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02:02 AM on 05/21/2010
In order for DNI to command any respect he has to have budgetary authority over the agencies he "oversees." Without that kind of authority he is bound to be marginalized and become just a patsy. If there's one thing our intelligence community is good at, it's making use of patsies.
01:54 AM on 05/21/2010
My guess is the replacement will do nothing different. his is window dressing
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01:52 AM on 05/21/2010
Is this the guy who spies on American citizens?
01:23 AM on 05/21/2010
National Intelligence? Where?
01:12 AM on 05/21/2010
Wuk? This administration is the most brilliant in terms of intelligence gathering that we've ever had, possibly that the world has ever seen. This is a totally unnecessary change - we've had a perfect record so far, especially when compared to the whoreking bush. This sounds like a darth cheney plan to undermine obama. Down with conservatives!
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01:01 AM on 05/21/2010
After reading comments below, I.m relieved to conclude everyone else is as confused as I am by the current organization of US intelligence agencies. Homeland Security and National Director of Intelligence were superimposed on FBI, CIA, and military intelligence agencies, none of whom were disposed to cooperate beyond the formalities.I suspect having no one in charge suited Rumsfeld and Cheney, enabling them to circumvent traditional channels and disciplines. A clean up is in order but that recalls to mind the phrase "It's hard to remember that you're there to clean up the swamp when you're up to your ass in alligators.:
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01:39 AM on 05/21/2010
I knew Homeland Security was a bad idea from the start.
02:01 AM on 05/21/2010
I have a feeling that if we were not at least on some level confused by our intelligence community, they wouldn't be doing their job right... for better or worse, I guess.
11:52 AM on 05/21/2010
I think you're right. Can't understand why Congress has trouble getting info from them. More leaks in Congress than in your local koffee klatch. Between that and a press that appears determined to give anyone watching terrorism lessons, I'm rather glad that we don't have the lowdown on our covert agencies.
Remember the Valerie who-the-h***-cares story? What a spectacle that was. Anything for political points, even tearing at a sitting administration during a war.
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12:57 AM on 05/21/2010
I'm a little grumpy with Sullivan and Dozier for writing, ".. authorities had hoped to keep [underwear bomber's] cooperation secret." Blair *is* an authority, and an amazingly high ranking one. They are both wrong and disrespectful. And quite frankly, given the FBI's track record, I really don't care what they want - but they should be identified as "FBI authorities," not just "authorities. That is poor journalism and also poor editing.
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12:55 AM on 05/21/2010
This was an informative, even if sad article -- until the end.

Suddenly, Sen. Bonds is blaming ERIC HOLDER for undermining Mr. Blair?? Huh? Where did that come from? Left field, in my book, since it makes no sense in the article at all.
12:42 AM on 05/21/2010
obama throws another victim under the bus to cover up his own incompetence. I notice the propaganda arm of the obama regime tried to smear President Bush also. The fort hood shooting was an act of terrorism that obama felt he could avoid responsibility for by refusing to call it by it's true name.
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12:45 AM on 05/21/2010
Lame, very lame.
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In Dogs We Trust
12:57 AM on 05/21/2010
Yeah, but the right wingers have nothing left, nothing, they are losing on all fronts and are thoroughly discredited to all but the most irrational followers. Right now the only ones supporting them are the wealthy, the insane, the racists, and the incompetents.
12:53 AM on 05/21/2010
I can't stand Barry O - but I have to disagree with some of that. Blair committed professional suicide when he threw down with Panetta - and then lost.
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May you reap what you sow.
01:08 AM on 05/21/2010
You don't have to tell us that you can't stand the President. You do that when you call him Barry.
12:42 AM on 05/21/2010
I've got this sneaking suspicion that any nation that has 850+ military bases placed all over the world, and spends, if honestly calculated, a TRILLION DOLLARS a year on all things military, well, some people around the world are going to be a little upset when that show comes to their town!
12:40 AM on 05/21/2010
As if President Obama could nominate anyone for any office, and get it past the GNoPes. We've gone through at least two potential TSA heads, who've given up after the agony of the fake GOP "vetting". Screw the GOP! Let the death of the USA be on their shoulders. Of course, we should string them up from lamp-posts, when they've achieved their goal of destroying our nation!
Beware the monsters lurking in word swamps.
02:16 AM on 05/21/2010
Sometimes I read comments like these and wonder if I or the poster exist in the same universe.
A Disciple of Nietzsche
12:39 AM on 05/21/2010
What's the big deal? Maxim Maximus got it right: Blair is being held accountable for not doing a good enough job to keep his position.

If this were a Republican President, this would have been reported as "running government like a business, or bringing "business principles" to the public sector.

The Media can't help but make EVERYTHING that happens in the Obama Administration into an uber-drama. The fact is, government is, by its very nature, full of change, discord and, yes, firing. In many ways, it's a far more complicated and difficult system to manage and "bringing business principles" to it are worthless.

Let's hope Obama appoints a better person for the job this time around.
A system of reward, not entitlements.
12:25 AM on 05/21/2010
So Dennis Blair is the fall guy now? I laugh at this. I laugh at this administration whose Director of Homeland Security is more spooked by our own war veterans and Americans who lean to the right than the actual enemy of the U.S. which are Islamic extremists!

No war on terror during our watch...oh and fire Dennis Blair so it looks like we are doing something about our security.

I laugh at this administration while I cry for the future security of our nation.
12:30 AM on 05/21/2010
Laugh at yourself for posting such comments. He's being held accountable and since he couldn't deliver what he was supposed to deliver, he's being replaced by someone else. This happens routinely in every high level jobs. So what's the big deal. There is no point in creating drama. This is a team effort. One player gets out of the game, another one gets's as simple as that.
A system of reward, not entitlements.
12:36 AM on 05/21/2010
Why don't you assist the Director of Homeland Security then. Be sure to check every veteran returning from Iraq....cause he or she may be out to hurt our nation! I can't believe how disgusting this administration is. Now we even have President Obama standing next to the President of Mexico while they both bash one of the United States! Disgusting.
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12:38 AM on 05/21/2010
Lots to bash and lots of bash going around, dude.
emma richmond
12:19 AM on 05/21/2010
This is another one of Cheney boys, who have been leaking information, since you wingnuts are busy making jokes out of this. How many people could have been killed Xmas Day attempted Bombing , while Blair sit on the information days before the incident, in which we still believe Cheney and the Republicans had something to do with him holding the information and the President found out, my Vision almost right 95 percent of the time, this guy was Cheney eyes as well as the Republicans, it also seem as he have been interfering with the interrogation of the Terrorist other words they couldn't trust him, because he was still working for Cheney and feeding them information.
as a young man I said I'd never get old an didn'
12:36 AM on 05/21/2010
Rambling Rose Where You wonder Heaven knows. WOW
12:10 AM on 05/21/2010
Funny how Obama can sack this guy no one has ever heard of, but he's keeping the real monsters like Geithner and Summers at his bedside. Birds of a feather.
12:31 AM on 05/21/2010
It's easy to blurt out comments which have no substances, isn't it?
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12:34 AM on 05/21/2010
So, you're an ornithologist, huh? More like an ichthyologist 'cuz your theory seems fishy.