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8 years of Obama, deal with it!
12:18 AM on 05/27/2010
Why wasn't I invited?
12:14 AM on 05/27/2010
The best and the brightest! Who else thinks college is the new high school?
Deception is Reality
09:24 AM on 05/27/2010
As many graduate from a four-year college today (1/3) as did graduate high school around 1950, if my sociology text was right... It is the new high school by numbers, and the No Child Allowed Ahead has created a generation of kids who expect to only see in class exactly what is on the test. As a result, high school has tainted the college environment by lowering academic expectations and creating much more free time for stuff like this to happen, imo.

(However, I still feel this story is a relatively isolated incident...)
Grandma with eye on the future
11:47 PM on 05/26/2010
Gee, disgusting behavior from a bunch of drunk college kids. What else is new? However, the sororities and its' membership should have to pay for every last cent of the damage and losses. Insurance shouldn't have to pay for it, they should.
11:43 PM on 05/26/2010
I don't know what we can to control these caucasian legal US citizens. They are constantly starting this kind of trouble; they behave like animals.

(BTW, who wants to bet the cleaning crew was all immigrants, who wish their children could go to college, and whose children would work hard to make the most of their chance to get educated?)
12:21 AM on 05/27/2010
Very well put.
Ben Cohn
01:56 PM on 05/27/2010
Your so sad and pathetic. Grow up. Be upset at the kinds themselves, not others with nothing to do about it. Plus, you might want to step on a college campus recently, they do a pretty good job with diversity at the ones I have been to. And NO "good job" does not mean some quota level. For example, CU Boulder probably only has about 20-25% minorities at the whole school....sounds like their not doing a good job right....until you actually look at the stats and see they are admitting minority student applicants at a % rate almost double white students. Nothing wrong with that, but please GROW UP. White people aren't the devil. If there is anyone whose a bigoted in this conversation it is clearly you jeffp
03:02 PM on 05/27/2010
CU has 25% minorities? :laughs: I grew up in Colorado and, alas, go to CU, but it seems the vast majority of students are over privileged, wealthy, white kids from out of state who can afford the 20 g out of state tuition, and only go so they can party in Aspen on daddy's credit card.
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05:22 PM on 05/27/2010
What chapter were you there Benjahmin? You sure do wanna protect all the little frat babies under your skirts in this comment section....

Again, google 'wild frat parties' and tell me who needs to grow up....

11:31 PM on 05/26/2010
I never saw the fun in destroying property in the name of partying. It's not exactly a riot, but it's really idiotic nonetheless. Who assumes money grows on trees? It's not even for political unrest or rage against the government, which I really don't agree with either. Just dumb crap to do for kicks because they know somebody else will pay for it. Why are they "bleeding the beast" that's just trying to show them a good time and let them have a place to party thinking they were civilized people?
10:46 PM on 05/26/2010
A number of comments posted have to do with the sex part of the story. Many posters are astonished that young adults would act this way in these times. Here's a link that will give you a fraternity member's stance on the issue.
Sorry, your guidelines did not meet my micro-bio.
12:25 AM on 05/27/2010
LOL WHERE did you ever find that website? It reads like a lame over-the-top SNL-style parody, but it looks like they actually sort of mean what they're saying. It may be the most disturbing website I've ever seen in my life, and I've seen some disturbing websites. I'm actually pretty shocked, and I don't think that happens so often. Kudos to you!
01:18 AM on 05/27/2010
munya, it is satire. The bloggers are being sarcastic. Consider watching the youtube titled "brorape"
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10:33 PM on 05/26/2010
They must all be from Athens, OH. lol
10:55 PM on 05/26/2010
lol you are wrong. Pi Phi'sat these 2 Ohio public universities are nice suburban girls from nice suburbs like Cleveland (Pepper Pike, Shaker Heights et al) Columbus (Bexley) Toledo (Ottawa Hills) and nearby Cincinnati.
12:42 AM on 05/27/2010
Miami University is a very expensive public university in Oxford, Ohio
10:23 PM on 05/26/2010
Frats and sororities are full of morons, why is this news
01:19 AM on 05/27/2010
so are walmarts, gas stations, the internet...
01:09 PM on 05/27/2010
so true, Davis! Personally, I think it sounds like they had a blast at their formal. Probably shouldn't have destroyed property-- but I'm assuming had I been there I would have had fun!

Half the people commenting on this article sound like they could use a weekend like this just to loosen up!
Nia Avalon
09:59 PM on 05/26/2010
I went to college in the late 70s, early 80s (I was on the 12 year, change majors, drop out and go back plan). My freshman year, I pledged a sorority, unfortunately. Someday, I will write about it, but promise to keep the names confidential, as some of the women I knew later became celebrities.

We did coke (the $$ drug), smoked, drank, had sex, wrecked hotels...I was fortunate that I was kicked out - the Nat. President's daughter, who had a heroin problem, obviously wasn't going to be thrown out and as I was not a legacy (mom wasn't in the group), I was elected.

Did I actually do what I was accused of? No. Did I do a bunch of other stuff? Yes. I also quit all that in 1984, alcohol, drugs, stupidity. I happen to think that we should be allowed to be young and stupid - and as long as kids are being "illegal" there is no way to monitor and gently correct out-of-control behavior before someone gets hurt, or killed. In my day, we did not know that you could die of alcohol poisoning - until several frat boy pledges died after being forced to chug 3 fifths of bourbon. I was in a band from 81-83, and I swear we didn't do half the chit that the republican sorority chicks got away with! Nothing's changed, it just gets more publicity these days.
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09:35 PM on 05/26/2010
With leaders like we have in this country I'd expect nothing less from the youngsters.
09:59 PM on 05/26/2010
Yep, Obama sends out a private email to every college-age girl in the country encouraging them to act like hookers!
Nia Avalon
10:02 PM on 05/26/2010
You are so fanned!!!
Friendship is magic!!!!
11:28 PM on 05/26/2010
That's what the country gets for electing someone with ties to the tequila and cheap perfume lobby.
Saucy strawberry blonde
09:28 PM on 05/26/2010
I went to O.U. my freshman yr (then transferred to Kent State).
The Pi Phi girls were notorious then (I'm in my mid-30's, so this was the early 90's) for their wh**ing.
One of the things they also were known for was making their fellow sisters take a clothes pin test (ya know... the kind you use on a line to dry clothes).
They would use the pin to "measure" the fat on the girl's body.
If they could pinch enough so called fat in the clothes pin (although I tend to believe it was just skin), then the girl was forced to go on a diet... or else.
I don't know what the "or else" part was because every girl that I knew that was put on the diet just did what they were told.
08:55 PM on 05/26/2010
Colleges have been lowering their admi$$ion standards for too long. Time to raise standards; not everyone deserves to attend college.
Hands off SS, Medicare & Medicaid
01:56 AM on 05/27/2010
Many private colleges simply admit anyone willing and able to pay full tuition. Admission is simply a formality. I could tell you a couple of colleges that will admit people who don't even speak English if their daddies have enough jack.
Nomen est omen.
08:25 PM on 05/26/2010
C'mon, kids! "Animal House" is way last decade. Find a realtor who wants to demolish a house, and hire yourselves out as a wrecking crew. Get drunk, raise hell, and make money!
Nia Avalon
10:38 PM on 05/26/2010
Actually, we did that. The punk band I was in rented a house that was built in the early 1800s in a small Texas town. We had great parties, and great times there. The owner then sold it to a fraternity. Our band had a "Break the Floor" party, to celebrate the change from liberal to conservative ownership. We broke the floor (all 400-600 or so people, it was the 80s - and I only sort-of remember it, so I was there...). Amazing what you can find under an old house... (The Frat boys were at the party too, so don't judge, you weren't there - or were you?) We made money, moved, and went on the road for a year. I only sort-of remember that too, but fondly, very fondly.
08:24 PM on 05/26/2010
Just so there is no confusion, this is Miami University of Ohio (who?) and not University of Miami in Florida.
08:20 PM on 05/26/2010
lame..grow up already, you're 21 and 22 years old for christ's sake.