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09:44 PM on 06/14/2010
They also flattered them by saying they had "vely rarge penis".
09:43 PM on 06/14/2010
So the Republican Party has expanded its base.
09:36 PM on 06/14/2010
Was Vitter and Ensign at the front of the line?
09:29 PM on 06/14/2010
Humans who eat cows suck too. Heartless disconnected bastards. People have no respect for themselves or anything else on this planet. Oh? That but-I-need-the-protein argument? Lazy. It doesn't matter anyway, we've done ourselves in.
09:45 PM on 06/14/2010
So you think you are loved by all that lettuce you eat?
10:15 PM on 06/14/2010
Really? A fallacy? Wow. You're a very intelligent person who obviously knows that there is "no" difference between lettuce and a cow. Thanks for letting me in on the big secret.
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10:02 PM on 06/14/2010
The Buddhist who fails to swat the mosquito becomes the meal. It is the excess of our practices that dooms us, not the fact that we partake of life.
09:19 PM on 06/14/2010
To continue on the issue of cultural tolerance, we in the west consume most of our meats from cows. Yet cows are sacred in the Hindu religion and culture. Do we care? Not.
So why can't Japenese people kill whales?
john frodo
armchair expert
09:34 PM on 06/14/2010
That is the point I wanted to make
09:35 PM on 06/14/2010
Because Our Culture Is immensely more powerful and where used to getting our way..Well that and Japan is acting like a Total boobs by hunting in other nations territorial water and lying behind a screen of research..Hunt whales culturally in your cultural water like Native Americans do..Bring modern industrial ere means to it and suffer the wrath of the culture that invented it..
09:17 PM on 06/14/2010
Humans suck.
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07:04 AM on 06/15/2010
So, I am lead to believe, do prostitutes.
09:16 PM on 06/14/2010
Why are certain animals "OK" to kill and others not?
Why can Americans slaughter millions of Turkey for their national holidays but Japan should not kill whales?
Why can we eat rabbits but Koreans should not eat dogs. Is the western culture the only one that matters? Are we so self centered?
09:37 PM on 06/14/2010
10:03 PM on 06/14/2010
You can't hunt the wild and feed a civilization! We eat certain animals because they are easy to breed and keep as livestock! If we are going to get our fish (or even cetaceans) from the wild we should be bound by the laws of the wild. If a mountain lion runs out of deer or other prey it starves or their reprduction is diminished. Not us, we just run to the grocery store.
09:09 AM on 06/15/2010
Can we eat dogs? Easy to breed right?
Crossing the line, just because it's there.
09:11 PM on 06/14/2010
Doesn't sound like a "happy ending" for the whales.
09:01 PM on 06/14/2010
What a surprise that there is corruption in the decision making process involving the slaughter of defenseless, voiceless animals.
08:59 PM on 06/14/2010
We need to torpedo Japanese whaling ships - period.
Independent thinker, atheist, scientist, engineer
10:39 PM on 06/14/2010
you can leave that to the North-Koreans!
08:55 PM on 06/14/2010
Wonder how many Republicans and Democrats were on that list.
Dr Scott
I neither sow, nor reap, nor toil, nor spin
08:32 PM on 06/14/2010
Yay! For capitalism, eh?
08:29 PM on 06/14/2010
They probably watched how Bush bribed all those countries to join his phony coalition to invade Ieaq.
09:38 PM on 06/14/2010
So phony that the USA is still in it.
john frodo
armchair expert
08:02 PM on 06/14/2010
I am not here to defend whaling or to defend the Japanese. It is an issue more complicated than simple killing of intelligent mammals. Pigs are smarter than dogs, so are bears. Some things get woven into the culture of a nation, and they are so hard to cut out. In Japan in a single year most Japanese will eat as much seal meat, as Americans eat Caribou. Think about that.
john frodo
armchair expert
09:39 PM on 06/14/2010
I am not defending killing whales, or scientific research, just try and understand why the Norwegians and Japanese do this. As a poster said above, should one billion Hindus curse us for eating cows.
It is not so simple as we are correct and they are wrong.
08:02 PM on 06/14/2010
"Whale Whores"?