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Chronicles Palin's thin career with an astringent
04:47 AM on 02/06/2010
From Wasilla

Maternal Instinct

I have a lot of questions about Palin as a candidate for president but not about her maternal instinct. I bet she would give up everything if it would make her child well.

Margaret, you obvious don't know Sarah Palin..
07:10 AM on 02/06/2010
We know all we need to know about this woman by her E-mails, her pumped up truths, her ghost written not-best seller--And by the way, her love for Alaska and its people was easily tossed to the ditch when her love of money and the sound of her own voice won out. Let me see...Wasn't she the one who quit halfway through her term of governor? I'm pretty sure. I am convinced it is you who doesn't get Palin.
10:26 AM on 02/06/2010
Read Levi's article in Vanity Fair and you will find that Palin's maternal instinct is negligible...
07:34 AM on 02/06/2010
That has NOTHING to do with the lying quitter also being a hypocrite when it suits her need.
War doesn't prove who is right, only who is left.
03:57 AM on 02/06/2010
Personally, I've always liked you Margaret, but you're being way too generous here.
02:30 AM on 02/06/2010
I don't buy this Palin outrage after the way she neglected that poor baby during the campaign. Around here, we called him the "prop baby." She has used her baby's disability and the fact she didn't abort hun to gain much political capital among her base. And there are many that still question who the mother of that child really is.
03:49 AM on 02/06/2010
I second that.

She might have felt the sting, the emotion you caught, Ms Carlson, but she rallied forth to use the slew against her youngest son to further her own rhetoric.
Patrick Britton
05:44 AM on 02/06/2010
Yeah, that's the answer, feed off of conspiracies like the right is doing now. You're no better than the birthers. A "prop baby." In other words women shouldn't be working, they should be at home cooking? Pretty progressive of you.
08:08 AM on 02/06/2010
Well twisted! You are clever.
Not so much Liberal as I am anti evil.
10:32 AM on 02/06/2010
Special needs children needs are as they say, "Special".

Yet she took this months old infant out onto the stage, bright lights, loud music and screaming crowd. Hardly inducive of a peaceful environment, yet she walked out with that baby, and passed it off to her other children, being used as props.

Not many candidates, bring their kids as backdrops. In the audience, sure, on the bus, of course, but as set dressing? I do not think so.
02:16 AM on 02/06/2010
Can you actually use Palin and honesty in the same sentence? Oxymoron??
I'm nicer than I appear in print. :-)
01:46 AM on 02/06/2010
This isn't "I told you so". Honestly. But ....I told you so. Because I'm sure by now you've read the diluted to pure water smackdown she - no not she, her spokesperson Meg - kinda,sorta gave to Limbaugh. And then immediately issued (in fear no doubt) that it wasn't directed at Limbaugh. And then it was the White House playing "gotcha". And who knows where it goes from there. Chris Wallace wants her to sit on his lap. Limbaugh will probably get the honors.

I'm not trying to be vile. I'm saying - woman to woman Margaret - that woman is bad news. For not just Down Syndrome children. Please use your considerable talents and sincere advocacy and heartfelt concern to help 'real' Americans who actually do give a flying rap about more than themselves and who would never use a challenged child for a political tool.
07:15 AM on 02/06/2010
I agree and I should have stated in my own comment I consider Palin a poor mother and her husband a coattail father who seems lost in Palin's orbit--She is the Alpha in that household. She has used her entire family for her photo moments to show how much of a real American she is. All of them are a symbol of family dysfunction to the power of 10.
Trying to be an optimist, dammit!
11:37 PM on 02/05/2010
Palin's a walking, breathing metaphor for the hypocrisy of the Right
See me at murphthesurf350 @gmail
10:12 PM on 02/05/2010
Four things are required of a national leader:

a) Knowledge

b) Vision

c) Experience

d) Communication Skills

Applying this to Ms. Palin:

a) Knowledge. There is little proof that she is knowlegable of political structures, economic theory and social dynamics. For Palin: Mythic history and constitutional theory. Nothing of macro/micro economics.
Seeing the nation as singular in its ethnicity and culture.

b) Vision. Here she seems to have a sense of what the nation is and where it needs to go. Is her "sense" one that reflects reality? Is it one that inspires a broad swath of the people? Is it one that directs the action and movement of government? Here she showed some promise in her first days as governor in Alaska. Alaska is certainly one the easiest states in the country to govern because of its relative homegenity, its small population gathered into population centers, and its wealth.

c) Experience. What is her leglislative, executive and judicial branches. Small town council member, mayor (total 8 years). Small state governor (30 of 48 months). And Alaska has lots of money making is relatively easy to govern.

d) Communication Skills. The ability to convey one's knowledge and one's vision rooted in one's experience. My impression is that she gives a good speech and she says what her audience wants to hear. But, does she have enough knowledge, enough vision and enough experience to sell herself as a leader AND, more importantly, be a leader?
My micro-bio is empty
10:59 PM on 02/05/2010
It has been reported that she pays people to write her Facebook entries (don't know about Twitter). Can't imagine she'd hold up well in debates with world leaders. (However, we now know that her husband was the shadow governor (read the emails for yourself); perhaps she'll have a device in her ear whereby he can tell her what to say? Just wondering.
I'm nicer than I appear in print. :-)
01:53 AM on 02/06/2010
Rebecca Mansour (sp) and Joseph Russo. Formerly of the Conservatives for Palin site.They quit to work for her directly and are now paid by Palin through dummy public relations companies they set up using their previous address and she buried the expenditure in her documentation.

Republicans put her as a front runner for 2012. She can't even write Facebook on her own.
Can't we settle this over a bowl of kibble?
11:54 PM on 02/05/2010
Commincation skills are more than giving speeches. She writes like an eight grader and if the Couric interview wasn't enough, here's a sample of her unscripted speaking skills:

Bill O'Reilly: Let me be very bold and fresh again, do you believe that you are smart enough, incisive enough, intellectual enough to handle the most powerful job in the world?

Sarah Palin: I believe that I am because I have common sense and I have I believe the values that I think are reflective of so many other American values, and I believe that what Americans are seeking is not the elitism, the uhm, the ah, a kind of spineless, spinelessness that perhaps is made up for that with some kind of elite, Ivy league education and, and a fat resume that is based on anything but hard work and private sector, free enterprise principles. Americans are could be seeking something like that in positive change in their leadership, I'm not saying that that has to be me.

December 2009
09:09 AM on 02/06/2010
mudkitten-you just insulted all 8th. graders internationally
Joseph Palermo
Huffington Post Blogger/Author/Professor
09:44 PM on 02/05/2010
Palin is irrelevant politically so all the commentary about her is a waste that could go to criticizing the Dems for destroying the Left once again, thanks Senator Bayh
Victim of Technology
10:54 PM on 02/05/2010
count me in on that sentiment
11:21 PM on 02/05/2010
Self-employed architect, pauper among plutocrats
12:48 AM on 02/06/2010
I know I'm happy I don't live in Indiana any more. But let's remember that this is the same state that brought us such winners as Mike Pence Steve Buyer and Dan Quayle. So Bayh in Indiana is about as liberal as you're going to get in the central part of the state. It's a little less so around Northwest Indiana toward Chicago and Evansville where Lee Hamilton is from.

Cosign on Palin which is why I spoke about why Bayh will be around a while unless the tea partiers sink in, which in that state is certainly possible. Dan Coats from the Fort Wayne area is challenging Bayh for the senate. He's not a lot better than Quayle and just as conservative. And his buddy Pence will probably help him out.
09:09 PM on 02/05/2010
I like Levi, he has this poseur's number and she knows it.
09:58 PM on 02/05/2010
Will Levi marry me?
Can't we settle this over a bowl of kibble?
12:11 AM on 02/06/2010
Levi, who has yet to be caught lying since thrust into the spotlight, ways that Palin herself uses this word to refer to her grandchild.

Sarah has been caught lying about everything and anything.

I believe Levi over Sarah anyday.
07:34 PM on 02/05/2010
lets see rush attacks blacks, jews, and the mentally disabled and nobody cares.

sarah makes a stink about rahm and is scared of rush.

given his use of rude lewd insensitive remarks any company that respects an intemidation free workplace should not allow his broadcasts in their locations.

"a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth"
glenn beck
information czar fox news
the view 5/20/09

"when the truth is found to be lies"
jefferson airplane
07:34 PM on 02/05/2010
Who would even wonder how thin skin Sarah could respond.
She all about pro-life But she love the fact that Scott Brown won He's pro-choice
she had to call and Congratulate him, he posed naked in a magazine, Holy cow did she
trash on Livi for doing the same, she called him a porn star
I'm With the Green Tea Party
08:04 PM on 02/05/2010
It comes easy to judge others when your the Moosiah
04:31 PM on 02/06/2010
My comments are not judgements, they are stated facts that come from the horse's
mouth. Maybe You should read the News instead of just the comments.
06:36 PM on 02/05/2010
I have heard some conservatives give Rush a pass because he is an "entertainer" not a public official, BS!

Rush's big mouth reaches millions of eager fans, a lot more than Rahm's private meeting. If Rahm needs to apologize, so should Rush. "re.tar..ded" was once a clinical word used to describe people with a cognitive disability (thankfully they don't use it anymore in most places). "re...tar..d, is nothing but a derogatory term. I grew up listening to the neighbor kids calling my brother who has a cognitive disability that horrid name.

Such a name would make any mother of a children with a disability, blood boil. Where is St. Mother Sarah's outrage? It sure made this special education teacher's blood boil. St. Sarah is nothing but a horrid hypocrite if she can look into her son's face and not call and a man who said such horrible words (just because he happens to be her ally).
Self-employed architect, pauper among plutocrats
12:49 AM on 02/06/2010
Dave Letterman is an entertainer too - throw that back in those conservat urd bloggers' faces. And that example clearly proves the double standard they have.
06:35 PM on 02/05/2010
No offense, Margaret, but why the heck is everyone focusing on Rush Limbaugh?

There is an even MORE SIGNIFICANT and a more apples to apples comparison with the aide for Governor Perry, Dave Carney. Dave Carney used the R-word in a recent meeting with Kay Bailey Hutchison's staff and Perry has admitted and denounced it. The same guy once said that Kay Bailey Hutchison would turn the GOP into a "whorehouse". Why hasn't Sarah publicly called for him to be fired?

I get so tired of the sensational story taking the spotlight from a more relevant story. The comparison between Rahm and Carney is so much easier to call Sarah Palin out on her hypocrisy. She is CAMPAIGNING WITH Perry THIS WEEKEND and hasn't posted a FB note demanding that Perry fire Carney. In fact, as far as I know, her camp hasn't even acknowledged that Perry admitted that it happened.

So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE shine some light on this because it's more relevant, isn't open to the "but Rush isn't a government employee and was just paraphrasing Rahm" excuses that are all over the place. There is NO REASON for her not to call for the same action in the Carney case AT ALL.

06:46 PM on 02/05/2010
By the way, when I tried to raise this point on her FB page in a very civil manner, my commet was deleted and I have been blocked from posting there. So I suggest you call them on this, Margaret, because it is a big deal for them to try to avoid.

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Informed World Citizen
09:16 PM on 02/05/2010
Sarah's OFFICIAL FB page is heavily moderated/censored. Any attempt at 'discussion' is quickly deleted.

However, links to racist blogs ........ links to idiotic conspiracies, links to prayers for President Obama's death are not deleted.

Posts, any post however civil that seem to challenge the adoration and total devotion to Sarah OR hate for the President (I have seen rational posts about the President deleted too) don't last very long.
06:28 PM on 02/05/2010
Palin's world is slowly crumbling around her.
She gets a new job on F0X and she has to follow their footsteps which is to degrade the opposition. Then her child Willow becomes a headline for breaking and entering and nobody will cover it on F0X because Sarah is one of them which is an embarassment. If Willow was a child of the opposition, she would make the news.

Then there is Sarah's Property Tax issues and F0X won't touch it because again it involves Sarah.

And don't forget the fake rage against Rahm which he had to apologize, but Limbaugh gets a mere slap on his tush and it was not by Palin.

Now Sarah and ReTodd's email are released which puts them in a bad light and again F0X can't touch it.

I wonder if F0X has a Morals Clause in Palin's contract and that may their chance to get rid of her!

Remember Sarah, when you point your finger at someone,there are 3 fingers pointing right back at ya!
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Informed World Citizen
09:26 PM on 02/05/2010
Don't forget Glen Becks' joking around with a caller who 'collects paintings of retarded people' ... he thought that was funny... when the caller asked Beck, if there are "people laughing in the background," he replies , "we're not laughing, we're just imagining that those would be nice. ... Honestly, 've been looking for one of those, but I haven't seen them."

sound clip available at:

Glen Beck is someone that Sarah has ENDORSED on her OFFICIAL FB page, urging people to listen to his show when she knows it will be slur/lie filled hour against President Obama. She has appeared on his show; where is the OUTRAGE! ???

Maybe we 'bloggers in pyjamas' have more time to be up on all of this ..... but when it comes to Sarah Palin and her 'ilk' on FOX, we seem to know a whole lot more than 'real journalists'.

Note: Just 2 hours ago, Chris Matthews, who SHOULD know better, actuall quoted Sarah Palin MISQUOTING Rahm Emmanuel and he didn't correct the misquote; so now it appears as if Sarah's version is the correct one.
03:32 AM on 02/06/2010
"I wonder if F0X has a Morals Clause in Palin's contract and that may their chance to get rid of her!"

This is one of the funniest things I have read all day! FOX have a morals clause?? Hahaha, that would imply that they would know what 'morals' are.
What a long strange trip it's been
06:23 PM on 02/05/2010
Sarah doesn't have a maternal bone in her body. Her Down's son isn't dressed properly for the weather (Sarah's worn a jacket while Trig is barefoot), he isn't wearing glasses nor hearing aids. She takes her kids on the campaign trail when they should be in school. She got pregnant before she got married; so did her daughter. NOT a good role model.