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01:17 AM on 07/23/2010
China's debt to gross domestic product is half as much as that of the United States. It stands to reason China is spending more on infrastructure than we are.
02:39 AM on 07/23/2010
Here's how China would treat our Wall St traitors: one man, one bullet! I think you can understand that. The Chinese know that one corporate crook can always be replaced by another.
02:48 PM on 07/23/2010
Not a good way to live. Governed by threat of death.
That is grounds for revolting.
The only good certainty is a dead certainty
03:52 AM on 07/23/2010
France is also spending more on infrastructure. Lots more.
01:04 AM on 07/23/2010
"the US talks, consumes, borrows, and talks some more."
This is a great way to explain progressivism
02:11 AM on 07/23/2010
It also explains eight years of Bush and Cheney.
08:25 AM on 07/23/2010
Bush did more than just talk. He followed through with the full force of the US Military.
02:42 AM on 07/23/2010
Why is that so many wingnuts have a big problem putting together more than one sentence? Is it because Beck can't fit two sentences on his chalkboard?
08:03 AM on 07/23/2010
It never takes more than one sentence to prove you girls wrong
The Truth Seeker
In the end we will rise together or fall together.
01:04 AM on 07/23/2010
12:53 AM on 07/23/2010
American multinationals don't care if American infrastructure crumbles, they can move their business to china, and go live in some isolated place away from their dirty deeds.
Kevin Atlanta
Active Citizen 54
12:44 AM on 07/23/2010
Of course America is last on the list for nation building. After WW2 we rebuilt Europe and Japan with American Technology and know-how and did nothing at home. After Vietnam we did nothing but lick our wounds and begin war against our children and the Middle Class and the Bush/Cheney Wrecking Crew culminated that with the Bankster and Wall Street gambling fraud collapsing the world economy and paying multi million dollar bonuses for creating the prosperity vacuum of 63% of the GDP being tied up in the hands of 2% of the population.
America has been lied to by the Crony Capitalists and the Government.
The goal is slavery and 3rd world status for we 95% and it's nearly complete.
Straight Friendly
01:07 AM on 07/23/2010
In fact we ruined our infrastructure for WWII on behalf of oil and gas companies. Many states, I know my home state of NH was one, use to have trolly tracks that connected many towns and cities, and even into Boston. Claim a steel storage during the war, and rip up rail road and trolly tracks, and you have no intrastructure for when public transportation when it is over. Amtrak does not even stop in the state now, and to go from Nashua, NH to Portsmouth, NH, one has to take a bus into Boston, MA and back up, (Greyhound) because the state doesn't even have a public bus system! I could not believe my grandmother, who watched the gas street lights go electric, and lived in a town of a few thousand had better access to Boston as a 10yr than I ever did as an adult 75yrs later. Sad, very sad.
Kevin Atlanta
Active Citizen 54
01:20 AM on 07/23/2010
My grandparents told me of the Phoebe Snow train that ran through my hometown in Upstate NY being consumed by "the war effort" too.
Americans have been lied to and cheated out of prosperity.
We have the power but lack the courage to make the changes required.
It's a sad time for America as we piss away our prosperity guarding Opium Poppy fields for the Oligarchy and witness the purchased politicians sell America to the Chinese to feed their greed.
01:30 AM on 07/23/2010
Umm you do realize that the federal highway system was eisenhower don't you? The baby boom generation is the one that stopped reinvesting in america cut their taxes and talked talked talked.

And the federal highway system was a vitally important economic investment that with diesel trucks and cheap diesel connected more than communities on rivers or a rail line to trade.

Generals know the importance of logistics.
Kevin Atlanta
Active Citizen 54
03:33 AM on 07/23/2010
Eisenhower is also the President who 50 years ago warned us of the Industrial, Military, Congressional complex.
From Kennedy's murder by the FED to today the path has clearly been one of feeding the greed of the Haves and oppression of the Have-Nots.
The space race provided us some technological advances but the electronic era has done little but add to landfills and the garbage in- garbage out philosophy that rules today.
The pattern of control is clear and spreading like wildfire among developing nations.
Now if you would like to blame Reaginomics for Baby Boom stopping investment you would be correct. But the Baby Boomers paid ahead for their Social Security with the largest tax increase in history.
The Baby Boomers paid for 2 wars then Korea, then Vietnam as the Corporate Fascists profits from wars and corruption and greed drove the divisions wider.
Want to howl?
How about howling about how the current generations will not have the credit available to them, the opportunity available that the Baby Boomers created.
How about howling over the Greasers spending the USA into bankruptcy to feed the greed?
How about howling about how the world was so much better back then?
I'll happily see the 1960s 72% tax rate on the highest incomes and 42% on corporate Fascists.
12:43 AM on 07/23/2010
The Chinese have another advantage. The people who brought us "The Destruction of the Gulf of Mexico" probably would have been shot by now. It probably doesn't do any good, but the residents of the Gulf would feel a lot better, and that is a good thing. The same thing goes for the coal mine guy in the other story. It would be good for the general morale. It would make most working people feel good.
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12:35 AM on 07/23/2010
One thing Mr. Sachs seems to be missing is that China has central-government control, so its leaders can unilaterally evict thousands to create a dam or a bullet train. It would be good if we could move that fast in the U.S., but I'm not sure we're willing to give up property rights.
01:55 AM on 07/23/2010
Why don't you start? Give me your computer.
The only good certainty is a dead certainty
03:59 AM on 07/23/2010
The US, like every other country, can and does expropriate people when it wants to.
John Horner
12:27 AM on 07/23/2010
Simply put, we cannot afford to keep building massive military bases are the world, cooking up absurdly expensive weapons system and building out an even larger Navy. We need to invest in our own country, not waste money on an overly huge military.
The Truth Seeker
In the end we will rise together or fall together.
01:05 AM on 07/23/2010
Empire building has ALWAYS FAILED. Too much money abroad = Not enough at home. 10,000 years of human history and we just can't help ourselves.
12:16 AM on 07/23/2010
Such myopic thinking about china. For starters do you know what the cost of labour is in china compared to here??? Unions and their cost of labour demands are the are the biggest hindrences to getting anything built here. AND do you really want thousands of miles of more highways here???
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12:25 AM on 07/23/2010
The Chinese are paid less than Americans because they are less productive.

You need to look at output per dollar paid to a worker, not the amount each worker gets per hour.
12:31 AM on 07/23/2010
That's a joke, right?
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12:56 AM on 07/23/2010
Not in any way. It's economics 101.
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12:01 AM on 07/23/2010
"These should be promoted through guaranteed price subsidies to clean energy to be financed by gradually rising carbon taxes, as the clean energy capacity comes on line during the coming decade. The alternative cap and trade system is cumbersome, unnecessary and politically dead."

huzzah huzzah!

I hope you can get this message across loud and clear to the powers that be!
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12:08 AM on 07/23/2010
Yes. The government should charge us more for gas, electricity and all other products that emitted carbon during their production so that it can then distribute the proceeds to "clean energy" suppliers that it favors. The lobbyists will have a field day. It'll be like feeding time at the zoo.
12:46 AM on 07/23/2010
Distributing to clean energy suppliers is not Mr. Sachs' article, by the way, Nice straw man argument. The main points for a "carbon tax" is that there is a cost associated with carbon pollution; the cost should be passed along to the people using the carbon sources. I don't object to it as a revenue source.
11:45 PM on 07/22/2010
I was with you right up to:
"more education spending at secondary, vocation and bachelor-degree levels, to recognize the reality that tens of millions of American workers lack the advanced skills needed to achieve full employment"

Throwing more money at education will NOT fix this problem. We lack the skills because parents and kids view real skills (science, technology and math) as "too hard" and choose not to study them. America says it wants kids to be ale to compete in the modern world, then sends them off to get a degree in liberal arts or media studies. "Want fries with that?"
My micro-bio is running on empty
12:36 AM on 07/23/2010
It's a complex issue. Everyone can't be a good scientist or engineer just as few can be a concert violinist or writer of note. A good grasp of critical thinking and a firm knowledge of history and culture needs to also be part of ones education. Besides, we have a wealth of scientific knowledge already that is either untapped or misdirected. Listening to the media you would think ED was the biggest problem of mankind today.
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11:43 PM on 07/22/2010
The high speed rail, Michigan's battery manufacturing, and the push for solar, wind, and energy alternatives is just not enough at this point. And, getting these started is struck down almost immediately. Everything is voted against because of the faction in the Republican party that a status quo with the money purse is the only way to fix things. This false and dangerous stance will only bring us stagnation.

Our priorities are rather skewed,as well. Our venture capitalists have invested overseas for cheaper labor, including taking advantage of highly educated and skilled people in other countries instead of using the brain power we have here at home. We need to keep our educational standards high and our vision must be to capitalize on our homegrown talent. There are too many young people who see their futures in other lands and not in the country of their birth; sounds familiar?
11:41 PM on 07/22/2010
You lost me when you glorified China's building of cancer-forever- increasing nuclear power plants
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11:49 PM on 07/22/2010
Please direct me to studies showing an increase in cancer from the current stock of nuclear power plants.
Edward Song
11:39 PM on 07/22/2010
Obama does want to build more infrastructure, increase educational spending and do all that you suggest. However, the number of Republican votes he'd get for such bills is zero.
11:29 PM on 07/22/2010
The only thing missing from Professor Sachs' analysis is Point No. 6:

Americans commit to living within their means.
Liberty, In God We Trust, and E Pluribus Unum
11:45 PM on 07/22/2010
That needs to be point #1