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10:32 AM on 02/04/2010
Ok now I get it......Tigger found Jesus and all is forgiven, he's sticking to

m @ $ t e r b @ t i 0 n
A 47 percenter and proud of it!
10:26 AM on 02/04/2010
Hide your blue eyed babes y'all. Tiger has left the building.
2 most common elements...Hydrogen and Stupidity
10:24 AM on 02/04/2010
Mothers....grab your daughters and lock them in their rooms....
11:25 AM on 02/04/2010
yeah grab them ho's
A Friend To Both
10:13 AM on 02/04/2010
I could give a hoot about Tiger Woods, but after hearing a number of sports figures say he should not just re-enter golf but hold a press conference, confess, say he's sorry, say he's reformed, say he wants to get back with his wife, say he sees the error of his ways and ask God and the public to forgive him, I have to ask: why should he behave like a standard issue Chri stian politician or minister who's been caught in an affair? Why is he being advised to imitate the hypocrites who have made our country the puritan mix of shallow piety, robust hypocrisy and theatrical contrition is is today? The man's a golfer. Just because the media makes his private life a big deal doesn't mean anyone else has any reason to give a dam... or that it's anyone else's business. This country is sick, and it isn't the sinners who make it that way, it's the pious voyeurs who lap up every salacious tidbit and profess to be outraged on God's behalf.
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08:52 PM on 02/04/2010
Good post! Agree!
10:07 AM on 02/04/2010
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Enough.
09:54 AM on 02/04/2010
LEAVE HIM ALONE HP AND ALL THE OTHER CRITICS. He didn't receive sex therapy he is alledgely getting treatment for an addicition. His life will be hell for a while - let him address his issues and LEAVE ELIN AND THE KIDS ALONE. These are times I am disgusted at reporters yelling awful questions at Elin when she's out with the children. My God what a disgrace tabloid reporters are.
10:35 AM on 02/04/2010
I would guess you're a bible thumper....just saying
James Shanks
10:47 AM on 02/04/2010
My God then stop reading it. Just close your eyes like everyone else in your league and pretend it doesn't exist. That will solve all your problems!
09:17 AM on 02/04/2010
All, blonde, blue-eyed women in the Florida area and thereabouts....hide! He's baaaaack!
History is a relay of revolutions.
09:28 AM on 02/04/2010
What do you mean hide? They love them some Tiger...he didn't force nobody to do anything.
09:41 AM on 02/04/2010
Exactly. And, NO ONE "forced" Tiagra either even though some folks still want to believe that he was the vi ctim in all this. The only true vi ctims in all this are their children.
Just call me Hot Stuff
10:07 AM on 02/04/2010
LOL!!!Like Stanley Tucci said in Devil Wears Prada,"Guard your loins."