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02:15 PM on 04/18/2010
Such crimes have been committed before and have not seen such outrageous penalties. Mr. Rubashkin, it seems, is facing a harsh verdict simply for being an orthodox Jew, and I hope we can trust our great justice system to make sure that does not happen.
01:51 PM on 04/18/2010
Thank You rabbi Shmuli for explaining so clearly what has gone wrong with this case. We are not saying that Rubashkin has done nothing wrong, we just want a FAIR & JUST trial & sentence!
01:50 PM on 04/18/2010
I for sure agree to the Rabbi,
Whats going on here where is the justice for straight people?
We live in a democratic country!!!!
01:17 PM on 04/18/2010
I have to agree with Rabbi Boteach and to those who disagree he's not arguing not to sentence Rubashkin, he's arguing against putting Rubashkin away for life! How can you disagree with that?!?
01:06 PM on 04/18/2010
"found guilty of defrauding a bank and producing false invoices in order to keep the business going. There is no insinuation that he did any of this for personal profit or gain.

What?!? It was HIS business. Of course it was for his personal profit and gain.

Rubashkin was convicted by a jury on over 85 federal fraud charges. He mistreated his workers horribly because they were disposable goyim to him. His kosher plant was another lie: he didn't use kosher methods, and his slaughter techniques were discovered to be inhumane. In addition, he butchered sick cows, and sold this diseased meat.

And then his community had the gall to issue a petition accusing the court of being anti-Semitic?
01:36 PM on 04/18/2010
You are repeating absolute falsehoods.

One day, you will have to answer to the Creator of this world all the lies that you fabricate and repeat about Rubashkin.

He never mistreated anyone; he was the kindest employer. His plant was sophisticated and USFDA approved and was most kosher.

The animals were treating very humanely.

Stop repeating absolute non-sense, stop crucifying this man for the sins you imagine. It is utterly revolting.
08:42 PM on 04/18/2010
what are you so angry about? comments like yours are the ones that create a false image of the truth. stay on track with the facts. no one is dodging the truth nor its consequences. but falsehoods should not be tolerated. Learn the facts. even allegations were witheld when it finally came to court.
12:54 PM on 04/18/2010
Not sure if my comment wet through earlier. I am shocked and appaulled by this punishment - way out of line!!!
12:53 PM on 04/18/2010
Thank you for this article. I wish this were a nightmare I could wake up from .
I am horrified at putting a man away for life when he did not murder, rape, steal or commit and crime warranting such punishment. Give him what he deserves and let him go back to his family.
By now, he has no doubt suffered more than enough.
12:41 PM on 04/18/2010
Thanks Rabbi Shmuley for your clear and intelligent presentation of the injustice evident in this case.
12:32 PM on 04/18/2010
Mr. Rubashkin does not deserve to be sentenced to life imprsonment.
Punishment has to FIT the crime, and in America, our legal system should not be run on "guilty until proven innocenct"...which seems to be the case with Mr. Rubashkin.
10:00 AM on 04/18/2010
How is it justifiable that they can demand he receive what a murderer or Bernie Madoff would receive?
09:41 AM on 04/18/2010
Mr. Rubashkin has been demonized in the media. As a visible minority, he is an easy target for Middle America, who have no sympathy for his type.

The distinction between a proper justice system and a lynching is that one is ruled by fairness and the other by vengeance. Mr. Rubashkin is being lynched.

Anyone with a conscience cannot let a good person rot in jail for the rest of his life because he made some mistakes.

And simply because it is within the legal framework to put this man away, does NOT MAKE IT MORAL. Remember, it is only a few decades ago, that it was the LAW in the some states in the USA that a black person had to go to the back of the bus! The Law!

Just because the prosecutors and the judge find a legal framework to throw Rubashkin under the bus, does not make it moral.

Anyone with a conscience must speak out. This man has lost everything; he has been punished far too severely. As Martin Luther King said: Justice denied anywhere, is an assault on justice everywhere.
09:36 AM on 04/18/2010
This case,and the treatment to which Rubashkin is subjected is a true travesty of jusice.That said,I disagree with Boteach's quick condemnation of Rubashkin.Originally,he was thought to be a "flight risk" -on the mere grounds of being Jewish.He has proven that there is no risk whatsoever of his fleeing,and friends and neighbors have offered their very homes as a means of guaranteeing this.He has suffered in prison as well -violently attacked by an anti-Semitic inmate,and the prison's "solution" was that he,the victim, be placed in solitary confinement.
There can be no argument that he was unfairly singled out,and I,for one, (joined by thousands of his co-religionists worldwide),hope and pray that the Justice Department will come to their senses.
05:55 AM on 04/18/2010
Rubashkin is being treated in a terrible way. His crime DOES not fit the time! Totally unjust! Let us see a fair America!
04:32 AM on 04/18/2010
oops, I meant postville not des moines
04:28 AM on 04/18/2010
There are murderers who get less than that of a life sentence.

What Mr. Rubashkin is being sentenced for does not compare to murder by a landslide.

The crimes that Mr. Rubashkin allegedly committed only happened after his plant was raided and he could not pay the banks anymore due to bankruptcy. Whatever sceam Mr. Ruabashkin had going with the banks, the banks did not mind, so long as they were getting paid. What he did was not for any personal benifit, it was for the benifit of the Des Moines and surrounding communities.

Before the Rubashkins opened their plant, Des Moines had nothing, the plant brought people, opened more jobs and did more good than bad.

The punishment should fit the crime. A life sentence in outragous! The treatment of Mr. Ruabshkin just because of his religion is outrageous!

Let America not forget what it stands for!