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Liberal Lion
11:08 PM on 03/30/2010
This man was simply remarkable. I actually watched stand and deliver less than a couple of months ago and I was deeply impressed with his life's work. He was indeed a GREAT teacher. He proved that you can have an impact on inner city kids that are minorities whom all to often society and forgets or tends to kick the can down the road instead of tackling the problem head on like Mr. Escalante did. He actually cared and believed in his students, unfortunately you can't say that about too many teachers in the inner cities.

RIP may you be blessed richly in heaven.
pwning cons since 2007
11:04 PM on 03/30/2010
now how are we supposed to get the kids to listen?
11:04 PM on 03/30/2010
"How can I reach these keeds?"
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This Space for Rent
12:42 AM on 03/31/2010
There was a great lesson in that episode.
Just flew in from Chicago and my arms are tired.
10:59 PM on 03/30/2010
This is a life lived. Farewell, good friend.
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10:41 PM on 03/30/2010
Thanks for making such a big difference in so many lives. RIP, Mr. Escalante.
10:32 PM on 03/30/2010
Godspeed, Jaime.

Can you imagine how many lives he impacted????
10:37 PM on 03/30/2010
that's cool to think about. so true. rip.
10:31 PM on 03/30/2010
Teachers like this should be what all others should be measured by...anything less should just be unacceptable...parents and students should demand all teachers be of such high magnitude...imagine what American students could achieve when expected to with teachers that know how to inspire!
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11:02 PM on 03/30/2010
Yeah, I'd like to be as effective as he was. As I'm sure you'd like to be as effective as the top performer in the country in your field, whatever it is. But to be held to the that standard is ridiculous. I'm not a great teacher, but I do alright, and I do try to be better each time around, but personality-wise, I can't measure up to the way he connected to his low-income students. Sorry, I guess that I'm unacceptable; drive me out of the profession and kill me.
By the way, rumor has it that he emphasized process over understanding; in other words, he taught to the test. Still incredible achievement in his life for which he deserves the accolades. It was his force of personality and dedication that made the difference.
I still believe but I'm getting tired
12:37 AM on 03/31/2010
Interesting point. But, regardless of his methods, the pride, in my opinion the self confidence , pride and work ethic he instilled in these kids was way beyond an understanding of calculus. I'm sure you are a fine teacher. Teaching is hard, the whole community needs to support the teachers more. I think education is a group effort - parents, teachers, kids and the community need to support it full board instead of making excuses.
01:19 AM on 03/31/2010
"Sorry, I guess that I'm unacceptable; drive me out of the profession and kill me."

Perhaps your true calling is as a Drama seriously, I'm sorry I hit a nerve...I meant no apologies. I just believe in advocating for higher standards in education and I extend that there should also be higher standards in parenting as well and students should have higher expectations for themselves. We ALL just need to raise the bar and quit accepting mediocrity(or less) in ALL we do.
11:07 PM on 03/30/2010
And every scientist should be measured against Einstein!!! That's ridiculous. Escalante wasn't just a good teacher--he was a brilliant, genius teachers. You will note that such teachers get books and movies made about them. Regular, very good teachers, still have a very very hard time making a big difference in urban school kids' grades--the social environment these kids are living in put education at the bottom of the list of important things. I teach with a lot of excellent teachers and we are at our wits' end in trying to get our students to want to learn. If all you needed were good teachers, there wouldn't be a problem in urban schools.
Sick to freakin' death
10:25 PM on 03/30/2010
Truly an inspirational educator. Thank you for all you did for young people who had so little and gained so much.
10:24 PM on 03/30/2010
RIP. Truly inspirational.
10:22 PM on 03/30/2010
Rest in Peace Mr. Escalante.
cameron d
Good Guys Win
10:21 PM on 03/30/2010
A great inspritation. A terrible movie.
Mathematics is the language of nature.
09:35 PM on 03/30/2010
What a truly inspirational math teacher for so many of us in the field.
09:35 PM on 03/30/2010
Just read his obit on the L.A. Times website.

Sad to hear, what a great guy.

RIP, friend of youth.
09:23 PM on 03/30/2010
08:44 PM on 03/30/2010
Oh how sad! He is being honored at JPL tonight...