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01:56 PM on 06/24/2010
If the point of the war was to get rid of al-qaeda in Afghanistan then we have as effectively dealt with it as far as we can. We don't seem to care about getting bin laden anymore. Regardless it was never worth the fight to begin with. To truly do whats best for America means leaving.
E pluribus unum percent
02:33 PM on 06/24/2010
To heck with what's best for America! We have our priorities. Further enrichment of our corporate overlords requires that we sink ever further into the quagmire, which is what we're doing.
Hope common sense goes viral.
01:55 PM on 06/24/2010
Wasn't going to comment on that because what do I, or for that matter other average Americans, really know about the true happening in these wars. It seems we just get stringed along and have to accept whatever goes on until the media decides a newer, hotter topic is at hand. So, today, Afghanistan sells more air time than Iraq.

BUT, my personal reaction to the Patraeus pick is "great, now Afghanistan" will also go on forever like Iraq, the other war that now seems to be off the radar for most. Meanwhile, well over 4,000 American soldiers have been killed so far in Iraq with no end in sight there. Even given that fact, many view Patreaus' job there a success. What am I missing? Our people are still being killed there. It's been how many years now since "mission accomplished"? I have to ask, where ARE our hearts and minds, forget about trying to win other peoples'!!!
AND, to add to all this, how many now speak about the 'real problem' being Pakistan! Menaing what? What the hell are we doing in the two other places then? There is NO winning! Areas will go back to their usual habits after we're gone, no matter when that is. What IS the real damn point!? This is all very upsetting.

The 'Fighting to protect our freedoms' OR 'the war on terroism' excuses are stale, have always been lies. We want to know what we can expect!! Bring our people home!
03:32 PM on 06/24/2010
This may be cynical, but in my opinion the "real damn point" was that in order for presidential-candidate Obama to show that he was NOT soft on defense and terrorism, he had to support *some* form of military engagement. He boxed himself in.
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05:55 PM on 06/24/2010
There's a web site that lists all American wars and military engagements. There was even at least one that the military did on its own without any approval. While we only remember the main wars, in fact, the US is almost always at war with somebody. When it runs out of countries to fight, it fights organizations or people, be they pirates, natives, terrorists, drug sellers, or whoever. It gets hard to tell whether the US is actually keeping us safe from all these enemies or whether it's manufacturing them.
Hope common sense goes viral.
08:47 PM on 06/24/2010
Im an Obama supporter but I have to agree with you. And it wouldnt be the only time he makes a decision to show something or gain support, like the announcement FOR off shore drilling weeks before the gulf explosion. Very disappointing. That's not why I voted for him.