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09:46 PM on 03/01/2010
They must be selling CDS on GS. No conflict. Just business as usual.
09:41 PM on 03/01/2010
Does this filing mean they are officially putting the Government on notice that until everyone stops all the nasty accusations, they will do their part in keeping the recession going by not loaning to businesses to get America back to work, but rather continue to take huge amount of risks with money they earned on the taxpayer's dime? Is that what I'm reading into this little screed?

A perfect example of that savvy banking style the President was lecturing us about just a short time ago!
Is my micro bio winking at my "But..."?
09:37 PM on 03/01/2010
Negative press, as unrelated to negative, corrupt behavior, requiring the spin of the PR firm headed by the communications director of the most negatively regarded president in modern history. Kinda like those disgusting BofA commercials touting themselves as the banking solution for America...
09:09 PM on 03/01/2010
As if bad publicity was a rain cloud passing over the pristine world called US investment banking. Please, bankers are criminals. I know.
In absentia luci tenebrae vincunt
08:44 PM on 03/01/2010
If ever there was a financial institution that deserved to brought to its knees it's Goldman Sachs.
Someone who cares - to his unending regret
08:36 PM on 03/01/2010
lolll....I'd say Goldman Sachs' biggest risk is that of someone in the IT department turning state's evidence.
In absentia luci tenebrae vincunt
08:45 PM on 03/01/2010
If only...that would be too perfect.
The antonym of liberal is INTOLERANT.
12:24 AM on 03/02/2010
It's time to take up a collection.
08:12 PM on 03/01/2010
Never mind the risks Goldman-Sachs bestows on everyone within their reach, all US taxpayers, domestic and foreign securities buyers, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Greece, Russia...

Goldman-Sachs violates free market principals with every dollar they scam. Not that there really is any such thing as free market.

They want to continue and they must be stopped for everyone'ssake.
08:11 PM on 03/01/2010
Goldman Sachs is a clear and present danger to the United States of America.

It really is as simple as that and this is coming from someone who spent over 30 years in the financial services sector and still studies it over 8 hours per day.

09:54 PM on 03/01/2010
And will be making money on the the downside too.
10:32 PM on 03/01/2010
How exactly are they a clear and present danger? How are "these people" dangerous?
08:08 PM on 03/01/2010
Lloyd may have thought of this PRIOR to claiming doing "God's work."
09:16 PM on 03/01/2010
LOL talk about something coming back to bite ya in the arse!
07:53 PM on 03/01/2010
No, them committing treason not bad publicity.
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cave canem
07:40 PM on 03/01/2010
Want to bet they don't have a derivative out on their reputation.
07:23 PM on 03/01/2010
Go ahead file that blather with the SEC. However, the SEC is such a useless and corrupt organization it can't regulate financial fraud on a massive scale that has been on going for years but they'll try their damnedest to regulate public opinion about all the fraud.
The Revolution Will Not Be Privatized
07:20 PM on 03/01/2010
Check to see if your new energy plant has a future short coming it's way! These guys are lobbying heavily for Cap & Trade.

Goldman Sachs is a major financier of new coal plant construction. New coal-fired power plants being funded by the company include:

* Hempstead (AL)
* Plum Point Energy Station (AR)
* Comanche Generating Station Unit 3 (CO)
* Indian River (DE)
* Stanton Energy Center (FL)
* Longleaf (GA)
* Council Bluffs Energy Center Unit 4 (IA)
* LS Power Elk Run Energy Station (IA)
* Edwardsport Plant (IN)
* Rodemacher Unit 3 (LA)
* Midland Power Plant (MI)
* Cliffside Plant (NC)
* Ely Energy Center, Phase I (NV)
* Ely Energy Center, Phase II (NV)
* White Pine Energy Station (NV)
* Great Bend IGCC (OH)
* Sallisaw Project (OK)
* Red Rock Generating Facility (OK)
* Cross Generating Station Unit 3 (SC)
* Cross Generating Station Unit 4 (SC)
* Pee Dee Generating Facility (SC)
* Big Brown 3 (TX)
* Lake Creek 3 (TX)
* Martin Lake 4 (TX)
* Monticello 4 (TX)
* Morgan Creek 7 (TX)
* Oak Grove Plant (TX)
* Sandy Creek Plant (TX)
* Spruce Unit 2 (TX)
* Tradinghouse 3 & 4 (TX)
In absentia luci tenebrae vincunt
08:43 PM on 03/01/2010
What do Texans have against breathing I wonder.
07:13 PM on 03/01/2010
I would bet big on a futures short, if I could, that America's opinion of Wall Street bankers will get much worse before this financial nightmare is over. But it wouldn't do much good since the currency will likely be defaulted on and worthless by the time 'its over' comes.
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03:52 AM on 03/02/2010
You may have specified the precise reason why we're in this mess.

Because the resources that markets could in principle offer to correct excess in terms of reputation have been shortcircuited by investment banks going public and pumping up expectations about the returns on equity they can earn.

They opened the Pandora box. They are the only ones who can close it.

In september 2008 they could have been excused on the grounds that going out of business or returning to Partnerships would have upset markets too much. So they became bank holding companies - without ever becoming banks, of course.

There is no such excuse now.

The next crisis is a certainty if this abuse continues. They need to go out of business or return to owning each and every consequence of what they're doing. Otherwise a healthy market in which the corrective of reputation can even begin to work is impossible. Because it's impossible to answer the following question: how much of their returns would be impossible under the assumption that markets actually function?

I don't care whether they know that or understand that or whether there are 'cultural' reasons for or against it. It's a necessity.

No financial system and no economy can thrive if you have agents who are not accountable for what they're doing. It's impossible.
06:54 PM on 03/01/2010
I understand that Ted Bundy and Vlad the Impaler had the same complaint about negative press.