught soon. My heart goes out to all those women, it's a horrible crime to endure.
07:01 PM on 01/18/2010
Buy each one of them a handgun and show them how to use it. That should clear up the problem rather quickly.
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12:05 PM on 01/18/2010
The guy is linked in these towns. I'll bet he drives between making deliveries or something.

Maybe even the postal service.
12:25 PM on 01/18/2010
One too many mystery novels pal.
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watashi ha tororu ga oroka da to omoi masu。
01:17 PM on 01/18/2010
But you have to admit it would be a logical way for some young(er) person to get to know where these women are and a little bit about them.
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Danger Zone
11:28 AM on 01/18/2010
Can we put the nail in the coffin of the myth that women get raped for being scantily clad?
02:27 PM on 01/18/2010
02:29 PM on 01/18/2010
11:26 AM on 01/18/2010
Eeeewwwwww! One sick b@stard indeed!
11:24 AM on 01/18/2010
Anyone want to bet what the "details" on the perp will turn out to be....where he is from and what he is doing here?
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02:57 PM on 01/18/2010
Maybe big church person?
03:13 PM on 01/18/2010
No, he is alluding to the suspect as being an illegal.

Which has a high chance of being correct.
11:21 AM on 01/18/2010
That's disgusting. What kind of sick pervert rapes elderly women?
Not the book
02:47 PM on 01/18/2010
Or any women?
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02:50 PM on 01/18/2010
The same kind that rapes any woman.
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03:29 PM on 01/18/2010
or man.

just need to be sick inside and want power and destruction
11:18 AM on 01/18/2010
Interesting. I looked up the population, and it's a town of just 5,000 people. Obviously, the attacker knows his victims because he's choosing specific types of older women to attack--those who live alone, have set routines, are frail, etc. He must be watching them or have some kind of job that puts him out in the public regularly. It's surprising they are having such a difficult time catching him. I wonder if the Rangers are involved, yet? They'll catch him. The serial murderer who was loose here in Houston was caught in no time, once the Rangers took over.
Your personal Eschatologist.
01:35 PM on 01/18/2010
@Mom: I don't think he knows them or you'd expect them to know him as well. But I do agree that it's surprising he hasn't been caught. I'd like to be a profiler on that case.
04:38 PM on 01/18/2010
Yeah, true, as far as "knowing" in the literal sense. I should have written more clearly. I'm thinking he "knows" them by being familiar with the community, as a whole, like a police officer, a fireman, some type of city service worker, etc.
02:19 PM on 01/18/2010
We had a serial rapist years ago that was continually eluding police. Turned out to be an officer.
04:36 PM on 01/18/2010
Right on. I kind of get that feeling with this case, too, which is yet another reason to bring in the Rangers. They are often brought in when a case has an "in-house" kind of suspicious nature to it, like when officers can't seem to bust one of their own. I sat on a jury where the Rangers were brought in to bust a police officer, and it was absolutely fascinating. I LOVED serving on that jury, and I left with a whole new respect for the Rangers.
11:06 AM on 01/18/2010
The only good thing about my grandma being gone is she is not around anymore at risk for these things to happen to her. I cant imagine what these ladies families must be thinking. If they even catch this person, I wouldn't even want to imagine what would happen to him in prison. I've never even heard of something like this happening serially. Not everyone in prison is a parent but all of them have had a grandmother. As it goes with most people who end up in jail usually, (poor people of all races) they come from a place where immediate family is extended and grandma is always around. Poor families are usually closer.

I almost feel sorry for the guy whoever he is. He's gonna be in big trouble in the prison population. This is all just conjecture because I have never really heard of this before. I could be wrong. Its just unspeakable.
11:02 AM on 01/18/2010
The guy is local. Check the social security office and the post office for anyone who fits the description. Also, check any senior citizen centers for delivery men. Don't know if the police have done this, but it's a good place to start. Somebody knew where these women worked or went. Other men who work with him will have already noticed some similarities in when the r@pes happened and where one of the workers was or wasn't supped to be.
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11:54 AM on 01/18/2010
More specifically, an itinerant person working such jobs for short periods. If he's not in any DNA databases, he may be an illegal or recent immigrant. This story is somewhat reminiscent of the railroad serial killer.
“Dum Spiro, spero- As long as I breathe, I hope.
10:20 AM on 01/18/2010
All of these communities are linked in some way. They probably don't have the resourses to dig deep.
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12:02 PM on 01/18/2010
The Rangers may well be involved in this. They are the investigative arm of the DPS (state police).
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02:59 PM on 01/18/2010
Someone in the church, police or otherwise are coverin...just sayin
Black Democrat
10:17 AM on 01/18/2010
Isn't Texas a republican state? Republicans are the party of rape.

GOP votes against measure to help victims of rape at govt. contractors.
10:37 AM on 01/18/2010
not fair
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watashi ha tororu ga oroka da to omoi masu。
01:19 PM on 01/18/2010
10:53 AM on 01/18/2010
Although its an unfair thing to say, I wonder if they wouldn't viciously bash Democrats if Dems had done the same thing. GOPs did vote against letting a brutally raped victim not have her day in court.
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11:09 AM on 01/18/2010
They say things like "Democrats kill babies!" So... there you go.
10:09 AM on 01/18/2010
Psychotic. Nothing else to say really!
Someday Texas will be blue again
10:08 AM on 01/18/2010
Time for shooting practice g-ma. Been to that town its a small town not much goes on there. I assume since the jig is up he will move on to another small town. Doubt he's a local.
Moldova Marsupial
09:58 AM on 01/18/2010
Odds are, when the guy is caught, everyone will say, 'He was such a quiet man, good family guy, never caused a problem with anyone'.
12:04 PM on 01/18/2010
You left out the "Church-going" portion.
09:52 AM on 01/18/2010
"These are frail, elderly women. Tiny little things," Walker said. "You just can't imagine why anyone would want to take advantage of them."

Rape is about power, not sex. The reason this person (I use the term loosely) is raping older, helpless women is that it makes him feel powerful. They can't fight him off and he knows it.

The cops should start talking to high school counselors in the area about recent graduates who fit the physical description and who displayed narcissistic and/or sociopathic tendencies, had female-related anger issues, or maybe who were teased about being effeminate or not macho enough. It would be a start. Whoever they're looking for is probably feeling mightily full of himself right now, having gotten away with this for a year. He's probably throwing off tons of clues that no one is picking up--because he's "just not the type" to do something so horrific. Guess again.

He may look normal, but he's not normal. Normal men don't rape. My heart goes out to those poor women.
09:57 AM on 01/18/2010
It might be someone from one of the larger cities (San Antonio/Austin) traveling to these small towns.
Democratic Candidate for AZ State House LD15
10:01 AM on 01/18/2010
No, too well-thought out. This person knows his victims, knows their routines. He would have to be traveling a lot to do this. The amount of effort being put into the study of the victims suggests someone much closer to home.
10:52 AM on 01/18/2010
Right, because strangers are NEVER noticed in small towns. Especially when they are spending a great deal of time stalking elderly women in quiet neighborhoods where everyone knows everyone else. And especially when he can follow one victim to another part of town and assault her again.

Stop blaming the cities and look at your own dysfunctional residents. Chances are he's a local boy. Someone who knows the area well and is so obviously at ease while appearing to belong, that he goes virtually unnoticed.

Blaming the "outsider" is such a cop out.
10:06 AM on 01/18/2010
Nice work agent Starling.