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04:28 PM on 02/12/2010
what's that got to do with palin?
Let Love Rule
04:09 PM on 02/12/2010
C'mon HuffPo. Why does your headline sound like SP was the reason the show was cancelled? Look, I can't stand SP, but this show has been around for a long time, there in-fighting in the family (Father suing Son), and it really just ran its course, that's all. SP had nothing to do with the show being cancelled. Let's blame her for the actual stupid things she does rather than sounding like the far right teabaggers who make up crazy things about everyone they don't like just because they don't like them. Please change the headline to represent the truth, the show is just being cancelled.
Max Baucus: What's in your wallet?
01:18 PM on 02/12/2010
Some one should really send McCain the tee shirt that says:
'If you can read this shirt the bltch must have fallen off"
Dream Big,Work Hard & don't let anyone tell you no
05:30 PM on 02/12/2010
01:16 PM on 02/12/2010
So it's not unreasonable to suggest that everything Sarah Palin touches inevitably turns to s[hi]t.
Dream Big,Work Hard & don't let anyone tell you no
05:31 PM on 02/12/2010
Non unreasonable at all. She has managed to split the republicans in AK and now she is working on doing the same on a national level.
Yes I am a witch. Deal with it.
07:49 PM on 02/12/2010
She's even p!ssed off half the Tea Party.
Such a talent for ruin she has.
Vision over visibility.
12:30 PM on 02/12/2010
Perhaps moose head is the queen of doom. Everything she's involved in / with fails. She's toxic. Stay away from her.
Dream Big,Work Hard & don't let anyone tell you no
05:35 PM on 02/12/2010
Man you get on some of those AK blogs you would be so surprised what the country doesn't really know what is going on when she was in office. Questions are abound about the birth of her so called baby. They have pictures showing palin throughout her pregnant. Man they all know allot that hasn't come out yet. They are sitting on a gold mine and will come out when they are ready.
11:21 PM on 02/12/2010
I think you meant her 'so called pregnancy' not baby-he is a baby whoever his mom really is.
abusus non tollit
11:52 AM on 02/12/2010
It was a good show but it had run it's course. No show lasts forever especially reality shows with such a basic premise. Eventually creativity wanes and ratings fall.

I am sorry to hear that Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. are fighting over money. It is always sad to here of a family being so divided by money especially when they already have so much.

Maybe if they were both as charitable with each other as they have been with the needy, handicapped, veterans etc... they would not have to clog up our courts with their silliness.

That said good luck to them, they sure did build some nice looking bikes.
11:44 AM on 02/12/2010
I guess they aren't concerned about ratings at TLC...
11:19 AM on 02/12/2010
Huffpost, you are effing ridiculous. Why do you feel it necessary to bring politics into everything? This show was about as apolitical as it came. If you liked motorcycles it didn;t matter what your stance was. These guys were gear heads and although they appeared like jerks it was an entertaining show for many and it's cancellation should be given more respect than being inexplicitly tied directly to Sarah Palin. I'm seriously losing patience with this site. Is there no where rational and unsensational that a large swath of the left can organize? You're giving everyone here a bad name. And now that you're becoming more of a mainstream name everyone is going to use you're crap journalism to completely smear the left. I'm not saying that will be justied but just know you're doing a disservice to the left by being so ridiulous.
abusus non tollit
11:47 AM on 02/12/2010
Settle down there Skippy.

Outside of the headline the article does not mention Palin.

The article has no political bent and the headline is accurate and informative in a couple of ways.

1. It lets me know that I have lost a little respect for Paul Sr. for even shaking that bag of hammers hand.

2. It lets me know that the show that Palin was on will not be aired.

Now I am sure that episode will be bundled as a bonus feature on the DVD set of the last season so don't worry you will get to see "Your Precious" on American Chopper sooner or later. :)

At any rate this story is in the media section not the politics section which leaves one questioning your powers of observation, reading comprehension and logic.
yes, i know my micro is empty.
12:18 PM on 02/12/2010
slarabee, i think you're missing thefooligan5's point, he is referring to the headline. what does the fact that palin appeared on the show have anything to do with it being canceled? you yourself point out that the story is located in the media section, not the politics section, yet it mentions palin in the headline. this is HP's attempt to get another dig at palin.
04:01 PM on 02/12/2010
Oooops! I said I would never click on another Palin story. One of these days I'll learn restraint :)
10:39 AM on 02/12/2010
I never knew she'd been on the show. Now i'm glad it's cancelled.
11:02 AM on 02/12/2010
Who would book the Ani-Christ on a show. They deserve it.
11:14 AM on 02/12/2010
Good lord - the show wasn't canceled BECAUSE of her! Did you ever watch it? They built bikes for scores of people, and donated a lot to charity.
left is right and right is wrong
10:38 AM on 02/12/2010
This news item has nothing at all to do with Sarah Palin.

Huffington Post is losing credibility by writing disingenuous headlines.

10:59 AM on 02/12/2010
Are you kidding? They know 5,000 people will flock here to fist-bump each other while taking potshots at her. This will be the highlight of the weekend! Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!
abusus non tollit
11:58 AM on 02/12/2010
You are reading way to much into it (the headline) that isn't there.

The headline is accurate. TLC will not be airing and episode of American Chopper in which Sarah appeared.

So relax and put down the "Sarah 2012" banner and realize she will never see the inside of the White House without a visitor's pass. :)
yes, i know my micro is empty.
12:24 PM on 02/12/2010
technically the headline is accurate: Palin did appear on the show and the show is being canceled but the two are not related and have nothing to do with each other. since this is "entertainment" news, why even mention Palin? why not mention all their other guests that appeared on the show as well?
Web Designer, Wife, Cat Mom, Politics Nerd
10:02 AM on 02/12/2010
I'm sorry but even I as someone not a fan of Palin see these headline as poor tabloid exploitation.

Plain was on this show. So what? So were many others. What k1ll3d this show is it has been going on for way too long and everything comes to an end eventually.

Very poor headlining grabbing.
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"Art is the signature of civilizations."
09:44 AM on 02/12/2010
I agree with everyone else who said that HuffPost was really stretching for a Sarah Palin headline on this one. What's worse is that the writer didn't even follow-up with anything in the actual article about whether or not the show she appeared on has been or will be aired before the show is canceled. And if it has been aired, how were the ratings for that episode? Without that information, the headline is completely irrelevant, much like Sarah herself.
Don't be a cog...
09:36 AM on 02/12/2010
Sarah Palin is the new Ted McGinley.
But, I don't like other people. I like me.
09:16 AM on 02/12/2010
What? Is she a locust?
09:06 AM on 02/12/2010
Wow, what a stretch for a headline! The show has been on for 7 years, and the headline makes it sound like it was canceled because of Palin? HuffPo, I can see right through you.
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10:15 AM on 02/12/2010

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