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10:36 AM on 03/26/2010
Ultimately, she and her handlers were the ones who canceled her speech in Ottawa. The stories about protesters were majorly overblown, and she had intense security plus police. But she was immediately on the horn to the right wing bloggers questioning Canada's free speech record. Looks like a bully runs at the first sign of passionate protest (which is also free speech). She also had protesters in her beloved Conservative Calgary... just so you know Ann, even Conservatives in Canada have way more class than you ever will.
01:44 PM on 03/26/2010
Passionate protest is only free speech when it doesn't impede others free speech. And considering a protestor pulled a fire alarm I wouldn't say they were completely harmless. Even if it was only one protestor who was responsable.
02:06 PM on 03/26/2010
Where is the information confirming it was a protestor who "accidentally" triggered the fire alarm?

hint: The lackeys of one person and one person only (Coulter in case you were still wondering) had to divert attention from the fact she had no intention of turning up in the first place, and empty the building quickly. It worked, didn't it?

The demonstration was going very well, peacefully and lawfully. The protestors had no reason to bring their successfully heard voices to a halt.
08:36 AM on 03/27/2010
Passionate protest is always a right as long as they don't run afoul of any other laws.

Again, 'Freedom of Speech' as a concept is not meant to imply you can always, at any given arbitrary moment, be heard when you open your mouth. It's meant as a protection against the government. I can criticize my government because I enjoy a right to free expression. It doesn't mean that if I'm in the middle of criticizing my government and someone that disagrees shouts me down that my rights have somehow be abrogated. It just means that at that time, my message was drowned out. I can go and say it again somewhere else without fear of legal reprisal.

They didn't threaten her. They just told her that both her and her message aren't popular.
10:33 AM on 03/26/2010
LOL. I'm proud of Canada once again! First the Olympics, now this!
10:33 AM on 03/26/2010
It would appear that the MAJORITY of the students at the U. of Ottawa prefer not to have Anne Coulter speak at THEIR UNIVERSITY. If she understood anything about Canadians she would know that her hate and fear mongering speeches are not as acceptable there as it is here by our honorable and spineless liberals.

This woman hates and publicly ridicules any and all who do not share her radical right wing nut ideals. She advocates free speech as long as as it does not conflict with her point(s) of view.

People like herself and the incredibly ignorant Sara Palin are as toxic and dangerous from the right as Nancy Palosi is from the left. This has nothing to do with gender, it is a political mindset that goes beyond all boundries.

Coulter should be proud of the fact that she makes Michelle Malkin look like Mary Poppins. Coulter's response to be being cancelled from her speaking engagement was to call the university a "bush league university." How's that for a real class act?

If the liberals and conservatives are ever forced from power by the moderates we will then be able to experience REAL CHANGE. Until then it will remain smoke and mirror politics as usual.

How can any reasonably intelligent and informed American believe that we are going to change anything when the Democrat and Republican agendas are polar opposite and neither side is willing to come to the middle groumd?

Sapere aude. Incipe!
07:35 AM on 03/27/2010
Ah. The doctrine of false equivalence. Coulter wants to torture muslims on live television; invade their countries, execute their rulers and then force the rest to convert to christianity; Ms. Pelosi wants health care for children. You think they are both equally evil. I, too, pray that God bless America; she needs it.
10:13 AM on 03/26/2010
The University of Western Ontario gave her a small room and she didn't fill it, even with some of her American fans showing up. I saw this on local television, yet the media keeps repeating Coulter's handlers claim that the room was sold out. If she can't fill a 700 seat room in a city of 350,000 that is two hours drive from the US, I would say her career is toast.
11:59 AM on 03/26/2010
This perfectly explains why she pulled the publicity stunt she did in Ottawa. She could be called a has-been but that would be incorrect. She was never anything of relevance in the first place.
06:30 AM on 03/29/2010
Exactly. Booking a 400 seat room when you know the recent controversy is going to bring out massive amounts of people who don't support you, then have your organizers laugh and chat with their friends while letting in a trickle of 1-2 people every ten minutes is pretty much the perfect way to claim any crowd "unruly."
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10:06 AM on 03/26/2010
Dear Canadians,

As an American who is embarrassed and appalled by Ms. Coulter, please forgive us for her racist, ignorant and disrespectful comments. She does not represent the majority of Americans, and her views are becoming less relevant given the change in Administration and leadership in our Congress.
As a country, we have a lot of work to do to repair the damage caused by 8-years of the rethugnican leadership. Ms. Coulter’s followers (all 3 of them) represent the same people who led us into an unjust war, ruined the economy and espouse torture. I am not sure where the hateful and divisive views she expresses comes from, but I expect it has something to do with her upbringing.

We could learn much from your experience regarding gun control, the environment and tactfulness.


David Bledsoe
10:17 AM on 03/26/2010
fanned David Bledsoe
I don't let geographical borders limit my thinking
10:25 AM on 03/26/2010
We know it is a minority and she was represented by and Ultra conservative Canadian. Though how he can sleep at night knowing she is insulting Canadians is beyond me.

I think the only way people can stop the constant pounding of the hate drum is to dry up their source of income that. way Ann, Rush, Glenn and Sarah would start to respect the views of others and other countries.

That being said I am not holding my breath.
10:05 AM on 03/26/2010
I am curious as to why there is not more discussion concerning libel suits and content on the airwaves. There are many more restrictions than those supposedly imposed on mrs. coulter, yet banning certain speech in the media or against individuals seems to me to be tantamount to banning it anywhere. The flip side is a Muslim cannot take out a libel suit against Ann for the things she says, but if anyone were to make baseless comments about her she would have a case. Are we a society of individuals or a society of society.
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09:59 AM on 03/26/2010
Tolerance includes allowing ideas that are repugnant to you to be expressed.

Are you tolerant?
10:18 AM on 03/26/2010
This sounds a lot like: "You won't tolerate my own intolerance, so *I'm* the one being discriminated against now."

Express it (in words) all you want. That doesn't mean many people will listen to you or that your arguement is valid.
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11:21 AM on 03/26/2010
What I said is an accepted truism in a liberal democracy, I am surprised it is considered an "argument".

How consistently observers of speech apply this truism actually says more about the observer than the speaker.

This is not a right or left issue both are ready to censor the other side.
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10:25 AM on 03/26/2010
Calls for physical violence and murder have no place in the debate of ideas in a civilized society.
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11:23 AM on 03/26/2010
Literal incitement of physical acts is not protected speech by law. If it is believed that this occurred the incident should be sent to a public prosecutor for review so the rule of law can be followed.

Shout downs are mob rule.
09:57 AM on 03/26/2010
I hit a wrong button so don't know if this was posted or not.

Ann Coulter is one of my two favorite people to watch on TV. Note I said "watch" and not "listen to." Dick Morris is the other. Try this: When either comes on, hit the mute and just look. Morris talks - quite literally - out of both sides of his mouth. Coulter has a hair issue; it keeps falling over the right side of her face and she "adjusts" it at a rate that appears to be related to her degree of agitation. If she's calm it happens every minute and a half. As she becomes more worked up the rate increases and, at full speed, can be as often as every five to ten seconds.

We know she'll be on Fox News when she returns from Canada so it will be interesting to see her hair adjustment rate.
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Eternal Optimism
11:16 AM on 03/26/2010
good point! THe best way to watch Ms. Coulter on TV is with the sound off.
09:54 AM on 03/26/2010
As a Brit Immigrant of eight and half years in the US, I was appalled to discover Fox talk hate radio. Reminded me of Enoch Powell who was mostly silenced for his hate speech against Asians in the UK. How could America even allow this network of hate and incitement. A few years ago I heard this statement from Coulter whilst guesting on Sean Hannity show. "We should bomb Iran until they could not even build a transistor radio". Limbaugh recently 'we must defeat the bastards'. Inciting actions that might not know where to stop. Sedition against the President of the United States? Amazing?
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02:33 PM on 03/26/2010
This is stupid, "We should bomb Iran until they could not even build a transistor radio" - but I like that this stupid opinion ca be aired.

"How could America even allow this network of hate"... It is called free speech, it requires the listener to have tolerance, if you do not tolerate, you censor, ban speech (or books/network) and it is a very, very bad path to go down for a society.

Free speech bruises, but speech control imprisons.
Sapere aude. Incipe!
07:40 AM on 03/27/2010
Yes, thank you. Some Aussies and Brits tried to warn the US about thirty years ago about good ole Rupert. He married British tabloid journalism with American "free speech" and libel laws, and has tainted American politics ever since. Just got implicated, though, in a scandal intended to bring down the Australian government using a forged letter. Ooops.
09:49 AM on 03/26/2010
Dear Huffington Post,

Oh, so Canada isn't the 51 state ? Mmmm !
I'll be darned.

Yours truly,

Average American
Poor education ville
09:42 AM on 03/26/2010
Thanks for this insightful article. Thanks for doing the Coulter-watch. It is important to know what she is doing/saying--I just can't do it much myself. Don't usually follow Ann Coulter too closely, because every time I do she is saying something really surprisingly mean. Wow.

One small quibble--what do you have against us middle-aged folks?--twice you dog us in this one article. Ouch. 8-) (No offense to dogs). 8-)
09:36 AM on 03/26/2010
Greetings to my American friends and compatriots.I am not a conservative but I subscribe to Human Events online and receive news letters from them almost daily.One of those being rants from Ms Coulter.I am sure that some of the readers are familiar with what I am refering to.The articles she produces for that publication are to say the least incendiary.The people who hang on her every word and support her in the comments section of her blog are really something.As a group they call themselves conservative but seems to me in actual fact they are nothing more than racist,biggoted koolaid drinkers.The stuff they spout in support of Ann and her off the wall commentary makes me wonder what the future holds for the US if such nonsense is not challenged by the American public.Not the government but you the people.If your government were to outlaw it they would be playing into the hands of provocaters such as MsCoulter.If it comes from a groundswell of protest from the people it would be far more legit.
10:28 AM on 03/26/2010
I'm with you. I'm a Coulter hater myself, although I believe other mouthpieces like Beck and Hannity to be much more insidious and dangerous, because their messages are more subliminal and can entrap less radical minds.

Here's the dilemma with this event: It's a slippery slope to ban speech, either officially or through popular protest. Why? Well, imagine the reverse: There's a rabid Evangelical conference, or better yet a Christian fundamentalist university, and a liberal. even radical, theologian is booked to speak, intending to challenge the core beliefs of the fundamentalists. The campus, incited by a few outside wingnut agitators, protests and drives him away. What would be our (liberal) assessment of that event? If we said that it was good, we would be consistent. If we were outraged that dissenting views, needed to educate as well as test the dominant ideology, were suppressed, then we would be hypocrites. I have learned to push aside my fear of ideas. It's only in the "free market" that the best ideas are tested, honed, and let to prosper. In a closed market, ideas atrophy and lose life and power.

Which is it to be, my friends?
Canadian conservative,still left of a democrat
10:47 AM on 03/26/2010
she wasn't banned , her people cancelled ,not the police ,not the university , not the city...her people made the call to cancel.....guess it's better publicity to have said it was cancelled than have only 200 people show up. And if you spread hate and lies we should not give you a soapbox to stand on and spew it.....That is something I truly believe you's can learn from us....along with Healthcare , banking and hockey ;)
I don't let geographical borders limit my thinking
09:26 AM on 03/26/2010
Excellent article. I love the when the rabid right wing say's they are Christian. She said it on Canadian TV the other day it was laughable along with her outrage that members of Parliament could not hear her speak.

Note to MS Coulter our Prime Minister is conservative holds a minority govt do you really think it will boost his popularity to attend one of your speeches and endorse them.

I will repeat it again tea party in Canada usually involved old ladies, sweets and a cup of tea. Not hatred mixed with insulting minorities.
09:20 AM on 03/26/2010
OMG Is this what an overdose of Diet-Coke can do to a person?!
It's better to be a black king than a white knight
09:09 AM on 03/26/2010
Once again, we learn that the term "free speech" is a misnomer, for every word uttered carries a price.
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artist, writer, adventurer
09:31 AM on 03/26/2010
They don't have free speech in Canada. The first amendment only works in the USA. The Charter has something similar, but it's far, far weaker and there's that pesky "human rights commission" empowered to end it.
OK I checked my micro-bio (didn't know I had one
10:25 AM on 03/26/2010
What colossal crap...
Free enough for you...?
It's better to be a black king than a white knight
10:36 AM on 03/26/2010
Her mouthing off here resulted in the backlash there, hence the price she paid for her mouthing off.