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Dislike me on Huffington Post
05:00 AM on 09/21/2007
the house armed services committee LOL. how queer for the military can you get!? :>D. cops guarding donuts ...
05:00 AM on 09/21/2007
it is called war for profits and has been going on for years.

ike warned us but no one listened

now we have imperialism.
10:19 AM on 09/21/2007
ike warned us but no one listened

I think they listened well. They turned a warning into a plan and a plan into a method and then took action.

The Masters of War.
Off-grid solar technician
03:58 AM on 09/21/2007
I knew storekeepers in the Navy that made out like fat rats, redirecting goods and funds. This is exponentially larger, but the same basic thing is going on. They all expect the spoils of war (indeed, why else have one?), all the storekeepers that handle the fine war products made by BushCo.
Now think of Pakistanis peddling nukes and have a good night's sleep.
03:58 AM on 09/21/2007
What will it take to bring down Constitutionally this Administration? We have seen billions misspent on an illegal and unending war, a city drowned, untold billions transferred to the wealthiest 0.1%, Republican Senators and Congressmen in sex and corruption scandals, the dismantling of safety standards in industry and mines, the transfer of countless jobs overseas, an ever-burgeoning and crippling budget deficit, an ever expanding surveillance society, the de jure restoration of discrimination, the erosion of civil liberties, the collapse of our infrastructure and who knows what other surprises yet unknown. Who will mourn for this Republic when we find ourselves under martial law? Honestly, what else is there left to lose?
03:08 AM on 09/21/2007
Why does anyone even bother to read these articles? Every single day it becomes more and more clear that nothing will be done, NOTHING. Not by democrats, republicans, greens, reds etcetera etcetera etcetera. Not by the majority of Americans, because whatever good used to exist in this country, whatever conscience, honor, kindness, sense of responsibility, tolerance, critical thinking and on and on and on is just about gone, and there are just not enough people who care. The few that do are ignored or ridiculed.

This is not the America I grew up in. This is sure as hell not the "land of the free and home of the brave." It is now perfectly acceptable, in fact laudable, to be a vicious, lying, irresponsible, judgemental, intolerant, cruel, violent, cowardly, mindless beast. The reactions from people who are supposedly "good people" to the incident of the student who was tasered for being, at worst, loud and obnoxious was actually the clearest picture of just who we are that I have ever seen. Most people thought it was just fine, and he deserved it. Despite how bad things are, I was stunned at their reactions. We have a government consisting of thugs, because thugs is what most Americans are. I am so sick of this mentality that I am beginning not to give a damn about who is elected or selected. Most people don't vote, nor even care that they have that right. I am so angry and disgusted and ashamed to be American, and I don't care who knows it. I can hardly stand to talk to anyone, friend or neighbor, because willful ignorance is epidemic. Most Americans are going to get exactly what they deserve. Unfortunately they are taking me and others like me right to hell with them.

Goodbye Lady Liberty, Hello Big Brother.
07:44 AM on 09/21/2007
I think you are right. Since 1974 I visit the USA regularly. Always liked your country and your people and still do.

But there has been a significant change in the last 10 years. With Watergate you put investigative journalism on the map. So when it came out how many members of the Bush administration had been working for Halliburton alone, I told my friends that the American journalism will find out and report truthfully. Well how wrong I was. What is sad that only a few really seem to care about the USA anymore. Your values we have always admired, and witnessing alone how Bush bends everything his way is disgusting. And the way this student was treated. Unbelievable how many hateful remarks about "he deserved it" etc. I read even here on Huffpost.

America was built on great ideas, on optimism, controversial discussion and hard work. To see from across the atlantic how Un-American your administration operates and how many people don't give a shit about it, is sad and disgusting. I only hope for you it will get better.
Facta non verba
02:47 AM on 09/21/2007
You read 10 billion for this and 50 billion for that in Iraq. It's like the money is stacked on a conveyor belt and rolled off to the Persian Gulf. That money is collected from all of us in taxes and funneled to a relative few who profit from war and its threats. These people are about endless war because it means endless profits for them. They hope sheer terror will prevent otherwise practical folks from using reasonable oversight. The joke is that all that misspent money makes us more endangered.
10:16 AM on 09/21/2007
It's like the money is stacked on a conveyor belt and rolled off to the Persian Gulf.

It's not "like" it was stacked on a conveyer belt Scottymac.
It was, literally.
Cargo jets with pallets of cash were opened up and the money was rolled out the back and literally handed out in uncounted stacks with no records.

mind boggling.
10:37 AM on 09/21/2007
I believe much of it is borrowed. Which means it is future taxes. With interest. Even worse.
pro-choice | liberal | womanist
02:12 AM on 09/21/2007
Why am I not surprised? This morally bankrupt administration has done everything in their power to dismiss and render our constitution invalid, and no one is taking measures to impeach these idiots as they did with the Clinton fiasco, which in my opinion, wasn't as bad as what's going on now. They have caused countless people to go to their deaths for no reason with this Iraq situation, they cheated their way into office in the first place, and everyone involved with this administration, with the exception of Condi Rice, has been involved in some scandal. If you ask me, everyone needs to go, and it won't be soon enough!
02:32 AM on 09/21/2007
It's like I told folks when Bill was being "a nasty, naughty boy" (and oh, ain't THAT line funny now??), I DON'T CARE WHO THE PRESIDENT'S F>
02:09 AM on 09/21/2007
John 10:10.
02:28 AM on 09/21/2007
10:13 AM on 09/21/2007
Somebody say Amen!
02:08 AM on 09/21/2007
As this unfolds, we will begin to see, more and more auditing of the military's previous expenditures, as they realize the money train, has come to a speeding stop, when Congress and the Senate say no more dough. Only then, will this runaway military spending arm of government, begin to take stock of itself, and begin to investigate the money stream, and the use and abuse of it. Should the President's hands be dirty, in this regard, he should have them publicly cut off, the same thing goes, for this Vice President, or anyone in involved in any military circles, who tried to gain, off of the deaths of their own troops. Enough is enough, and maybe by drawing the line, the Democrats, can shed some desperately needed light, on the varmints, who've been stealing from the nation's purse.
These measures are long overdue, and it's hard to believe, that the numbers of US$dollars, Billions and Billions, will increase and even rise higher than expected, maybe high enough to shake down the very foundations that the country is built on, but so be it, if it puts to an end, an organization of deceitful looters, who thought they could get away with murder.
For this reason alone, all funding should be curtailed, until a full accounting has taken place.
01:59 AM on 09/21/2007
It's beginning to unravel - when the true history of the repuglican era of 2000 - 2006 is finally written, Nixon & Co. will look like pikers compared to this bunch.
02:09 AM on 09/21/2007
Yup. They already do. What Nixon and Co. accomplished was not the creation of world disorder, national bankruptcy, millions of deaths, environmental disaster and the fall from grace of our nation.
Excuse me: our "Homeland". Seig hiel, BushCo.
10:08 AM on 09/21/2007
agreed yellow and 4state.

I've been saying for years that these guys make Nixon loook like a choir boy... now I'm gonna say a saint. At least he did some good environmentally. Plus he opened up China... though I can't say I'm a big fan of that these days... and Clinton really ticked me off with the China thing...

anyway, I remember Kerry's open mike catching him saying something about what "a bunch of crooks" these guys were. There was all the spin the thugs put out.
Sickening. And of course he was right.
02:16 AM on 09/21/2007
"We don't know. We'll all be dead."
--George W. Bush, when asked how history will judge the Iraq war.

Starts to look like the guy was never planning on winning.
07:29 AM on 09/21/2007

perpetual war.
that's the way for corporate warlords to guarantee they'll keep getting govt. contracts.

Strategy? oh, it's a super-duper double-secret plan. So secret-we don't even know what it is.
Please, wake up people.
01:44 AM on 09/21/2007
Whatever happened to the military feeding and supplying itself with it's own personnel? Privatizing services is the stupidest, most corrupting, activity ever perpetrated on the US taxpayers. They used to vilify bureaucrats, but none of their salaries ever exceeded the President's salary. Now we have hundred million dollar CEOs in all these "privatized" services the Conservatives claimed would be cheaper because the "private sector" would get the job done more efficiently. The massively increasing deficit is all the proof I need to forever refute that bogus argument!!
07:51 AM on 09/21/2007
Watch the flick,"Why we fight". It explains alot.Eisenhower warned us of the MIC taking over policy in 1961, but we failed to heed his warnings. Here's a sample of his speech...This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence -- economic, political, even spiritual -- is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the militaryindustrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.

Dwight D. Eisenhower
09:54 AM on 09/21/2007
House of Roberts:
"Whatever happened to the military feeding and supplying itself with it's own personnel? Privatizing services is the stupidest, most corrupting, activity ever perpetrated on the US taxpayers. " I totally agree with this.

The draft would have to be reinstated, they can't get enough help through enlistment.
This way the numbers stay low so the public doesn't get it.
I'm sure most people don't even know that all of this is outsourced... or use the rational that the soldiers need to fight, not cook...or whatever... little knowing that the support staff get paid much, much more than the guys and gals in uniform.

It is corrupt, it is misleading, it is cynical, and it is damn expensive.

And yes about the CEO salaries.

I was just thinking about that the other day. If the POTUS gets 400,00 bucks (now) why does a CEO get many millions?
Well, in this case the phony Potus is rich, rich, rich... as well as corrupt... and anyway, he'll be back to filling the old coffers soon.

Really, who **needs** that much money?
I must be un american- a socialist or something because I say cap the damn salaries.
10:05 AM on 09/21/2007


Though this one should be paying us... lets hope that day comes.
01:42 AM on 09/21/2007
There will be an investigation. Lots of stupid posturing on both sides. White House press conferences that are pointless. And then people will back down and the Democrats will give in and give more money for the war. 20 Democrats voted AGAINST Sen. Feingold's amendment to bring the troops back by mid 2008. Why? The usual. Reid and Pelosi say you jump. And they say, how high?

John Conyers is another example. I can't push impeachment. Because if we do Fox will destroy us. How long have you been in Congress? How long has Fox been giving you a hard time? It's not like it just started. And if that's how you feel, then why are you in Congress? Why don't you just retire? I know everybody says he's the Greatest Rep. in the world. But this crap really makes me have doubts.

And on top of that, Congress will RAISE the f*****g spending limit! What happened to all those nice promises back in 2006, Pelosi and Reid? All crap because winning in 2008 is number one. Everything else, we don't f*****g care about it.
07:26 AM on 09/21/2007
They CAN pass a bill condemning Moveon in a bipartisan way!
07:45 AM on 09/21/2007
Yep, what a sad state of affairs.:( It's more important to denounce free speach than it is to get us out of shrubs cluster-f#@k.
10:14 AM on 09/21/2007
We all know Bush, Cheney and all their co-conspirators should be impeached and locked up at Gitmo. Congress, however, knows more that it will not happen and why, polotically. I think we all should just give up on the idea of impeachement, because it's not going to happen. While we all want it to happen, we need to get past the idea and accept that it won't happen. You can all get mad at Pelosi and Reid and all the rest of them, but what are our alternatives? We all know, we're not going to get a Green Party or any other independent movement to take over Congress. The only alternatives we have is to elect repubs or re-elect the Democrats who are in power now. Sometimes, politics is a messy, smelly business and this is one of those times.
01:41 AM on 09/21/2007
Ike Skelton. THis is the same guy who chaired the Petreus hearing last week and treated citizens who attended that hearing like serfs. Skelton, this is the guy who presides - yes, presides - over hearings like he's a goddamned potentate. I don't expect much in the way of investigation, probing, or resolution from the likes of that guy. His behavior was appalling. Those tax-paying citizens were thrown out of the hearing. My thought is that those pols ought to be made to listen to the tax paying citizens. Yeah, sit there and listen to the people.
07:25 AM on 09/21/2007
Yeah, Duncan Hunter too.
Like California GOP isn't going to be found knee-deep in this.
How convenient for the fox to guard the henhouse. Oh that's right, it's the GW/Cheney
way-preempt any investigations by putting your own people on it......
01:02 PM on 09/21/2007
Those tax-paying citizens were told the rules of behavior expected of guests, and they chose to disrupt the hearing instead.

They had no expectation of any other outcome.

Being liberals doesn't give them the right to disrespect the House members and disrupt the hearing in such a thoughtless manner.

It's that kind of behavior that gives us liberals a bad name, and provides ammunition to rightwing stooges who can use it to deflect attention from the real issues.
With,without,who'll deny it's whatthe fights about
01:39 AM on 09/21/2007
It will be 2010, if ever, before we hear anything of substance about this fraud
01:38 AM on 09/21/2007
i wonder why this story isn't being covered by fox news or why the republicans in congress haven't made an issue of it
06:43 AM on 09/21/2007
Maybe its a lie Fox News don't cover B S.
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07:09 AM on 09/21/2007
fox news is an oxymoron. You're just a moron.
07:41 AM on 09/21/2007
AJ, you have got to be kidding, right??? Faux news=BS,27/7. Faux news-we distort you comply.