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08:39 AM on 06/04/2010
Right... If that were true all the worlds beaches would be stained with oil, there would be oil slicks everywhere, and unless you've never been to the ocean, you should know that just isn't so.

The problem with people like you is you can deny facts that are right in front of your face. You can see this slick in pictures and can SEE the damage (or do you claim these are manufactured?), you can see what it is doing to people's livelihoods (or are they all part of some conspiracy?), you see what its doing to wildlife (or do bird normally get covered in oil all the time?), and still you deny. It's a pathetic as it is disgusting.

Now go back and stick you head in the sand, moron.
08:29 AM on 06/04/2010
The errors in your article are (at least) two-fold: one, humans do not yet possess the knowledge to be “stewards of the Gulf of Mexico” or any other ecosystem; and two, your biblical creation myth explicitly states that god gave man “dominion” over the earth’s creatures. Presumably, to the primitive Bronze Age nomads who composed this saga, this was understood as permission to eat the creatures, rather than to safeguard their habitats.

Pagans revered Nature, but Christian dogma traditionally taught that the fleash and the natural world is no less than the realm of satan himself

So, congratulations, once again you have revised the immutable, Eternal Revealed Truth to keep pace with human progress. Oh, and be sure to dismiss this comment as “hate-filled bigotry” so you can spare yourself the inconvenience of an honest appraisal of the toxic legacy of Judaeo-Christian-Islamism.
08:44 AM on 06/04/2010
It was more stewardship than dominion. I think you also consider that the bible itself has never killed anyone, just human interpretation thereof.
06:48 PM on 06/04/2010
Just as the Constitution did not invade Iraq.
Speak the Truth, even if your voice shakes
09:13 AM on 06/04/2010
Bronze Age nomads? Pagans? I'd love to read YOUR history book!
08:09 AM on 06/04/2010
Great article ...

The premise of our existence - with winners and losers and the winners TAKE ALL - is crumbling, as it should.

Any justification of this "supply chain' is morally untenable, as we are witnessing.
07:48 AM on 06/04/2010
"But I am also reminded of what G.K. Chesterton once said when asked what was most wrong with the world. He reportedly replied, "I am."

This quote may summarize the essence of our apathy in America. A profound change for me came at the point when I became aware, and then upset and frustrated at many environmental issues in the world. I kept wondering why our culture/government allows pollution and broken systems to continue. Then I looked in at my life: It is ME driving a low mileage car even on short trips, letting it idle forever, feeling that I NEED and am entitled to that car. It is ME walking out of the mall and supermarket with overpackaged items packed in plastic take out bags year after year. It is ME buying foam coffee cups and take out food containers. It is ME who is landfilling my endless consumer goods and easily compostable items in my home community. And ME needlessly wasting home electricity at a rate that is way out of whack with the rest of the world.

I started to reduce my impact, and make incremental changes. I'm glad I did. I'm not perfect, far from it, but I'm trying. Our current way of life in this country shouldn't be the legacy we leave behind. We are better than that. Thank you for your article Mr. Wallis.
07:21 AM on 06/04/2010
Oil exists on the surface of the earth and under the surface. It is a naturally produced product. An earthquake or volcano can open underwater reserves in the exact same way as a human produced well. This is like arguing that shaking a tree and making the leaves fall off in October is spoiling the earth. You cannot spoil the earth by moving naturally produced substances around.
08:05 AM on 06/04/2010
This has got to be one of the stupidest things i've ever heard. You got it from Limbo, didn't you?
Do you understand how stupid it is to be afraid?
08:06 AM on 06/04/2010
I was going to write a satirical entry to the effect that religious types talk a good God game but when asked to back it up with money, they're suddenly "Hey, God made water, God made oil; so what if they get mixed." And here you are, living that obtuse scenario. Thanks for making my point.
Reality is not disney world
07:20 AM on 06/04/2010
It is highly suggested that you watch WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR and read Shock Doctrine.....WE ARE NOT TOO BLAME,,,that is like saying that Gore would have been as bad as Bush and that McCain would have done the same things as Obama.......WE HAVE ELECTED OFFICIAL and they need to do their jobs WHICH INCLUDES PROSECUTING ALL THE LAWS....The idea that the damages for any corporation that make Billions and Billions EACH AND EVERY YEAR should be limited to less than 100 million is INSANITY....but that is what the Tort Reform Republicans would do to us, to subject us to the corporations whims and then say TOO BAD......
Speak the Truth, even if your voice shakes
08:54 AM on 06/04/2010
they make me want to scream too.....
Fiscally Conservative LIBERAL
06:59 AM on 06/04/2010
"New York Times columnist Tom Freidman recently wondered about the deeper meaning of the Great Recession when he asked, "What if it's telling us that the whole growth model we created over the last fifty years is simply unsustainable economically and ecologically and that 2008 was when we hit the wall -- when Mother Nature and the market both said, 'No More.'" The Great Spill makes the point even more."

We've got to stop worshipping at the altar of money and cease praying for ever-increasing dividends from the stock markets. I so agree with Jim Wallis, whom I admire and respect.

I think we're nearing a "tipping point" which will be even more incredibly painful for us in the immediate future, but in the long run we'll start doing what we've always known is morally, ethically, and spiritually right: Take care of our planet, our communities, and our children.
Reality is not disney world
07:24 AM on 06/04/2010
He is trying to paint this as the responsibility of the all POLITICIANs and that is egregiously WRONG....The Republican administrations of the last 30 years have run up 92% of the deficit....By increasing Corporate Welfare, decreasing taxes ON the RICH and not even auditing the rich and Encouraging Offshore Banking and other tools of Shock Doctrine.....According to GREENSPAM and BUSH CABAL. the free market will take care of FRAUD which is the same as waving a flag that it is GOOD TO GO....
06:07 AM on 06/04/2010
Tax carbon based energy now. Start with gasoline. I would also extend it to the power grid but many consumers would be unfairly discriminated against if they lived in areas where the only electricity was carbon based.

Also, thank you Mr Wallis for again bringing our attention to the Aristotelian ethic.
06:00 AM on 06/04/2010
Mr. Wallis, I thank you sir; I thank you for having the courage to say what needs to be said in these times, through all of the ridicule and rancor. Something is indeed happening in our world and a proper response is required. I watched the movie Avatar, and other than the worn foreigner coming in to save the day for the native’s contrivance (can you say Tarzan), the story was right on. I use that bit of popular culture because as with disaster, art is a place where humans can find commonality. We need to lock arms hearts and minds to face the challenges of today and tomorrow, and this should not be toil, but the most joyous of work. Leadership of the highest order is in demand. If someone/some people could step up and shine the light on a better way forward that all could see and find inspiration within, we would be down the road lickety-split. Jaundiced self interest will be the ruin. Now more than ever America needs to be a family. Now more than ever we need to exorcise our demons of dysfunction and detrimental dispute causing stagnation and diverting our attention from what really ails.
06:27 AM on 06/04/2010
We need to gather as a giant energized and compassionate village, take stock of ourselves, have a meeting of the minds, a healing of the hearts, formulate a plan that utilizes every resource available and that leaves no stone unturned in terms of righteous tactics and strategies designed not only to heal a nation, but to propel a nation through the murky waters of a pressing realization of a need to change.

“I watched the movie Avatar, and other than the worn, foreigner coming in to save the day for the natives contrivance (can you say Tarzan), the story was right on.”
05:23 AM on 06/04/2010
Huge energy/planet saving opportunity: US Postal Service - mail delivery to homes only 2 times per week. Current routes can be cut by 2/3 if they rotate delivery. Think of the gas saved there. Next, centralize the ability to STOP all the junk mail/catalogs being sent via the post office!! Think of all the trees saved!! This is an EASY to implement solution. Save gas, save trees!!
Reality is not disney world
07:25 AM on 06/04/2010
Yes and it we shut down the hospitals that would save immense money also....
04:46 AM on 06/04/2010
There is a collective disconnect by many Americans to the natural world that we are dependent on for our very existence. Modern technology has made life "easier" in terms of housing, transportation, food, etc., but I see the younger generation being tuned out by the distractions of cell phones, video games and other meaningless distractions. American adults, weighed down by an unstable economy and an uncertain future, cannot intellectually process the decline of our once-comfortable way of life.

I don't consider myself religious, but I have felt a deep connection to nature since an early age. I try to tune out as much of everyday distractions as I can. I tend my garden, enjoy the birds in my yard, pay attention to the rhythms of the seasons. I watch cloud formations and relish in the simplicity of the sun on my face and the smell of a flower. Those connections to the earth are what is missing for so many people, and why there is so little recognition of how much we are really losing in this horrible catastrophe.
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06:48 AM on 06/04/2010
Exactly right! Unfortunately, we and all life on earth will pay the price for this.
Reality is not disney world
07:26 AM on 06/04/2010
This is what you get when you have a VP who shots a friend in the face....Do you really think that they care about ANYTHING except their own pocketbook?
Came to believe.....
04:19 AM on 06/04/2010
I moved to Belgium four months ago, and am a driver of one of those little teeny cars that gets 40/mpg. If Americans could only see what Belgians have to go through in terms of separating and recycling of household garbage, they would be shocked. Garbage bags come in a roll of 10 and cost 10 euros. (about $14) It makes you think twice about what you're putting in there, can it be recycled and does it belong in one of the containers in the garage? You don't throw those suckers out 1/2 full. Plastic grocery bags cost one euro each, so we use re-usable canvas bags. Those plastic bags you so blithely use require oil to manufacture. Same with water bottles, plastic soda bottles, milk jugs, etc. I'm not saying that Belgium doesn't generate just as much garbage; I'm saying they have the systems in place to recycle almost all of it, and if America demanded more recycling technology, and adhered to stricter standards of disposal, it would make a world of difference, a huge first step in diminishing our dependence on oil. Sadly, I don't think it will happen. Everyone else seems to be on the bandwagon here - and while it's a pain in the A$$, it is accepted. I don't understand why America isn't, but hope that the GoM spill will open a few eyes as to what we're doing to this planet because of our own laziness.
06:08 AM on 06/04/2010
Good post. I feel a less extreme but still apropos version of this living in Germany.
07:12 AM on 06/04/2010
Thank you for your post. Honestly some continued enlightenment and pressure from other countries is needed. For americans that have been able to travel abroad, we have seen how further ahead many other countries are in recycling terms and in terms of lower consumption across the board. Also I've noticed a deeper awareness for not wasting resources.

You commented that you didn't understand why america isnt on the bandwagon. Living here, I truly can't understand this either, other than to think we are now ingrained to be willfully ignorant, or we are apathetic as a culture in general.
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It's NOT paranoia if they really R out to get U.
02:54 AM on 06/04/2010
It kills me when ya'll talk about "God's creation" with such conviction of authority that the very idea that it isn't doesn't come into the conversation.

Who's creation is it now? Seriously, there's something mentally wrong with religious folks and I'm tired of cow-towing to you. I don't care if your "hearts in the right place", the small space from which your voice always emanates makes me cringe.

The faster we all drop the "god thing" and get to really working for the survival of our species in terms of both not destroying our habitat and not killing each other in the name of delusion, the better.
Reality is not disney world
07:32 AM on 06/04/2010
I am somewhat with you on this....The same people who preach that they are doing Gods Work, like Blankfien, Gates and Buffet, are just piddliong in the wind....

It is a travesty that we allow Charitable Contributions to The Heritage Foundation so that they can preach that the POOR are the DEVILS POOR and do not deserve even a step on the ladder let alone a reasonable life with decent vacations, health care security and a chance to raise a family safely.....
Singing Sparrow
retired-government worker
10:45 AM on 06/04/2010
Jeez!! folks-do you really think that those of us for whom the inner life and the sense of beauty and wonder is central take our lead from the likes of Warren Buffet or the Heritage Foundation, Bill Gates? Pleases!! You are woefully uninformed and I feel sorry for you right now but I urge you to carry on with saving our species and our planet and I KNOW and TRUST that you will come to a wider understanding of those of us who cherish our inner lives AS we do our work here and now to save our species and our planet. Blessings to you!!!!!
02:51 AM on 06/04/2010
You know, I'm sure that it's found as a delicious irony by those who perpetrate these evils, that in fact, Christianity as a whole has done little but provide COVER for them through the joys of blind faith.

What does your book say? Something like: 'Beware those that come to you with the appearance of sheep, but inwardly are ravening wolves.'?

And yet Christians have only watched for those wolves in sheep's clothing so that they may lift them up, actively support, and emulate them. And now you wish to appeal to their sensibilities with that same many-centuries-long-corrupted Christian faith?

We could start a betting pool concerning how many of the people involved claim devout Christian faith, but I doubt there'd be any takers. The odds that any of them would claim anything else are terrible.
Speak the Truth, even if your voice shakes
09:23 AM on 06/04/2010
Please don't disparage wolves!
Use False Prophets instead. Same analogy.
BTW, it's wayyyy too easy to blame Christians or Muslims or whites or gays or any singled-out group for hatred and blame. Yes, a lot of vile things have been done in Christ's name. (A preacher once said to me that the worst thing that happened to Christ wasn't the crucifixion, that it was having a religion named after him; I can't disagree.) A lot of vile things have been done in the name of Mohammad too. But what was Hitler's excuse then?
It's wayyy too easy to point a finger (several pointing back at your own puny heart) and escape blame and responsibility in your own mind.... not so much in reality.
Liberal Alabama Democrat-yeah that's right
02:26 AM on 06/04/2010
The use of the internal combustion engines in our automobiles is engrained in American culture. I would love to see our dependence on oil become a thing of the past, but lets face it, it's going to take at least a couple generations before we become independent of oil. Even if the big oil companies didn't have the backing of the ruling political elite in this country, I think, that the fact that driving a car thats run on gas has become a major part of American culture. I'm glad more and more ppl are going to "cleaner" hybrids and what not. Maybe that good sense will be passed on to future generations of Americans.