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03:39 PM on 06/08/2010
"If anyone's gonna have sex with my sister, it's gonna be me!"
Hippy Socialist in Ohio
03:37 PM on 06/08/2010
The only reason this is "news" is because the guy is Amish. Surprise! They have mental health problems too.
Both salubrious and lugubrious concurrently.
03:32 PM on 06/08/2010
This is the very definition of being an 'insular' population. Our notions of these isolationist religious societiies are much too romantic.
Trina Roach
“Never not broken”
03:56 PM on 06/08/2010
"...This is the very definition of being an 'insular' population...."

Really, than what's the excuse for all the perps mainstream society seems to be producing on a never-ending conveyor belt?
03:57 PM on 06/08/2010
I never understood the arbitrary nature of what era's technology they decided to freeze themselves at. Why not go back to the bronze age, or further back? And obviously, how you treat people has nothing to do with light bulbs or shaving.
06:53 PM on 06/08/2010
It is not about what era it is. For example, they use a horse and buggy not because it is old fashioned but because a horse can only travel so far in a day. This means that people stay close to their family and community. The community is what is important. The Amish take care of their own from cradle to grave.

The Amish do not use welfare, for example. They do not carry insurance because as a community they are self insured. If a barn burns down, the community rebuilds it. They do not pay Social Security, and they do not need or ask for benefits. They have no need for nursing homes because they take care of their old people at home.

They use doctors and hospitals, but because they are careful farmers and tradespople they prosper and can afford medical care. If they cannot, the community helps.

Few people understand -- because we have no experience of it -- the depth of commitment they have to each other, to their way of life and to their beliefs. They live in the world but are not of the world.

There is no group I admire more. I am not religious but there is no community that has survived as have the Amish and Mennonites that is not bound together by religion. I have enjoyed extended stays with Old Order Mennonites and have never met a group more open and friendly than this group.

The comments here are profoundly