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08:27 PM on 03/05/2010
Godwin's Law.

The pro-choice side wins (w00t!).
08:07 PM on 03/07/2010
"Godwin's Law" is rapidly becoming irrelevant in these "in-your-face" times.
Solidarity. Courage. Humor.
06:26 PM on 03/05/2010
Listen. Hitler was a Catholic too and he hated abortion. Hitler's example proves that the anti-choice people are not always as life-loving as they would like you to believe. Their fury is the clue. It's all about control and controlling women is their bliss.
10:22 PM on 03/05/2010
Hitler wasn't Catholic...the Catholic church was actually one of the biggest opponents of Hitler's rise...go read the book, Hitler Youth. National Socialist youth also attacks Catholic churches that refused to let their children join the Hitler Youth.

Hitler also promoted legal abortion in Germany...especially for unfit children. That is all historical fact. He even wrote in a letter his support for a disabled baby to be killed.
"Can't we all just get along?" Rodney King
11:29 PM on 03/05/2010
Actually you are incorrect. "Hitler was raised by Roman Catholic parents, but after he left home, he never attended Mass or received the sacraments.[302] However, after he had moved to Germany, where the Catholic and the Protestant church are largely financed through a church tax collected by the state, Hitler (like Goebbels) never "actually left his church or refused to pay church taxes. In a nominal sense therefore," the historian Steigmann-Gall states, Hitler "can be classified as Catholic."[303] But, as Steigmann-Gall has also pointed out in the debate about religion in Nazi Germany: "Nominal church membership is a very unreliable gauge of actual piety in this context."[304]

Hitler was insane as we all know, even though he was German, he murdered Germans. he murdered anyone his warped mind thought was not pure. So as Dr Phil says, " That dawg don't hunt."
Solidarity. Courage. Humor.
01:43 AM on 03/06/2010
I didn't say he was a good Catholic. This is history most Catholics would like to forget. Not their best hour.
10:58 PM on 03/05/2010
Evidently they know nothing about history, either.
Liberal Democrat, Citizen Gadfly
05:38 PM on 03/05/2010
An international movement of nationalist fetusism

by Laurie Essig, True Slant

...How did the fetus became a nationalist figure? What will the consequences of nationalist fetusism be?...
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“Écraser l'infamie!”
05:34 PM on 03/05/2010
First, this is ugly and uncalled for behavior on the part of a fanatical fringe of Polish Catholics. I would like to see more of the negative reaction from other Poles, who I believe would be as outraged as I am.

Underlying this distortion of history, is the sad fact that the Polish people have yet to face up to their willing and too often enthusiastic collaboration with the SS in the nation that boasted the most successful slaughter of Jews and in the wholesale confiscation of Jewish property, most of which has never been returned or compensated. They should be more careful in making tasteless expressions of fanatical Catholicism, lest the world takes a closer look at the moral authority underlying their pretensions.

While there were very many brave and decent Polish Catholics — righteous gentiles in the Holocaust, the overall reaction of the Poles and the Polish Catholic Church was contemptible. Polish institutions have yet to honestly face their history of collaboration in the death camps. All one need do is go to the Polish House at Auschwitz, to see a display of Polish victimization — there is no question about it Poles suffered greatly in WW II and after — yet there is not one word of Polish complicity in the final solution... a fact for which there is much evidence. The people who created and support these ugly and dishonest posters, deny terrible facts of their own history.
10:23 PM on 03/05/2010
Millions of Polish Christians and Jews died fighting the Nazis your post is a insult to their memory.
02:36 AM on 03/06/2010
No, his post was not an insult to their memory. They fought and killed the very people Joeyfoto is calling out. I'm sure if they gave their lives to stop the Nazis they would like to have us not forget who it was they were after,
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05:13 PM on 03/05/2010
It's been 37 years since Roe v Wade.

I would respect the right-to-life faction, if, in 37 years, they had instituted a social safety net to care for those fetuses they demand life for.

They've got lots of volunteers to play to the cameras. Why haven't don't they use some of them to organize:

1. Free obstetric care for mothers (why leave it to taxpayers to pick up the bill for indigent teens?)
2. Free baby sitting/child care for those 'saved' babies.
3. Help the mothers finish high school, so they can get jobs.
4. Mentor teen mothers live up to Xian values and avoid further pregnancies.

Wave your hands around in church, so jebus can see you. Maybe you'll go to heaven.
Service to others -- not so much.
10:23 PM on 03/05/2010
They so seem to be dong some things as there are a lot of Christian adoption agencies and "conservatives" in studies have been shown to have higher charitable contribution rates than others.
01:03 AM on 03/06/2010
Roe v. Wade isn't the law in Poland...
Liberal Democrat, Citizen Gadfly
04:53 PM on 03/05/2010
In 1936 Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler created a Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion: Special Office (II S), a subdepartment of Executive Department II of the Gestapo. The linking of homosexuality and abortion reflected the Nazi regimes population policies to promote a higher birthrate of its "Aryan" population. On this subject Himmler spoke in Bad Tölz on February 18, 1937, before a group of high-ranking SS officers on the dangers both homosexuality and abortion posed to the German birthrate.
Two 'alves of coconut!
11:42 PM on 03/06/2010
So, does that mean there might be some closet Nazis sneaking around in THIS country, with all the pro-life stuff?
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04:15 PM on 03/05/2010
Banning abortion does not stop abortion, just like banning guns doesn't stop criminals from getting guns, and just like banning drugs doesn't stop people from taking drugs. The only thing that banning abortion accomplishes is to create an underground abortion economy.
Μακάριοι οἱ εἰρηνοποιοί
04:05 PM on 03/05/2010
Wrong analogy! The Nazis were absolutely anti-abortion and anti-choice, so was Hitler. There were exceptions, in cases where aryans mixed with non-aryans, but in general they were against it and tried to curb abortions.

"According to statistics there are 600,000 abortions a year in Germany. The fact that these happen among the best German racial types has been worrying me for years. The way I see it we cannot afford to lose these young people, hundreds and thousands of them. The aim of protecting this German blood is of the highest priority. If we manage to stop these abortions we will be able to have 200 more German regiments every year on the march. Another 500,000 or 600,000 people could produce millions of marks for the economy. The strength of these soldiers and workers will build the greater Germany. This is why I founded Lebensborn in 1936. It fights abortions in a positive way. Every woman can have her child in peace and quiet and devote her life to the betterment of the race."
(SS chief Heinrich Himmler to Field-Marshal Keitel in 1939)
02:50 PM on 03/05/2010
This is sick, stupid and outrageous! I don't care that someone wants to say this is freedom of speech, this is insulting to millions of people!
01:06 AM on 03/06/2010
Here's some useful tools for you in combating the "Free Speech!" whine:

Free speech is not an absolute right.

Many countries' speech protections are not exact mirrors of America's, thus the whine often does not apply.

Some countries don't even have basic protections of speech, in which case the whine is moot.
Mike Armstrong
02:32 PM on 03/05/2010
One of Hitler's first actions after usurping power in Germany was to ban abortions for "Aryan" women.
He intended to kill the others.
Anti reproductive rights folks have very similar thinking.
They know what is best for you, too.
Don't trouble your mind with decision making.
01:55 PM on 03/05/2010
Bringing Hitler to the abortion debate is not progress, however, it is worth remembering that abortion is used every day to eliminate not just Poles but also many of societies undesirables: special needs children, children born into poverty or less than perfect families, children who happen to be female, etc. One of the measures of a loving society ought to be how it treats its least powerful. Every elective abortion drops us further from our goal.
01:07 AM on 03/06/2010
I would recommend a thorough reading of Nietzsche's thoughts on pity for you.
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Truth happens to individuals not crowds
02:15 AM on 03/06/2010
I did feel sorry for him at the end though....terrible way to go.
Erzsebet Gilbert
author, expat, traveler
01:31 AM on 03/06/2010
You don't get it! Those of us who are pro-choice aren't trying to force the decision to have an abortion on all women of any group, "undesirable" or no; we want any woman to possess the power over their own bodies and lives. It condescending and patriarchal to try and pretend you're protecting individuals by deciding what's best for them by your own standards.
And you're being rather short-sighted; you claim that a woman's individual choice brings you "further from our goal" of a loving society, but by banning abortion, you not only enact tyranny over the woman but increase the poverty of those you quite, quite patronizingly pretend to protect. When a woman can't choose abortion in a financially unfeasible situation or one of poor health, your laws only create a more impoverished class of rising populations without the resources to provide for children in a "loving society".
12:48 PM on 03/05/2010
What the anti-abortion folks fail to realize is, that if you give the government the right to force women and girls to give birth against their will, they may also then decide to force you to have an abortion, when the political winds change.

Point is - the choice is the woman's, not the government's.
Now with even MORE microbial micro-bio!
11:58 AM on 03/05/2010
Abortion might have prevented HITLER.
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12:21 PM on 03/05/2010
Or Einstein, Lech Walesa, Beyonce, Barack Obama, etc.
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01:50 PM on 03/05/2010
07:15 PM on 03/05/2010
..or prevented the person who would have found a cure for cancer from being born.
Remember 50 million persons have been aborted.
11:45 AM on 03/05/2010
Could these be the same pro-choice individuals who are opposed to affordable health care for the sick and poor?
Hypocrisy means your karma ran over your dogma
12:40 PM on 03/05/2010
The exact same ones.
Things that might have been never were.
01:18 PM on 03/05/2010
Yew betcha.
11:45 AM on 03/05/2010
Just down the hill from the house in which Benito Mussolini was born and raised, in Predappio, there's a large shop that sells Fascist and Nazi memorabilia. In its storefront window, alongside pictures of prominent Facists, Fascist and Nazi war medals, and other items extolling the murderous policies and practices of Mussolini and Adolf Hitler . . . a sign reading "Abortion is Murder."

The only "life" that anti-choice people and movements respect is "life" that is unborn.
02:24 PM on 03/05/2010
Well, without those "lives" where would the foot soldiers come from?
Save the "unwanted" for bigger armies... of god? Perhaps.
Twisted logic but, it reads like that in the broader picture.