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11:49 AM on 06/09/2010
I haven't personally counted the number of people appearing with the president when he speaks and frankly I think it's a waste of time to do so. But maybe the president believes that the buck stops with him and that he is taking responsibility. I know it's confusing to people to see a politician who actually takes responsibility when something goes wrong so perhaps we just don't recognize. I for one am so tired of the media dissecting everything about the president is a totally superficial way. After 8 years of a president who flew "mission accomplished" signs (when the mission was anything but accomplished no less), haven't we learned anything about wanting a president who cares more about accomplishing something rather than convincing people that he's accomplished something. I don't want a PR man or an Ad Man in the White House; I want results.
11:44 AM on 06/09/2010
I must admit I misjudged Obama and was foolish enough to believe he would be a great leader and I was wrong. He is a very ordinary conservative politician who does not want fundamental change which was made clear from the beginning by his appointments. He spent over a year promoting a health care reform that resulted in a bonanza for insurance companies at a time of massive unemployment. He backed a very weak financial reform bill, continued Bush's foreign policy, gave up on closing gitmo, announced a willingness to negotiate miranda rights with neocon republicans, let corrupt regulators continue to give a wink and a nod to oil companies on the gulf coast and has put us on a path to war with Iran. I am not impressed with my judgement or his presidency.
12:28 PM on 06/09/2010
Oh yeah, like you expected him to push for fundamental change and you expected him to succeed all by himself, right? Seems like you're getting mad because he is not superman.

The health care bill covers 30 million more people - so yeah, there are 30 million more customers.
He didn't make the financial reform bill congress did. Why do you blame him when the other tiers of our government are involved too you know. A president works as part of a team with congress and the senate. If he wants something but the house and senate don't, is it his fault? His foreign policy moves are well thought through, gitmo is tough to crack - nobody's fault. Taking a fresh look at miranda in light of new circumstances itself is not a bad thing to do. Did you say 'he' let corrupt regulators continue to give a wink and a nod to oil companies? The Republicans have provided the setting for doing business with the oil companies, and now you blame a Democratic President for the oil company's error? On a path to war with Iran - which happens to be the exact opposite of what's happening, Obama is promoting and negotiating with China & Russia for sanctions, you're way off base there.

Somehow, I don't believe you voted for Obama and then came up with these right-wing talking points that are absurd on the face of it, unless you're trying to fool someone.
I do my best every time.
12:52 PM on 06/09/2010
Get 'em! You speak the truth! You gotta love those interlopers....LOL
01:12 PM on 06/09/2010
His foreign policy moves are well thought through, gitmo is tough to crack - nobody's fault. ---

Did Gitmo get to tough to crack after he became President? It seems to me that anyone could have foretold that closing Gitmo was going to be a tough sell. It makes me wonder then why Obama made it one of his central campaign themes. As I see it he was either promoting something in the search for votes that he knew he wouldn't see through, or is to stupid to understand the difficulty of doing something like closing Gitmo. I'm inclined to believe the former.
01:29 PM on 06/09/2010
Conservative? Good god that scares me. And left of him would be who? He spent most of his political life learning from Marxist. How much further left does it get?
Inventor and Innovator
02:34 PM on 06/09/2010
Do you know what Marxism is?

1. "Without the elimination of the fetter of the private ownership of the means of production, human society is unable to achieve further development." What production private ownership rights has Obama infringed upon?

2. "In order to overcome the fetters of private property the working class must seize political power internationally through a social revolution and expropriate the capitalist classes around the world and place the productive capacities of society into collective ownership." So, have all the Capitalist classes been forced to the United States? Is that why we are out of balance with the rest of the world? What exactly is Obama doing to encourage this?

3. "Humankind's history is fundamentally that of the struggle between social classes." Well, I don't think anyone would disagree with this one.