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06:33 PM on 01/22/2010
The Democrats should panic with or without the Mass outcome. Some of the LIBERAL Democrats are DINO - Democrats in name only.

Look at Sen Dodd. What has he done to sort the financial mess? --- Inserted banking loopholes

Look at Sen Baucus. What has he done to sort the healthcare debacle? ... Dragged his feet.

Look at Sen Levin? What has he done to close Guantanamo? ... Gone AWOL.

Look at President? Where are his TV proceedings of healthcare reform? ... Staged TV performance; while behind the scene deals with pharma, insurance carriers and hospitals

What did we get from the Democrats? A few good speeches and appearances on MSNBC
06:23 PM on 01/22/2010
The Democrats need to get their act together and find a true Democrat to run against her in the primary. Someone who will truly represent the wishes of the state, not someone like Lincoln who has sold herself to the highest bidder.

I'm hoping that there are a lot of progressive candidates challenging the Blue Dogs in the Senate and House in primaries. I'll contribute to their campaigns and if possible work to get them elected. It's time the Democratic party cleaned out the DINOS and got real Democrats elected.
11:21 PM on 01/22/2010
They are acting like true Democrats.

To quote Will Rogers:

"I am not a member of an organized political party. I'm a Democrat"
06:11 PM on 01/22/2010
Job wanted: Former US Senator, a Liberal Democrat with a low I. Q. but makes up for it by not wanting to work very hard. Preference is southern US. Asking / entitled to $1,000,000 per year but would like to limit hours to no more than 15 per week.
06:23 PM on 01/22/2010
I'm sorry but Blanche Lincoln is not now nor has she ever been a Liberal Democrat.
06:42 PM on 01/22/2010
Sorry, if you voted for Obamacare or any of the big spending bills, you are a liberal.

There is no such thing as a "blue dog" democrat. This is the title they appoint to themselves to hide what they really are; they are Liberals.

But, they have to deceive enough of the voters since most of them are in Republican states or districts. Evan BYE BYE Bayh is another phony moderate and I cannot wait to throw him out in 2010.
07:56 PM on 01/22/2010
My goodness..But you are mighty s!upid.
06:08 PM on 01/22/2010
Well why would the voters of Arkansas want a wannabe Republican when they can get the real thing.
05:58 PM on 01/22/2010
Lincoln,,,,,Spector,,,,,,Boxer,,,,,,and Reid,,,,,will all lose their seats in November. Americans are fed up and there will be "Scott Brown" upsets nationwide this fall. Have you noticed all the Tea Bags hanging from car mirrors lately?
06:11 PM on 01/22/2010
No actually I haven't, I haven't seen one person dumb enough to hang a tea bag on their mirror. I think that's a good thing not to see, it gives me hope that the knuckle draggers who do that kind of childish stuff are few and far between.
06:15 PM on 01/22/2010
Scott Brown is no piece of cake. We'll see what he's made of when he's seated in the Senate. He's just another party of no member who won't work for the best interest of this country. Hopefully I'm wrong about the guy but we'll see.
08:02 PM on 01/22/2010
Yeah. I actually think he's got higher aspirations, or if he doesn't, the RNC has plans for him. Knowing their "Republican" name and brand is political garbage, he propped himself up as an Independent. We shall see. He has 33 months to prove himself a true Independent.
This Micro-Bio Intentionally Left Blank
05:56 PM on 01/22/2010

All that selling out and sucking up to the Republican base didn't amount to anything.

This is exactly what's going to happen to most of those BLUE DOG REPUBLICANS (they're not Dems)!
The Republicans know how to stay together as a self-serving collective voice. Blanch was a self-serving opportunist who was just looking to get re-elected. SURPRISE!

BLUE DOG REPUBLICANS sold out their own party so the Democrats don't want them.

They aren't Red enough for the Republicans so their out!
vt English prof w/art biz
06:22 PM on 01/22/2010
She has nobody to blame for this but herself. She is more Republican than anyone except Ben Nelson.
put on your pants and go home.
05:50 PM on 01/22/2010
Wow...she's been reluctant to vote for health care reform, but the longer we go without a bill, the more her numbers go down. Interesting.
05:53 PM on 01/22/2010
Didn't you see the numbers last summer. Most Americans wanted health care reform with a public option. She didn't listen until the promises for her personal gain rolled in. Check out her money from health insurance companies and you'll get the picture.
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05:49 PM on 01/22/2010
LIncoln = GOP so what difference does it make, really?
05:47 PM on 01/22/2010
Blanch and the rest of the Blue Dogs offered nothing but trouble this last year in Congress. If they had been on board and not in the pockets of the big health care industry, we would have health care reform with a public option. The majority of people in this country and the President wanted reform with the public option but Congress wouldn't listen. Blue Dogs have no allegiance to the Democratic Party and are more aligned with the Republicans. Blanch should have been in Arkansas last summer explaining to the people what was actually in the House and Senate Bills to dispel the lies that the Republicans and the health care industry told in 2009. She only attached herself to the Senate bill after being strong armed with promises of perks. Nelson looked stupid and selfish with his deal and finally backed down. People in AR actually wanted to know what Blanch got for us out of the deal!
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05:44 PM on 01/22/2010
When both candidates act like Republicans, voters might as well pick the real one.
Joe The Nerd Ferraro
Group IQ is inversely proportional to group size.
05:38 PM on 01/22/2010
I spammed you guys a lot yesterday to call the DNC
Here is a result.

I have it process with the HP editors, if you want a preview
05:37 PM on 01/22/2010
Glad the libs want to give us that seat, we will take it thank you.
05:51 PM on 01/22/2010
You have to earn it in AR! You might get it because Blanch has not done her job well for the people. Another one that you might go after is Pryor's. He's also another weak Blue Dog Senator. We want and NEED real Democrats to represent us!
Ignorance is NOT bliss, the library is free
08:16 PM on 01/22/2010
You alreadfy have three and 1/2 votes from democrats. Count them if you can. Nelson, Landrieu,Lincoln and sitting on the fence Lieman.
12:25 AM on 01/23/2010
You have already had it. She is about as republican as she can get with saying she is one.
Vision over visibility.
05:26 PM on 01/22/2010
She is pretty much a republican so it doesn't matter.
05:31 PM on 01/22/2010
My thoughts exactly, we LOSE NOTHING with her defeat!!!
05:21 PM on 01/22/2010
Yeah, well. Blanche Lincoln is a Republican in disguise anyway. If Arkansans, living in one of the poorest and ill-served (educationally, health-care - wise, and generally social-services-wise) state in the union want to continue to vote against their best interests, that's their problem. They deserve what they get.
05:48 PM on 01/22/2010
So why not primary her with a more progressive dem?
05:59 PM on 01/22/2010
We are! We need and want a real Democrat and will run one who will represent us. We have several great candidates who have announced their interest.
06:15 PM on 01/22/2010
Because Arkansans keep on voting against their best interests, just like other people in poor states where education is not a priority. On purpose I might add, on the principle that uneducated people are extremely gullible. Why on earth do you think people elected G. W. Bush in 2004? (In 2000, he was put on the throne by the SCOTUS.) Because of fear stemming of abysmal ignorance. That's how the Republicans want their people: uninformed and uneducated, hence incapable of thinking for themselves. It is the people's fault too. They enable the worst politicians.
05:20 PM on 01/22/2010
Democrats are nervous everywhere. Liberals....always overplay their hand.
05:32 PM on 01/22/2010
She's in the "Redneck South" and she's a democrats. Not good.
Ignorance is NOT bliss, the library is free
08:23 PM on 01/22/2010
But it's our hand and we will continue in our fight not flight. We have nothing to be ashamed of because of our beliefs. By the way we still out number you rethugs, so keep believing that we are the minority.