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religion, ideology, partisanship are delusional
08:27 PM on 08/02/2010
Yeah, I trust a Mobile TV station tests over the EPA's. NOT.

What the Wiki Leaks scandal should show: bureaucracies are too big to keep secrets.

There's no plot, there's nothing being hidden.
I'm an engineer, I know science is not exact, and certainly not quick.

What is the purpose of this article? Does it have new evidence, results of studies? No.
I read Science News, reports actual research on the spill. Why I then read HuffPost is beyond me.
Hey, buddy, can you spare a micro-bio?
01:27 AM on 08/03/2010
I agree. I saw the Mobile station's so-called report. It was a joke. The reporter is going around collecting water in Mason jars, at places like next to oil boom, in a marina, and in a beach-puddle hole dug by a kid who's still sitting in it and who is undoubtedly covered with sunscreen or suntan oil (tests like those shown don't really distinguish what kind of oil is present, you know, much less its source). Plus the "retired chemist" (no other qualifications given) kept an incredibly sloppy little two-bit lab, as was clearly obvious on the video. Several actual chemists commenting on the report here said he probably blew up the test vessel himself by not properly venting it before shaking the thing (and they explained why this is important in this particular test). Finally, any ppm figures are meaningless without a baseline for comparison. What actually is normal in the vicinity of Mobile Bay, which is full of ships and industrial runoff? What's normal at a marina where boats are continually leaking gas and oil? What's normal in a little puddle a greased-up kid is sitting in?

In short, the report was about as scientific as you'd expect for a local "eyewitness news" type of operation, and maybe even less so.
Humans have a 100% chance of extinction
05:44 AM on 08/03/2010
CNN's Rob Marciano toured Pensacola beach digging up samples and finding similar results. The point was where the oil was present, it was in higher concentrations than normal - normal being none. Rob showed how the beaches appeared clear during the day, but at night illuminated by black lights, the oil shined in a purple shade and stood out starkly against the sand. Where the oil lay in quantity the ppm were through the roof. Where there was none, there was none. Realize that was on the sandy beach. Wonder how all that life offshore is faring in all the oil that isn't there? Don'
t take my word for it; read this article with quotes from a scientist who studied not only Ixtoc1, but Exxon Valdez as well. He says neither place has recovered to this date. Look for a similar pattern for the northern Gulf of Mexico

If you want to see the oil offshore in the Mississippi Sound between Cat Island, Ship Island, and the Mississippi coast (i.e. oil plumes in the Mississippi Sound approaching land) go here: Be sure to click on the photos so you can see the situation up close. Once you click on it you can then magnify them further.

As you will see, the blobs will reach near shore. Good luck to everyone.
08:26 PM on 08/02/2010
Thank you very much for this article. Keep up the good work.

It looks like Republicans were wrong about health care. The gulf spill, not HCR, will be Obama's waterloo.

He is clearly complicit in the crimes being committed in the gulf. No matter how hard he tries, he will not be able to keep a lid on this story. It happened in the US. Too many people are being affected for them to cover it all up.

The story will get out, in time. We just have to hope that time comes before the 2012 election.
08:24 PM on 08/02/2010
The Coast Guard and the other government agencies have been complicit in
a massive spin control operation for the benefit of BP's stockholders.

The special pay master assigned to pay Gulf Coast victims is even being paid by BP.
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There is no planet B
07:55 PM on 08/02/2010
Thank you, Thank you Dr. Ott. Please keep up the good work. The American people need to hear the truth about what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico. I have been a huge fan of yours ever since I heard you speak on the Thom Hartman show. Again, thank you.
Natasha Zazhinne
Zeeva Natasha Zazhinne is Zeeva International
07:33 PM on 08/02/2010
Riki THANK YOU for being ON THIS. In '98 I was injured by a Toxic Cocktail of many of the substances you cite--due to an industrial installation near my art studio. I was sick, brain-injured & BLINDed--THEY said "for the rest of your life!" I was a MD prof's kid who grew up trained HOLISTIC by my dance mentors--I fought my way back, got my sight back & got well again--though it took YEARS! I'm having the biggest deja vu in this cover-up. Been reading reporst of the same initial symptoms I had! PEOPLE ARE SICK & NEED HELP THEY'RE NOT GETTING WHILE the bad guys--including our own govt-- scramble to do as much damage-control for themselves as they can!
Humans have a 100% chance of extinction
05:54 AM on 08/03/2010
Was your condition caused by airborne toxins? Did you inhale the substances unknowingly, or could you detect by smell or taste? My affliction was caused by inhalation even though I was in the open outside. I applied roofing compound to the roof of my building and ended up burning my lungs with a petroleum based tar compound. I too, fought to recover, but am limited by lung damage. I know others living in the Houston area that live with COPD. I would expect to hear a lot about this in the affected areas. Could you share a little more? Thank you.
Natasha Zazhinne
Zeeva Natasha Zazhinne is Zeeva International
04:59 PM on 08/06/2010
I have material online links to my 2 FB pages--& much more coming. You can't smell the most dangerous of volatile toxins--why the fish "smell test" is a JOKE. Indoor installation of asphalt with a lot of the chemicals showing up in people air water down in Gulf did me in. I HAD COPD--note HAD. Don't any more. Your body CAN repair--not with Mainstream Med. I'm a Med prof's kid, grew up inside Mainstream Med--watched it decide to stop healing & start profiteering off managing disease--how we became #1 most chronically diseased nation on earth. Hoped to have a quite life now--with everyone so badly toxed in Gulf--coming out to share. See sites & FB Pages--post q's on the Zeeva the Art of Wellness FB page--I'll respond, start a Discussion. In middle of losing my house right now--but I'm hurrying as fast as I can to get real info & resources out.People need to know: You CAN get Well Again! Post q's on my FB I'll respond.
06:15 AM on 08/07/2010
Thanks for the response. You can see Huffpost did me a makeover against my will and now I am someone else, aka, this handle. Oh, well, I don't mind. Just don't know how to transfer all my friends and follwers to this new personality of mine on Huffpost. I am checking out your site.
07:10 PM on 08/02/2010



Do these actions sound like mere negligence and cost-cutting... or do they sound like sabotage?

Maybe that's why one of the Deepwater Horizon engineers is reported as saying,

07:01 PM on 08/02/2010
One can only imagine what the ocean floor looks like around this spill. All the dead fish and birds are rotting there, poisoning the bottom feeders.
BP is so blatant, has been from the start and will continue to be apparently, our govt is really dizzy.
See bio on the Aesop Institute website
06:57 PM on 08/02/2010
As bad as the situation described in this article is, we may be facing a much worse, life-threatening, emergency.

400 parts per million of carbon has recently been found to be the Arctic Tipping Point, which could conceivably endanger us all. We are approaching 390 ppm and adding 2 ppm each year. The safe limit is 350 ppm.

According to one scientist, a very thin oil film on the surface of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans could threaten to accelerate temperatures toward the catastrophic Tipping Point.

A monumental effort to confine the oil to the Gulf may be urgent. It still might be possible to do so.

Renewable energy systems that can be deployed in time should now be produced on a 24/7 basis. The White House, Congress and anyone concerned should check the facts without delay - and if confirmed, do whatever is necessary to make that possible.

See A 5 Point Emergency Program at

Little known and hard to fathom breakthroughs involving radically new energy technologies can help to supersede fossil fuels much more rapidly than conventional wisdom suggests might be possible.

See Moving Beyond Oil on the same Aesop Institute website.

The immediate need is to find practical ways to initiate emergency actions that avoid a catastrophic loss of life.

Ironically, if adequately confronted, the emergency might result in generating new employment. See Millions of Jobs, on the website.
Mark Germain
06:48 PM on 08/02/2010
"The fact that the official story in the Gulf does not match what people are experiencing is more alarming to me than the oil disaster."

Exactly! I hope people really understand what is happening beyond the spill. This is an excellent example of what is seriously wrong in this country - a microcosm of the macrocosm. More blatant corporate baloney.
06:29 PM on 08/02/2010
The EPA, Obama administration, and BP have been concealing seriousness of the crises from day one...
Rob Neville
06:14 PM on 08/02/2010
I can't believe there are so few comments. It has been clear from the start that both the government and BP have been down playing this. Let's see some of these execs put their children and grandchildren it these waters to swim before we believe one single word of what they say.
06:03 PM on 08/02/2010
Having watched the performance of the Obama Administration with regard to the crisis in the Gulf, this comes as no surprise. At first, after the tragedy, the President simply ignored it. He did not speak about it for 9 days, as the Gulf filled with oil and disbersants. Reporters on every network said that the White House was purposefully being silent, because they did not want the President associated with the tragedy. Finally, with a drumbeat calling for him to act, he spoke about the crisis, saying he'd been on top of it all along, clearly not true. Since then, every action has been minimal and political. He refused to meet with BP officials for a full two months about the biggest environmental crisis in our history. He did say that he had ordered them to stop using the disbersant, but they refused his order and he did nothing. Now that the well is hopefully capped, they are working with BP to say that all is well and the crisis was overblown. They are back to strategy one -- protect the President. We all know the crisis continues and the tragedy will take years to play out. But, we simply need to understand that we have to suck it up -- Barack's political fortunes are far more important than the measly Gulf of Mexico!
new beginning
Practice random acts of kindness-change the world
10:06 PM on 08/02/2010
This is what happens when you let a community organizer lead the free world. The man is woefully over his head in the job.
11:44 PM on 08/02/2010
New Beginning - I couldn't agree more!

“I had an epiphany today ….You know the way many felt such hostility for Bush in the last two terms? I wasn't a big Bush fan by the way. But it is exactly what I feel for Obama now.

I didn’t get the Bush hatred until now.. There is an inexplicable, unreasonable loathing that goes against any rational thought process when it comes to my reaction to Obama, each and every time I see that head on my television!

My apologies to you Bush-haters, I honestly thought you were overacting, drama queens.”
05:57 PM on 08/02/2010
I would like to see all BP execs swim with their families and then have a wonderful southern hospitality seafood dinner served to all...let's see if they will!
05:55 PM on 08/02/2010
Those must be some tough and hearty fish in the gulf.
You'd imagine that if the dispersants were dissolving rubber and plastic, you'd see massive fish kills, washed up on the beaches?
06:57 PM on 08/02/2010
Just do a google image search for dead fish in the Gulf, and you'll come across scenes that will make you rethink your first statement.

In fact, here are a few:
05:40 PM on 08/02/2010
I am more disturbed by the fact that BP supplies the military with fuel.I think that contract has given them the clout to flaunt the law and to get help from the government when they need it.A foreign company should not have the US military as its biggest customer and should not have any sway in US foreign or domestic policy.I can't think of any other reason for Obama and his administration to cave so blithely to BP,Haliburton and Transocean.People are getting sick and are going to die from this crap and nothing is being done to help them because tycoons just don't feel like it ?