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11:45 AM on 07/31/2010
“If It Is Extreme, It Is Not Islam!” (Dr.Pasha)

please check out
11:01 AM on 07/31/2010
I do not believe in god but I am NOT an "atheist", I find that word offensive; I am Pro-Intelligence!!
01:44 PM on 07/31/2010
Please explain why you find the word atheist offensive?
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10:28 AM on 07/31/2010
Religions used fear to manipulate and control the masses. This has not changed. Fear is a powerful motivator for lots of people. Carrot and stick, do good in this life and you'll be rewarded in the next life, do bad and you'll be punished for eternity. No thanks, I'd prefer to live my life the best way I know how, regardless of what happened next
If God is your Co-Pilot; let him land the plane.
03:14 PM on 07/31/2010
Fear is what keeps religion going.
Marianne TB
09:56 AM on 07/31/2010
well, yet another reason I avoid the 3 patriarchal religions running this world now. ugh. I believe in a greater light and power, but it has nothing to do with all these people running around killing each other in the name of their concept of an angry mean adolescent male 'god'.
06:42 AM on 07/31/2010
Sounds good Stephen! I wonder whether you ever considered incoroporating what you might call "fundamentalist atheists" into the narrative as well? That would make for an interesting cage match with Khalid Kelly and Aaron Taylor.

Is there going to be a UK release?
06:52 PM on 07/31/2010
not sure, Szam... but you'll be the first to know.