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12:03 PM on 03/04/2010
I agree 100% with this article that Mr. Elisberg wrote I've been out of work for over a year I use to make very good money and now I make $280.00 a week in unemployment insurance. I all most made that in one day at my old job until the car business went down the tubes. I'm 59 who will hire a person at that age believe me I've tried all over the place with no luck at all. I wish Senator Kyl would get out among the people and see what a rough time people are having. After all the Republicans are mainly the ones that got us in this mess! Hopefully, other people will respond that they're having a rough time also. Thanks Unemployed in Missouri
12:15 PM on 03/04/2010
I too have been out of work for close to a year now.
Like you Mcmel52, I was making good money as a programmer before getting laid off.
Kyl's statement made me furious!
The only reason I'm not homeless is because my wife is working and makes good money.
We have COBRA and the only way we can afford it is because of the stimulus, which pays 65%, otherwise it's close to $800 a month!
If you're single, unemployed, and get an unemployment check of $280 a week, how do you afford to pay COBRA on top of rent, food, etc?
Oh, but us unemployed are living it up though!
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12:31 PM on 03/04/2010
It should be a wake up slap for All Americans
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01:15 PM on 03/04/2010
They aren't hiring people in their mid 40's either. The industry I had a very successful 22 year career in (commercial construction) is down the tubes and will be for a long time. All I ever hear from employers're overqualified.

Overqualified means two things; first, they don't believe I am a good investment. They think as soon as my former industry sector is back on it's feet, I'll go back because I could make a lot more money than starting over at entry level in another one. Second, they can hire a younger person cheaper. They can hire some kid at what I'm collecting on unemployment.

So...I'm going back to school in the hopes that an education in another field will over come my 'overqualification'.
02:08 PM on 03/04/2010
this is exactly the boat I'm in clevelandchick.
I have applied to non-programming jobs such as labor jobs with county govs that pay about $10 an hour, and I don't get a call back.
I'm assuming they see that the last 10 years all I've done is program and that why would they give me this job when they can give it to Joe Schmoe just out of high school.
I'm probably going to have to go back to school as well, but do a complete career change.
09:00 AM on 03/05/2010
Welcome to the big boat of "overqualified" professionals. The term also means that you are smarter, better prepared, and more able to run the "business" than the person interviewing you or currently running the business. They are afraid you will do such a good job that you will put THEM out of work. It also means that you will cost them too much money!
11:17 AM on 03/04/2010
How long has Kyle been on the Government gravy train? If Government is so bad, why does he continue to work there....oh yeah, must be he gets a decent salary, healthcare, 401K, that most of the unemployed will be lucky to find in their next job if they can even find one. I would ask Senator Kyle what his record has been on creating jobs, either by legislation or support of American workers? How many poor trade treaties has he voted "AYE" for? Even if it were possible for full employment, our system of "Predatory Capitalism" will NEVER work for the everyday worker. Business started shipping low-level, unskilled work out of this country in the 1970s and in the 1990s they went after the higher paying skilled white collar jobs. The sad point is that so many of the white collars bought into the system and voted Republican every election. We get what we deserve folks and when we vote against our own self-interest, we must seriously ask ourselves if we understand the dynamics of the work place or where we fit in it. Greenspan once articulated that American business must retain "the tension" between Employer and Worker, to incent the Worker to do more for fear that he "might" lose his/her job. How humane were so WRONG about many things in this economy and in human relations.
software engineer
12:25 PM on 03/04/2010
Who signed NAFTA? Clinton. Who signed GATT? Clinton. Who signed H-1B? Clinton. Who deregulated the banks? Clinton.

Who granted China "most favored" trade status? Clinton on October 10, 2000.

And what has happened to wages since Clinton? Wages have stagnated for the past 10 years.

So what were you saying about self-interest?

Just face the fact, both political parties in the US are corporate communist. They both throw out bread to shut people up but then do everything corporations want. Neither party really cares about America or our security or our future.
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01:15 PM on 03/04/2010
Bill Clinton was the best Republican president we ever had.
In absentia luci tenebrae vincunt
01:18 PM on 03/04/2010
While you are right about must remember he was never ever a Liberal and had a Republican congress....also Clinton was in office 1992 till 2000...wages were not stagnant and jobs were created. The decade of stagnant wage was 2000 through 2009...Bush years and net 0 for job creation the first such decade in our history.
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You can observe a lot by watching.
11:07 AM on 03/04/2010
"(Never mind that the government helping the people it represents is the very point of government.)"

No, wait--that's the problem, right there: the tribe of narcissists known as Republicans do NOT agree that the point of government is to help people in need.

To them the point of government is to abuse the people in need, keep the rabble in check while transferring all wealth and power to their tribal leaders. The rank-and-file stupidly somehow expect to enjoy the spoils themselves, but few really do. And they enable the massive thievery and criminal abuse of the powerless that is the hallmark of the Republican brand.
software engineer
12:19 PM on 03/04/2010
The Democrats are the ones who created NAFTA, GATT, H-1B, B1, V1, and they deregulated the financial industry (Financial Services Modernization Act 1999). And Obama voted for TARP, then followed it through and even expanded it with PPIP and many other programs and bailouts. GM bailout so that they can build more factories in China.

Yes, the GOP talks a big talk but they expanded Medicare under Bush massively (Medicare Part D). And they always, yes always, end up voting for unemployment benefits.

Neither party really wants to cut anything. They both want more and more corporate welfare. And they both know its just good business to keep extending unemployment because it shuts people up so they can keep offshoring all our jobs. Without all these benefits which we are borrowing from the Chinese to pay for, the people might notice that all the jobs are leaving.
12:43 PM on 03/04/2010
You really need to understand the history of the initiatives you are railing against. NAFTA and GATT were both proposed under the previous Bush administration, and signed by President Clinton. What you convienently leave out (like all Republicans tend to do) are the facts- those treaties originally had scheduled reviews of compliance, yet that component was magically dropped from the Republican-controlled Congress' bill. As for the visa components, it sounds like you have a race issue since jobs have been outsourced to India other other countries.

It is obviously easier for you to blame others about your current situation. Given your attitude, I wouldn't hire you to shine shoes, let alone write code.
In absentia luci tenebrae vincunt
01:21 PM on 03/04/2010
Actually, your not wrong on that last thought...the unemployment benefits and cobra benefits have probably done much to prevent the type of riots we SHOULD be seeing now...
03:19 PM on 03/04/2010
03:37 PM on 03/04/2010
freakin post hope. I agree with and fanned jonmonbuckeye